Brawl Terminology!?

Okay so I didn’t play melee and I keep seeping people use terminology I have no idea what its about. So I’m gonna try compiling all the information I have here to help out other people. Please keep in mind I’m no smash guru and some of these may be wrong, I’m just using my own common knowledge in posting th

uair - Up and A in the air
bair - Back and A in the air
fair - Forward and A in the air
dair - Down and A in the air.
nair - Just a in the air

fsmash - Foward Smash
usmash - Up smash
dsmash - Down smash

ftilt - Slowly moving the stick forward and pressing a
dtilt - Slowly moving the stick Down and pressing a
utilt - Slowly moving the stick up and pressing a

Edgeguarding - The act lingering around the edge to stop an opponent from making a safe recovery back onto the stage after being knocked away.

Edgehopping - The act of releasing and regrabbing onto the edge of the stage for invulnerability frames and to keep an opponent from grabbing onto the edge of the stage for a recover.

DI - Directional Input. When you’re hit or falling back moving the stick left or right to move closer to or farther away from a person.

IDA - Instant Dash attack, Pressing forward on the classic controllers right analog stick then pressing down on the c stick or smash stick to produce a seemingly instant smash attack.

L cancels -

SHFFL - Short Hop Fast Fall L Cancel. Not used in brawl. Forget it even exists!

SHFF - Short Hop Fast Fall. Tapping the jump button to create a short jump then immediately pressing down so that your character …

DFFL - ?

FLUDD - One of Mario’s attacks

I may not have those last set correct but I’ve seen something like them somewhere.

IDA=Alpha cancels.

There is no such thing as a bsmash or btilt. SHFFL stands for short hop, fast fall, l cancel. I have no idea what DHFFL is and FLUDD is one of Mario’s attack.

What are L cancels? Maybe you could explain what SHFFL are used for?

Edit: updated

Something that no longer exists in Brawl. So instead of SHFFL it should just be SHFF.

SHFF is generally used for quickly doing dairs with charecters? Does it shorten recovery time on moves?

Since there’s no L-Cancel in Brawl, maybe it’s Laser?

And I think the definition of tilts are off; you don’t need to hold the stick, you just need to move it slower than you would for a smash attack. Edit: Apparently I’m wrong, never mind.

you don’t need to move the stick slower, you need to tilt the stick as in not press it all the way to the side. It’s like half way of a full press.

Also don’t forget about DMX canceling cause when you hear the ARF! ARF! start running, cause when you hear the ARF! ARF! I’m coming!

It’s spelled FLUDD, but that doesn’t matter


Teching is still in, but not exactly sure how to explain?

L-Canceling was simply hitting L as soon as you hit the ground from doing an air attack, which took away all lag from landing. But again, it’s not in Brawl so it doesn’t matter.

Is that where if you were to get spiked downwards and you hit down + a at a right time so you dont stick to the ground but recover back to a neutral state?

Yes, but you press L or R to tech not Down-a. You can also roll when teching if you tilt the control stick left or right when pressing L or R. You can tech off of ceilings and walls in the same way.

Tilts are pretty much holding direction + A anytime you are on the ground and not in a running animation. You can do it by tilting the joystick briefy enough where you character is walking and pressing A, or you can hold down the direction all the way while in the air, and when you land you can just press A to do the tilt.

No. It took half the landing frames away, not all of them. In Smash 64, Z-Canceling took ALL of the landing frames away, which is why certain characters could combo you from 0% to death so easily.

As for SHFF, there are no more l-cancels in Brawl, but certain moves do auto-cancel. If you land some aerials normally, you will see some kind of landing animation. However, if you immediately initiate moves with little/no start-up frames then the landing animation will cancel into ground attacks.

Also, DI is technically “directional influence” because you influence the way you fly and/or tumble. It’s more-or-less the same thing, but that’s what it actually stands for.

Updated. Keep it coming if you got it guys. I’ve already learned alot.

Just a few more I could think of off the top of my head.

SHDL-Short hop double laser-Performing a short hop with Fox/Falco and firing 2 laser shots just after the peak of a jump. Useful as a keep-away tactic or as an approach as you can perform another action as soon as you land.

IASA (Frames)-Interuptable as soon as-An action that has IASA frames can be canceled into another action, usually an attack, once those frames have passed. An easy to see example is in Marth’s d-tilt>f-smash, the d-tilt has IASA as he is retracting his sword and can be canceled into a f-smash.

RAR-Reverse aerial rush-Using forward momentum to allow one to perform a forward moving b-air. Done by dashing towards your opponent>turning around and pressing jump>pressing in the direction of your opponent and pressing A.
Example: Dunno why it’s labeled as “moonwalking”, never heard it called that.

“Boost Smashing”-A dash attack canceled u-smash-To perform “you dash, hit down-C to do a dash attack, then immediately hit up and Z (grab button) to cancel the dash attack with an u-smash. The boost in speed from the dash attack continues into the u-smash and you slide during it using that increased momentum.” May work for all characters, but is obviously more useful for some. Some say it’s easier to perform by rolling a quarter circle motion from forward to up as opposed to pressing each direction. Can be combined with IDA/Alpha Cancels to initiate from standing still.

My bad, you’re right. I mixed up SSB with Melee on the amount of lag reduced.

Brilliant! :rofl::looney:

Is someone willing to compile a list of terminology and definitions? I want to have a sticky that covers all the basics.


I’ve actually thought about doing that for a friend who is interested in learning Smash anyway, so if Asura doesn’t want to or this topic doesn’t turn into such a list, I suppose I could; or could contribute at the least.