Brawl stick and chimpsmd woes


Okay, so I’ve got everything working so far with dual modding my brawl stick, all the buttons check out on the 360, PC, and PS3. Holding down 1K 2P 3K activates the 360 PCB, recognized on PC and the 360 itself. All directions work as they should.

Now the problem is… in an attempt to solder a wire to the HOME terminal on the chimpsmd, something must’ve went wrong and I’m not sure. I’ve lost all functionality of my start and guide buttons. LED still works though. I attempted to solder it to the XG part of the circuit board. I did however, make a bit of a mess connected XG to the socket under it as well… I quickly desoldered both areas and left it as it should be. Start and home still don’t work. I’ve a feeling I may have mucked up something fierce. :x

On another note, was there an alternative solder less trick with the guide button? I’ve been going through this project with the assistance of extensive searching through these forums.


if you could post pictures of your wiring it might help… otherwise i’d have to guess something is shorted or burned out…


Well, I haven’t reattached a wire to it yet, but here’s what I can get off my phone:


see the point above xguide?

that point is KGND, which controls the lockswitch for the start/select/home buttons.

Firstly make sure that the lockswitch isn’t engaged.
Next, check that giant blob above kgnd on the white line. I"m not sure what that is, but it seems like KGND is fine from that picture.

Most likely you just tripped the lockswitch


Oh man, I need the greatest face palm ever presented to the history of mankind for this. My lock switch was triggered.

Moving beyond that, I’m not sure how to wire up the start and select buttons to the chimpsmd. I can’t tell if I’m also supposed to solder a wire to the circuit board with the guide button or not… unless P00 was select? A little guidance would be appreciated.


why don’t you just use the points on the back of the terminal block?
that’s for start/select

are you just afraid to solder to the mainboard?
because you can have access to all the solder points from there

they’re all nicely labeled too


The start and select buttons aren’t on the circuit board with the guide button, they are the buttons on the back of your stick. They have their own little PCB in the brawl stick (where they’d be regular buttons in a TE).


Ah I just didn’t notice the two points I could solder there. Everything now checks out fine on the PS3, PC and 360.

Thanks for the help guys. X_x