Brawl Ladder System and First Tournament

Hello everyone.

I am upkeeping a persistent ladder system for Brawl. I’ll say this right up front: there are no prizes in the ladder. I created this ladder to make it easier for people to find opponents close to their skill level to play against. It can also help you keep track of how awesome you are :rofl:

The ladder will reward you with more points for beating someone with a better record than you, but will also take away more points when you lose to someone with a worse record.

The forum with info on the ladder can be found here

There will be periodic tournaments (probably one per week), and in this thread, I am announcing the very first tournament.

I will post all future tournaments both on the ladder site and here on shoryuken.

Welcome to the first Brawl Ladder tournament. This first tournament will kickoff the start of the Brawl Ladder. In addition to the regular rating points, each participant will tack a free 100 rating onto their record (equivalent of a 1v1 victory).

This tournament will be a 1v1 Strict double-elimination tournament (see Tournament System for list of rules) and the K-Value will be 100.

The tournament will be held on Saturday, April 5th.

Tournament Start: 2:00 AM GMT (6:00PM Pacific, 9:00 PM Eastern)

Results are due 45 minutes after matchups are posted.

This will be mainly a test to see not only how many players will apply, but to see how well the rating system works and whether or not I will be able to keep it going. The Brawl Ladder will provide the players with a persistent rating that they can earn through matches against other rated players. This may be difficult because nintendo-wifi has no support for ratings or reporting wins/losses.

To sign up, post a reply to this topic. New members of the brawl forum, please post your friend codes here