Brawl side tourney at EVO


Well, is hosting an (official?) side tourney at Evo this year, with their ruleset…

Without the “controversial” items on ruleset from last year, how do you think things will go this time?






I predict more complaining about not being taken seriously…better make sure you bring plenty of tissues for the waterworks.


I predict second biggest attendance after SF4.


Very interesting development. I’m not really fond of the rules all much:

It’s counter intuitive, to me, to rule out a legitimate strategy. Sure, it’s not a crowdpleaser and and the tourney is on a time limit, but if you’re PLAYING TO WIN, which is what tournaments are for, then it should be allowed.


Planking says hi to you. Also, you can’t punish planking in Brawl unless you want to lose a stock.


Why is there a timer on matches if stalling isn’t a legitimate strategy? The entire point of a timer is to make running away and stalling a normal strategy.


Stalling in Brawl is nearly impossible to punish due to how slow the game is.


… and how is that that not fair, again? It’s not game breaking, it’s not a glitch, it’s intelligent use of a stage and the opponents in ability to bait and punish them out of it. He’s not invincible. “Nearly impossible” =/= “impossible.” I understand if the tournament is on a specific time time table and they explicitly stated such, but they didn’t. And the fact they allowing a timer is blatant contradiction to the stalling rule. You’ll just have to sit through the whole match, and I don’t see how that’s a problem.

Runaway storms (who run the clock) operate on the same principle in MvC2, but that’s not banned. Camping Rose in A3 wasn’t banned. So should we punished for playing an effective runaway MK? NO.


Then get rid of the timer so stalling doesn’t net you a victory. Or make matches 1 stock and decided by sudden death. Either way, having the timer and not allowing stalling is contradictory. The only point of the timer as it is now is to ensure that there’s a definitive maximum time that a tourney match can run, which isn’t so much of a gameplay decision as much as one to just make tourneys run smoother.


you can run for the whole game after getting a lead, no problem with that.

The strategies that are banned is stuff that your opponent can’t do anything about it ; Infinite chaingrabs, planking in certain matchups, etc.

I see tons of people running the timer without using those strategies and no one complains about it being unfair or that it should be banned. Maybe they do complain about the fact that it’s boring, but that’s their opinion.

For example a yoshi in our region camps a lot and often reaches the timer limit, but without using planking. Sure he camps the ledge alot, but he has to rack up damage with eggs otherwise he will probably be overpowered. And he himself complains about having his matches last 7 minutes, but he has to do that to have a chance at winning.


What determines planking is so subjective, yet the smash community does it on a case by case basis and usually in favor of a certain party. It’s completely sickening.

The smash community can never be taken seriously in such cases. Even banning planking with certain character matches is completely fucking retarded. It’s a handicap that is influenced by the community who do not honor the game’s mechanics.

I really wanted to love the competitive tournament scene of smash, i really did. But the game needs to be standardized across all regions and honor the games game mechanics. Forget fun, it’s a tournament with money on the line for pete’s sake!


Dude you guys can punish planking if you have a campy character. Just dont be stupid and play with a mid tier and low tier because no offense you will not make it far. This probably will be the second biggest event at EVO then third probably Marvel. Unfortunately Brawl is such a joke at a competitive level but it is a fun game though.


Man… I hope I can make a trip to Vegas for EVO. Always been one of the things I want to do before I die…


So this is being held in Vegas? You don’t know any online or local tournaments that are running or soon to be running do you?


yup i believe its in vegas


They will get dirty looks.
I find it funny that they said “we Don’t need evo” and yet here we are (yea im from the community)


Wow you are such a noob, it’s so obvious that you’ve never played Brawl competitively.

As far as planking/stalling goes, if you’ve actually gone to Brawl tournaments before, you’d see that there is a general consensus and understanding on the issue, and it’s rarely a problem at all. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is stalling briefly, or when someone is stalling in order to win the match. The timer is set to 7:00/8:00 so that matches won’t go on too long, and within that time you’re just supposed to kill your opponent as quickly as possible. So yes, some people do camp as a strategy and run the timer out, but punishing campy players is just like any other fighting game—rush them the fuck down and don’t give them any space. If you’re good, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Beyond that, what is the big deal? This has been a standard, basic rule since Brawl came out and everyone has dealt with it magnificently, so I don’t understand why it has all of a sudden become such a major issue.

…and MK camping? That’s so 6 months ago lol, Brawl has come a long way since then. The best players right now are using MK, Snake, Marth, Falco, Wario, Diddy, G&W, and DDD… not just MK. Doesn’t mean camping doesn’t happen anymore, but people are a lot better at owning campy players these days.

This tourney is going to be run by NealDT, the TRUE G of all smash. While the SRK/EVO organizers will be having heart attacks running their brackets on pieces of paper (so fucking old school and obsolete), Neal will be running everything conveniently on his laptop. What program? The most legitimate tournament program there is— tio tournament organizer, which he programmed solely for competitive fighting game tournaments. The rules are perfect, the tournament organizer is perfect, and the event is perfect. Honestly we should all feel privileged to be able to enter a tournament run by him. I’m hella excited :slight_smile:


lol good shit.

but i think EVO might be ran on TIO. its a possibility.

I am just happy to be in attendence for EVO this year, brawl and SFIV [despite the fact I will not enter for SFIV yet.]