Brawl Side Tournament 8/9

Just gauging interest for a Brawl side tournament tomorrow (Sat) sometime in the morning/early afternoon. I will try to get there as early as possible to secure TVs, and I have 3 wii’s to use for the tourney.


Price TBA (probably $5)
1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

We will be using these stages, this thing is very self-explanatory:

Also if a stage appears orange, it’s supposed to be yellow.

Best 2/3
7 min. time limit
Double Elimination
Final Round 3/5
Items off/no spawn rate
You can’t pick the same stage more than once in a set.

You may double blind for the first match of any set. Tell a nearby player or tournament staff that you would like to double blind, and both players tell them which character they are using. Both players must pick that character for the first match.

For the first match in any set, the players may agree on a stage to be used
out of the random (green) stage list.

Each player may knock out 1 stage to be banned for that set only. If you happen to random it, restart the match on a different random stage.

When you lose your first match, you must tell the winning player which stage you choose, or elect to go random. The winning player gets to change characters if they want, and then the losing player may change their character.

If you are counterpicking with Pokemon Trainer or Shiek, you must specify which character/pokemon you are starting with before they change their character. For instance, you can’t pick PT, then they pick pikachu, then you change to Charizard. You must declare which Pokemon you wish to start with before they choose.

Any game-breaking glitches which stall the match or freeze the character indefinitely can not be used. This game is fairly new still so if you happen to discover one while at the tournament or use one that I have not seen/heard about before, it will not be allowed.

No pausing will be allowed unless it is to report a technical difficulty or possible cheating. Please take care of all personal matters and turn of your phone before the match starts.

Please configure your settings before you begin your set, and make sure that you are on the correct name before you start. Each wii will have names created with 1-4 which all have tap-jump off. Again, please check before the match starts.

victor for president

you prob should have posted this alot earlier though (like a month ago). its kinda late now as evo has already started and turn out may not be as great.

i’m sure people will join if i do get the tvs