Brawl Stick Joystick questions

Hello Peepz.

I picked up to brand new Madcatz Brawl Sticks for $20 each onsale and looking at some of the parts I had questions about the joystick mods.

Here is a pic of the joystick that came in it,

It has a SQUARE gate and OMRON micro-switches.

I dont mind the feel of the stick myself, its not for heavy tournament use either.
Can anyone tell me if this stick will be good? are the switches ok, I know I need to swap the gate for an Octagonal one.

The buttons are stamped with the Madcatz logo in the plastic so I know I am switching them out.

Thank you

looks like you ended up with a stick from the batch with omron microswitches

micro switch model similar to our resident tech talk infractor…

So is that good or bad… should i leave them in ???

Omron micro switches are used by sanwa, so you can leave them

im assuming this is your first stick, congratulations but also bad news for your wallet because you will start accumulating more

i bought my first, a Chinese tekken 3 knock off in 2008, now I’ve got like 30 sticks

i would say leave everything stock because if you do like playing on stick, by the time the parts start failing on you, you will most likely have purchased a tournament edition or similar level stick or two. And this will become a stick for friends to use when they come over

Thanks for the info, your probably right, i am looking at a TE or a custom built one next

I wish I got that advice before spending so much time on my brawl stick. I just finished it last week, but before I even had the artwork finalized, I was already plotting a TE stick.

it happens man

its the child in us, we just do everything on impulse and think rationally later

a word of advice if you gonna get a TE, wait for the sales, theres always a promo on, markman will post a code when a tournament comes around, then you can grab like a x360 TE-s like soul calibur or VS stick and then you can add on a toodles kitty for multi console support etc

All Brawl & TvC sticks have Omron-switched JLF clones.
This is not new.

You don’t “need” to switch to octo-gate BTW.
Octo sucks.

How did I not realise where he got his name from until now…

…and heres the promo Mad Catz SCR2013 Promo! Up to $60 OFF FightSticks + more! Ends 1/23!

yeah octo sucks imho, but to each there own, personally i prefer 6 button blast city with square gate, all sanwa

i have got a pair of sfac stick witha suzo 500 and il buttons straight 6 layout, circle gate, its ok, much better than octo, but your better off sticking with default gate of majority of cabs, so when you do play cab, you accustomed to the gate

Gonna mention this in the thread… store has the Brawl Stick on clearance… It’s the PS3 model =>

$20… You’d pay more than that for most joystick CASE SHELLS let alone a broken Agetec or HRAP joystick.

Thought I’d mention it for people who want a cheaper project joystick or one with a decent PCB to branch off of…