Brawl Friend Codes



I’ll be online later tonight close to in about an hour or so from this post (midnight here)


Heres my code, 2492-3951-2941. Ive got to free up some space on my list. Its almost full. Just let me know if you add me if I havent added you for a decent while just PM me your codes. I usually get on Brawl WFC around 8pm EST.


8pm? I’ll have to try to be on more around that time in possible. Guys should really try to come into the IRC room for brawl…it’ll be easier for people to see who’s online and looking.


5069 3617 0852

I play Peach. I’m good. :slight_smile:


[Aliso Viejo, CA] Nocturnal~Dragon- 0302-1936-3738


I may as well get in on this too. If anyone wants to fight me, you can find me in the AiB matchmaking chatroom.

Username: shurf
FC: 2062-8935-1034


I just got a wii with TP and SSBB.

My friend code is 1934-6641-8116
Name is Junts.

Hope to meet some of you online:wgrin:

Playing from Maryland


Name: GATES or RMG8S (it’s usually RMG8S)
FC: 0860-2936-8648

I use Dedede, Game & Watch, MK if I have to, and Ganon for the lulz.
PM me if you wanna brawl.


[Durham, NC] Arvelous-: 3480-2249-1190 <Brawl Tag: Arvy> Contact me anytime if you want to play.


why bother? The online code is atrocious. Why play against a bunch of players that cheat when u fall off a platform?.


(copied from the wii forum)


I haven’t played ssbb in a LONG time, and never been online. My ps3 is sick so until it gets fixed, I’ll be playing ssbb.
My brother and I want to both play online at the same time and we need to play with friends to do that… but we have no wii friends.

PLEASE add me. We’re BORED! I got over 150 custom boards and alot of time to kill. Just let me know if you added me so I can add whoever…

EDIT: Oh, and I live in Hyattsville, Maryland.


I shall add my code here soon.


Brawl Code: 4640 3071 5307
Name: KCM


lets play dude Brawl Code: 4640 3071 5307


wanna play around 930? Brawl Code: 4640 3071 5307


play me dude


Is anybody still playing this? I just bought it at GameStop for $10 (Steal!)

Code: 0850-8136-8528


Haven’t played this in a while, but I am glad to face anybody.

My code is 2535-3272-7279


im a beast


Yeah, this forum is pretty dead. Anyway,


Feel free to add me if you’re East Coast, preferably near NJ, so ad to not have atrocious lag. I know just about everyone, but main Diddy, ZSS, Pokemon Trainer and ROB. Oh yeah, PM me if you add me so I know to add you. Inb4 no replies til next year.