Brass single knuckle


This is now sold Selling a just received SFK in brass for $45 shipped in the CONUS.

This thing is awesome, but with my little hands its just to big for me.

Hoping to get a smaller one made.

Thanks for looking.


Haha looks nice, but real street fighter gears shouldn’t be sold here. :confused:


Ok. Sorry. It will never happen again.


thats one big ass ring


Yeah I’ve got to ask what the point of this thing is other than to look ridiculous. You aren’t going to wear that huge thing as a ring, and if you used that in a fight then you’re just a pussy who can’t fight fair.


It is to put with your keys for easy access.
Can use on finger to defend, or flail the keys with it if have lanyard.

I’m not kidding.


sometimes it’s hard to carry a gun on a keychain for self defense purposes xD


what the fuck?


Right, but if that is purely for self defense, like from a mugger, a switchblade in the pocket seems like a much safer bet. If someone pulled that on me whilst I was trying to rob them I’d probably laugh and go on with my muggery stabbings.


Dude, where did you get that?!?!?


This post with that avatar = priceless.


Seems more reasonable then “He’s a real Street Fighter! He must be part of fight club! Hm…I’d ask him but I know he’s not allowed to tell me about it.”


That’s pretty cool, i have a brass knuckle, ninja star, & a couple samurai swords haha I want one of those!


Wonder if this is compatible with the thunder knuckle attachment?


Real life self defense scrub? Lol. No such thing as cheap.

i joke,i joke


Personally, I’m not seeing it. the car keys would do more damage IMO. $45? Nah. gonna have to add a taser or something to get me to buy.



You’d laugh until someone half your size knocks out the front part of your grill with it. It might not work against a mugger with a better weapon but like some giant road raging asshole it helps level the playing field but I’m sure most people here would just give someone the SRK.


Nah bro. It’s all about dat CFOG. GET 'EM!!! :tup:



Again, where did you get this? I want one!


did he sell it?