Brawl on the MLG 2010 Pro Circuit!

So I am incredibly (doing backflips) happy to announce that Super Smash Bros Brawl will be on the 2010 Pro Circuit. The Pro Circuit Being the premier stage for competitive gaming period and Brawl being one of the premier competitive games of this generation its a match that we are proud to say is now a reality.

You can check out for the full 2010 Pro Circuit announcements. Stay tuned for more dates and details in the future as they will be forthcoming.

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Smash once again in the MLG Pro Circuit, and once again a traditional fighter is not. Great news!

The only good game on there is Tekken 6.

What should that should tell you about MLG?

More people care about Tekken and Smash Brothers.

More kids. People means a general group, kids means…kids. I love brawl don’t get me wrong, but that is their demographic. Denying that is denying yourself! BURN IN HELL AVEC SATAN, MINION!

are you that chudat dude? You’re pretty good at brawl.

he’s not chudat. And chudat is better at melee than Brawl.

Brawl is kid-friendly and attracts more kids. That’s just what MLG wants really. I see no problem with this.

Smash and MLG…

A match made in Heaven. Catholic Heaven, naturally. Because all the fun stuff is banned.

They’re going to ban plasma grenades in the Halo Team tournaments because you once they hit you with one you can’t get away.

That shit is too broken

they should ban that rocket shit too

obv too good

I heard if you hold the x button while hovering over a gun you’ll trade out for that one. I don’t understand that. We should have them ban it as well.

MLG always has the latest game in the series as opposed to the best game in the series.

Also, you guys are silly

Smash just for kids, a lot of the cast comes from games that haven’t been seen since most of them were born and some of them are really obscure for the crowd. If they designed the game just for kids they wouldn’t throw in those core features like hundreds of songs, custom stages, customizable music, settings, rules, retro demos, Nobuo Uematsu, trophies. Kids can be pleased by limited features and mediocre gameplay like all those licensed games have.

Aside from that, it’s good news to hear it being considered in the professional league. I wonder what the rules will be.

Yet Brawl has mediocre gameplay. I played a little bit of Melee and Brawl yesterday at a disappointing tournament, and after having exposure to SFIV, BB, HDRemix, and TvC after leaving Brawl, Brawl just pales in comparison. It was a step back from the standard Melee established.

Let’s not turn this into a Melee vs. Brawl debate, ok? We can leave that to PMs.

I wasn’t going to. I skipped the Gamecube generation.

So would Evo if it didn’t have such a stubborn community pouting and crying up til the day of the event.

Ummmm okay.



Cool stuff! Smash rightfully deserves to be in MLG even though I still think Melee is superior to Brawl in a competitive environment, nevertheless I love both and am happy for the fans who can attend MLG.

Took them long enough to get Brawl on though. After Melee’s success I thought it would be almost instant.

AZ, how come its only good for Smashers and Tekken people?

MLG is a business. They need to make $ off their events. barlw promises more/guaranteed $ better than what Melee can bring. It’s not at all a bad move. They’re a business for tournament games and we should just be glad that they chose to add a few fighting games to their circuit.

SSBB sold way more than SF4 ever will. U mad? :lol: