Brawl saves

can i save it to a wiimote or does it have to go to the console only?

You can save your name to your wii-mote, I think it keeps your stats and stickers you collect in random matches.

i meant the unlocked characters mostly, i dont want to have to unlock it 20 times for evo.

I’ve been looking up this information and from what I can tell, the only data that can be transfered to an SD card is the Vault data. This is the screen shots / level editor and all that information. The stuff that matters (Characters unlocked / stages / items etc) is saved only to a wii system and cannot be moved to an SD card.

I look up what I could about the wiimote, from what I saw (both in game and around the web) the only thing the wiimote is used for is to save your name and controller configuration.

So, for EVO you would definitely need to have several Wii’s, with all the content (that matters) unlocked. And just have everyone use those (however many) consoles exclusively ( for the actual tournament).

Damn I forgot about the Wii suck ass memory problem…

Wiz it should take about 100 hrs to unlock everything for all the Wiis

can someone give me a tutorial on how to unlock shit the fastest?

Easiest and fastest is thru Sub Space Emissary imo this can be done in like 5 hrs on easy plus its co-op…

SSE is a good way to get all the characters, however you won’t get all the stages that way.

That’s a long, and tedious method on how to get all the characters/stages, but it’s the most direct.

use fox and run off the rumble falls stage with his forward b move 450 times in vs. mode and you’ll have all the characters. took me about 3hrs. as far as stages go:

75m Brawl as Donkey Kong 20 times
Big Blue (Melee) Brawl as Captain Falcon 10 times
Electroplankton Stage Complete Event #28
Flat Zone 2 Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
Great Sea Unlock Toon Link
Green Greens Fight as Kirby in VS mode 20 times
Green Hill Zone Unlock Sonic
Jungle Japes Play on any Melee stage 10 times in VS Mode
Luigi’s Mansion Use Luigi in brawl 3 times
Mario Bros Beat Challenge #19
Pokmon Stadium Play on Pokmon Stadium 2 10 times in VS Mode
Spear Pillar Clear stage #25 in Event Mode

hope this helps you out.

oh and as far as saving the info for evo, sandisk has memory sticks for the wii. i think they cost 20 or 30 bucks depending on the gig size. buy one of those to save your data and copy it to every wii you plan on using at evo.

Here Wiz, try this

damn realizing this for Evo, all i can say is, SSE is for sure the way to go on opening characters…as for stages well ou might not have to worry about unlocking stages depending on which would be tourny worthy.

Yeah, this is bad we can’t save this stuff to an SD Card. They should’ve just made the game make two save files. One for WiFi Data and the other for Unlocked stuff.

Anyways, I think the fastest way is the Stamina method from special brawl. Just set everyone to stamina and turn the flower head on. When selecting characters, set them to 1 HP a piece and start the match. As soon as it starts, boom, they’re dead. Repeat until all characters are unlocked.

I did this method and it took me about 4 hours to unlock all characters and that was with spending about 100 actual matches of 1-stock games just to break the boredom. Not fun, but it will work the fastest.

I’d say doing this method is also better so you can unlock the extra options for VS mode. I’m not sure how I got it unlocked, but after about 500 matches, I got the option for telling which stages were added to the random list, turning off pause, turning on team damage, etc.

Sorry, Wizster…

But take this comic:

And replace “beating Halo 3 on legendary” with “beating SSE in SSBB” and that’s that.

and replace the little white kid with a mexican dude outside of home depot.

Sounds like getting people to lend theirs wii’s for the tournament is even better now.

Yeah, I was gonna suggest that too.

What about a cheat device (like Action Replay, Gameshark, etc.) for the Wii to unlock all the characters and stages?

BTW, it took me ~3 1/2 hours to get everyone. There is another solution:
Wii Powersaves