Brawl Minus: Break The Limits


Brawl Minus? What’s that?

Remember Brawl? Remember Meta Knight? Well what if everyone was more broken than Meta Knight?

What if there was 64-esque hitstun?

What if it were faster?

What if Warlock Punch did 666%?

No more what ifs, it has a lot to offer and I don’t have all day. The most enticing for a board like SRK being that it’s secretly a much better competitive game than the WiiU game.

Starting with the most enticing thing, new characters:

(Roy and Pichu are in the current public version with Waluigi being announced for the final and the tease of many more to come)

And what about the existing characters?

More of these available on their channel, there’s too many to link here and every character in the game will eventually have an explanation/combo video.

Brawl Minus: Break The Limits!


Just messaged my friend this, dude about to flip lol


Break the limits on his hype.


People don’t even care about actual Smash games here. They damn sure ain’t gonna care about this hacked shit.


I’m more optimistic about people’s open-mindedness.

Breaking the limits on optimism.




My optimism knows no bounds, check out this awesome highlight reel from the last official tournament:


Brawl Minus Monthly Netplay torney coming up on May 14! Get yourself in it right here:

Don’t forget to check out the rules and prizes before joining:

Won’t be able to join the torney? Don’t worry! Watch all the limit breaking here:


Did someone say tournament footage? Hell yeah.


As a non-Smash player, I’m always impressed and a little bit annoyed by the dedication of the Smash fanbase. I’m impressed because they clearly love the game enough to do all kinds of ridiculous shit like Project M or Brawl Minus. I’m a bit annoyed because of the component that refuses to play the games as-is, and as a lot of us have seen from the Scrubquotes thread, squeaky wheels don’t necessarily know what grease you should be using. Or whatever, that analogy fell apart midway through. My point is that people who bitch online don’t necessarily know how to improve anything and you won’t git gud if you don’t embrace changes. Aside from random tripping, because that shit was just dumb.

So I’m torn between “Man, I wish the fanbase for Fighting Game I Play was this dedicated” and “but thank god I don’t have to deal with people modding Street Fighter V to run exactly like Super Turbo or the tournament scenes still primarily running KoF '98”.


Well here’s the thing, the scene did move from 64 to Melee. The issue is Brawl and WiiU/3DS are specifically designed to not be competitive or nearly as challenging. The design for the games used to be for both serious players and casual players to mess around with items on temple. Starting with Brawl they went out of their way to make sure serious players wouldn’t have as many options to take on inexperienced players.

PM has a ton of changes from melee, it’s basically what a sequel would be had they acknowledged the scene in any way.

Minus is an offshoot/parody of the very first mod meant to save Brawl called Brawl+ which was centered around balancing characters, removing tripping, etc. that started as a joke. “Break the Limits” is their mantra because their method of balance is making everything crazy powerful. It’s like if SF2 Rainbow Edition was tweaked to be just as zany but still competitive.

But to your general point:

Imagine if 2-D fighters only got one game for every new console and imagine from 2008-2013 that one game was Capcom Fighting Jam. It’d be either mods, playing the older game or letting the whole thing die.
So people saw the game, saw how easy the Wii was to hack and put the two together and that’s how Brawl modding became so popular.

Did you know Melee also has a modding scene? It’s much smaller, much more obscure and do you know why? Because Melee is already a good game.

That being said your point is valid, within regular brawl and WiiU/3DS I do find the rules adopted by the general community to be very scrubby but that’s an entirely different topic.


Hey, look, I get it. Like I said, I’m genuinely impressed with the hard work and dedication put into these games. I probably would’ve just dropped it once it was clear the developers were actively trying to push me away and moved on to something else instead. It’s just that extreme love and dedication also tends to bring along the crazies. And it’s probably the extremely vocal minority of crazies that make me feel a little bit uncomfortable around hardcore Smash crowds. I mean, it’s not like the FGC in general doesn’t have problems with toxic personalities. I think Smash just ends up coming off worse because you guys have to communally come up with ways to balance a game that isn’t necessarily balanced for competitive play as-is (or rely on Nintendo, who don’t seem to understand the competitive dynamic even when they’re not actively trying to kill the competitive scene), and nothing brings out the toxic personalities like trying to have a civil discussion about balance and rulings. Well, that and tiers.

So you’ve become the “NO ITEMS! FOX ONLY! FINAL DESTINATION!” guys.


I hear that, I feel that all the time but I realized I can’t let who enjoys things ruin those things for me. best example is I still unironically like Sonic even though they have a ton of crazies.