Brandon/Tampa - Play-N-Trade - SFIV Tournament - 02/13/10

Street Fighter IV Singles Tournament

When: Saturday, 02/13/10 @ 2:00pm. Casuals begin @ noon.

Brandon Crossroads Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511
PHONE: 813-315-9895

Fees: $3 door fee and $10 for the game

Game: Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)

  • Cash prizes for top 3(60/30/10).
  • BYOC. Bring everything you need to play, this includes cables and adapters needed to sync your controller. NO CONTROLLERS/ADAPTERS/CORDS/ETC. WILL BE PROVIDED.
  • Best of 3 rounds, best of 3 games, double elimination. Winners, losers and grand finals 3/5 games.
  • ALL characters unlocked. Winner must keep their character, loser may change characters

I can’t make it to this one.

Why not?

Aww do you have something special planned for your girl on Valentine’s Day Weekend. How sweet lol.

I’m a go as of now to make it.

I believe some hype is in order

Bah Dammit , I actually just realized will not be able to make this either damn’t I got plans to go to the Renaissance Festival already months in advance.

Well that sucks, but at least you’re missing it for something awesome like a renaissance fair.

GoogleMyNames’ gonna be there. Nice, Maybe this could be a chance at redemption. lol. I’mma go for at least top eight! >XD

Hey, u cant leave out HDR. it was the highlight of the last tournament.

We’re saving it for our next of **Titans of Tampa **tournament.

I’ll be missing the Nationwide race. This better be worth it.

Jebailey Gauntlet for the Trophy? Does Tampa Accept?

Leland and Torrin Can’t make the Tampa tourney so I don’t think many people will be coming from Orlando this time besides me. So you guys can try to redeem yourselves after getting Jebaited at Will’s Pub and Gauntlet me, winner gets the trophy.

I’ll be there, I want to give this game a real try plus someone needs to bring the hype.

Who’s bringing the Whiskey?

Last time we couldn’t even say fuck now we taking shots…I like where this is heading.

Holy shit bob, I love the Renaissance Fair. Is the one we have down here a good time? I’m kind of spoiled by the one we had back in CO, it was fucking humongous

I will be the first to accept the Jebailey challenge, I slayed your balrog once; Tampa will not rest untill the JEBARLOG is slain.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the next tournament, Also 1st prize is a date with me for :party: valentines day :party: I’ll take you somewhere real nice, we can sip white wine and eat lobster.

yo, i’ll swing by, then check out the state fair on the way back to tampa.

Oh man I came across this shit by chance. Almost missed it was going down.

And if your taking me out on Vday Shierff you better put out.

-Yea the Ren Fair here isn’t the best but its not the worst either. Its like the Ruby Tuesdays of Ren Fairs, you know your not getting the best food but it ain’t the Sizzler either. Normally some good metalworkers there.

So can last place get a crispy chicken sandwich from wendys and mabey a waitresses from old chicago to brush up against them???

I’m a man of my word baby, I’ve got QUITE a lot planned for our night. Don’t you worry :wink:

Also last place gets the five packet of arby’s sauce that has been in my center console.

If thats the jelly sauce that comes with their poppers I’m taking another dive and going for last again. That sounds even better.