Bravely Default Thread - Old-school FF for a new generation


Figured this game needed its own thread since the 3DS thread was getting overrun with BD discussion.

I was bedridden all weekend, so all I did was play BD. Got two of my favourite jobs, Swordmaster and Ninja. Salve Maker is super good, probably S-tier. I’m thinking about having more of my party learn the More Money skill so I can get the expensive gear.


Broken combo i figured out during my second time fighting salve maker. This works on all bosses and they cant do anything about it.

[details=Spoiler]hasten world with all dragoons with hermes sandals and speed up.
High jump all day err day[/details]


Ya that combo beats 99% of the game. Only people it doesn’t beat are characters that don’t need to target to hit you. The White Fox Valentine’s day boss beats that and so do a couple others.

Blood Sword + Dark Knight Rage Combo is another extremely OP one. You can literally kill most bosses in 1 or 2 turns if your team is packing 2 of these guys.

BP combo generators are also great. I always liked BP Recovery + Epic Group Cast + Poison. Maxes out your BP on all characters every turn. So Red Mage/Time Mage becomes extremely op with reraise, infinite BP for whole team, and has single cast esuna and dispel for all opponents / team-mates.

Lots of other end game combo’s that make stuff hilariously easy.


Haven’t had the time to start the game but I am eager to mess around with that Job system the demo previewed for me and some of these combos I keep hearing about.


Just started it finally… damn fine game. I look forward to trying out some of the systems posted here. Grinding is actually kinda fun in this game for a change, lol!


So I’m at the end of the game, got bodied by who I think is the final boss, or at least the second to last. Maybe if I feel like it I’ll do a tier list of the jobs.

The only thing I don’t like about BD is the story progression. What were they thinking on that one?


Honestly the ability to turn off random encounters completely when low on HP/MP is a godsend.


I made a job tier list: Tiers for non-fighting games?


Still in early-game, that is VERY helpful. Thanks!