Brand new undercover investigation at hatchery *Not for the weak*


This is extremely wrong but we gotta eat! i love myself some tasty chicken


Ok…after the grinder, I stopped.



Yeah, same. Damn, that shit was pretty disturbing.


All I saw were little chicks going down a conveyor belt; the outcome seems to gruesome for me to continue.


I still say chicken is some tasty stuff but there does need to be a little reform in how the process them. the grinder especially.

But I’m getting me some Popeye’s tonight regardless.


OMFG Popeye’s is the Shit!


In that order.


I’d kill an orphanage for popeyes. Or at least 12 orphans for the money.


Well this aint gonna keep me from eating chicken. They’re already dead by the time I get to them. What I dont like is how the males are disposed of. Seems like they could be useful pieces of meat that can be fed to the masses. I just dont like it when you kill an animal for food but utilize every part of it as best as possible.

The video lost me when it me to go vegan. Go thing it was at the end.


Yeah, this is cruel. Watched the whole thing. I will admit thought I’ll still be eating chicken.


i dont care if its cruel. i need dat fried chicken and not that genshir0 vegan crap.

with that being said, i give a big FUCK YOU to the person who made that video.

go vegan my ass.


:frowning: I only felt bad because they were just born and get killed like that T_T They were all cute :slight_smile: But horrible way to die. Still…I’ll keep eating chicken :confused:


I will still keep eating chicken.


lil chickens dont feel pain guys its ok :china:


Damn, this chicken is good as shit.


I dont eat meat anyway.


I don’t agree with using shock tactics as anyway to promote a argument, but by the same token people do yield by dramatic example. I of course would wish there was some more"moral"way to go about the process but then I remind myself that we are at a age when people are indifferent enough to human sufferage let alone animal cruelty. These poor defensless animals don’t deserve this treatment,and it’s this kind of senseless violence that really bothers me…there really is no reason to treat anyone this way, I wouldn’t even wish this on my worst enemy.


Seriously, its been like this for years.

I clearly am not gonna stop eating chicken because of this shit. The laser beak removal is pretty cruel I’ll admit–much like Evo said it IS pretty violent and cruel what they’re put through but food is food and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be a vegan for the sake of a chick being treated horribly when they a breeded to be eaten.

Its shit like this that while it is considerably sad (not to me) I’m gonna get chicken. If they were doing this to humans I could understand but they’re not. Sorry.


Well a living thing still deserves to be treated with some respect, there are numerous ways to process food without having to literally torture the poor creature. I will continue to eat meat as well, and I do hate these animal right groups that try to make humanity look like some oppressive class lol…but I do agree that there is never a good reason to be cruel regardlss if it is a human or animal.


First thoughts : Baby chicks, cute!
Conveyer Belt Scene : Oh…this is gonna end in tears…