Brand new WWE Brawl stick, already run into a problem

So I just got a new WWE Brawl stick today, and wouldn’t you know it, I already have a problem. For whatever the reason, I can’t manage to jump up forward or up away, unless I move the stick to the position from the top center position. So basically, I can slide my stick to the right/left, hear a click, then try to move it upwards, and I’ll hear nothing and continue to walk forward/backwards. If I push it HARD all the way up during this, it occasionally works, but then if I just twist it to toward the top center, it clicks and I jump in that direction after jumping up once. So could anyone tell me if this is a problem with the stick, the restrictor gate, is there something I should replace to make it work fine or am I better off returning this and continuing my search for a stick? Thank you very much for your responses.

If you just bought it contact madcatz

It’s more than likely just the joystick itself. If you were planning on replacing the stick anyways, it’d be less of a headache to just replace the stick yourself. Of course if you were planning on using just stock parts, I’d return it to wherever you purchased it from for a refund or a trade for a different stick of equal value.

So it wouldn’t be something like a misaligned restrictor gate or something cheaper like that huh. I mean if I have to get the stick now, I think I might at least try to get a better stock one like mentioned, but if it’s something as simple as the gate, I intended on replacing that soon enough anyway.

when i got the brawlstick i didn’t even use it to see if everything worked, i just changed everything right away. Pretty stupid on my part not to test it but thankfully everything worked :slight_smile: