Brawl is about to get drastically more competative

Somethings about to happen that will forever change the way we play Brawl.

Dekar and Overswarm will reveal it soon, and it will change everything. That’s all I can say so keep your eyes peeled on Smashboards.

Where are you getting this info?

When did they mention this?

doubt its anything groundbreaking. and imo brawl is past its prime.

even if it is a brawl wavedash of sorts as it’s hyped up to be, it’s not going to change much.

perhaps we’ll see some faster gameplay but since most of Brawl fighting takes place in the air, i doubt the effects will to be “drastic.”

The reason it takes place in the air so much is because of a lack of ground approaches for anyone who isn’t Diddy Kong/ZSS with armor/Peach. This will drastically increase all ground based character approaches.

Have something to show first or at least learn how to hype things. This isn’t even interesting.

running down smashes going half way accross FD. How’s that?

And now Brawl is officially ruined.

This topic needs more explanations and less stupid claims from people who want to ban metaknight.


Regardless of his stances on Metaknight, you can’t call Overswarm a stupid player, and you can’t name a time he has ever claimed to know a technique and really didn’t. The dude does not lie.

Look people, you want a way to get you approaches, you want something to increase offense, you want an option like Wavedash and you’ll be getting one soon and yall still be tripping.

This is the most well-thought out post in this thread for so many reasons. Dander deserves a metal.

I never called him a stupid player. I said its a stupid claim. He probably isn’t lying since the last few days have been huge for sliding discoveries in brawl but he should just show us. Until then, its a stupid claim.

I hope this is true but they should share what they know now so we can get this shit down faster.

It doesn’t matter WHAT techniques are discovered, Brawl is still terrible as a competitive game, even IF you could call it competitive.

Also, this isn’t going to be revealed to anyone. The SBR will just hog it for themselves.

because the backroom has hogged every other technique to themselves, right? you`re fucking stupid

Smash in general is, but at least in Brawl they don’t force you to do stupid, unneccissary button presses like an L cancel (if you take out L canceling and put every charecters landing lag at that speed, nothing changes, its a useless button press and a shitty way to try to make the game deep when it doesn’t add anything but a really stupid entry barrier, imagine if every time you landed in SF you had to press heavy punch). Honestly, no one is expecting any Smash game to be the next Guilty Gear because its not designed to be.

And no, the SBR does NOT hog information to themselves, they are very open about revealing information like that.

There is literally nothing here to turn me on my head, so I guess the groundbreaking news must be this thread!

For the record, a game is more competitive is there is more competition. Stupid tricks doesn’t make a game competitive. How much people want to compete in it does.

In one sense, that is true considering that competition is about finding who’s the best at something. However, think about having a tournament involving nothing but coin flips. There’s no skill involved other than luck and it wouldn’t be a very fun tournament as a result.At least with whatever this new “technique” is, this is an indicator of how well your execution is in this game. I’m not siding with anyone here, it’s just my opinion.

Would you consider tricks and mechanics to be separate?

L-cancelling isn’t what made Melee deep… Although it’s inclusion helped alot of chars.