Brawl Bash 2

Brawl Bash II

Once again its time to stop talking and start BRAWLING!! Choose your character, your choice of controller, and get ready to prove yourself in the second Brawl Bash Tournament!!

Date: Saturday May 10, 2008
Time: Doors Open @ 2PM, Tournament(s) Start @ 3:30PM
Location: 3100 Pinetree Drive, Petersburg, Va 23805
Entry Fee: $10 for Players and Spectators (Food and Beverages Provided)

There will be different tournaments with all the same basic rules. 4 Player Brawl Tournament, 1-on-1 Brawl Tournament, and finally the 2-on-2 Team Brawl Tournament. The basic rules for all the tournaments are as follows:

3 stock/lives per Brawler each match
No items or Smash Balls will be used
Final Destination will be the only stage used
And all characters are acceptable for use

The specific rules for each of the tournaments will be discussed further before the tournament begins. Please bring your own controller as there are 4 different choices. Each tournament will have its own entrance fee as well.

4 Player Brawl Tournament, $10
1-on-1 Brawl Tournament, $10
2-on-2 Team Brawl Tournament, $15 (per pair)

There will be one champion to hold the title of number one per tournament, but this tournament will also have some extra goodies for the Brawling Champion of 1-on-1 Brawls. The Champion of the 1-on-1 Brawl Tournament will receive a Nintendo Wii w/ Smash Bros. Brawl!! 40 participant minimum for that prize to be given. Otherwise the winner will receive a cash prize, and of course bragging rights! Please call or email to preregister. LETS BRAWL!!

Acey B. (804) 605-6925
Arturo M. (804) 319-7035

You should probably put this on smashboards also I think people would be interested.

Yeah my friend did and I’m trying 2get folks over here to play. There’s comp in our area … Where just trying to start a smash scene over here

Good shit man I hope I see you at EVO!