Brawl Top 8 2k8 - Thoughts of the spectators, both smash fans and not!

Hello everyone. Thanks for being so hype during the smash finals, weather you hate items, hate smash, or whatever. The room was excited and the finals were everything I needed them to be.

Id really be interested in hearing the thoughts of everyone who sat through the smash top 8 this year. When you leave your comments, please inform me about your feeling on the game and items before you go into how you felt watching and how you felt after it was all over.

Thank you!

-The Keits

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Edit 2 - This thread is for people who where actually at evo and saw all/some of smash top 8 ONLY. If you troll here and you were NOT at evo, your post will be deleted.

I play Brawl casually but I don’t have any interest in it as a competitive game. I like playing with items, but I didn’t think they had any place in a tournament setting.

Brawl finals at Evo were hype. I was originally basically planning to skip them to grab some food, but I ended up watching most of them and it was pretty awesome. The game obviously still has a very high level of technical skill involved - Falco’s chain grabs were nuts - and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the items worked out. Anybody who didn’t know better might have thought that ROB’s final smash was better than Landmaster, haha.

I think the Evo finals might have basically proven the legitimacy of items in competitive Brawl, although I’m sure the Smash community will not pay much attention to the results of a SRK sponsored event. Good shit to CPU for winning, he deserved it.

The best part of Brawl finals was your commentary though, perfectly tailored to an Evo audience - great mix of explaining stuff and in-jokes. “Wait a few years until he grows a curly mustache” was gold.

I imagine Brawl will continue to be part of Evo in the future, hopefully next year’s finals will also be hype. It’s still no CVS2, ST, or Marvel, but it’s pretty neat.

I thought the Brawl finals were fantastic. One of the best finals for sure. They were very exciting and the players showed a lot of skill.

Items worked out great. They add an extra dimension to the game and really show off Smash’s unique character over other fighting games. Smash with items is definitely a different game – but I would not say at all that the items determined the outcome of the match. Players’ SKILL in dealing with items (yes, it’s a skill) was a major factor. Some players like CPU and Ken understand when to go for items, when to bait their opponent into going for items, and when to leave them alone and go after their opponent instead. Players who didn’t understand this and went blindly after smash balls usually got owned. The nightmare scenario of a game being decided by a “lucky” item that appears right next to one player simply didn’t happen.

Items do inject a random factor in the game, and a lot of players automatically equate “random” with “bad.” IMO the random factor is not high enough to overcome the skill of the players. The best player still wins, and the game is much more exciting, dynamic, and unique with items on.

Lots of respect for EVO staff for proving to the Smash kids that item play is legitimate.

I think brawl is a terrible game, but in all honesty the top 8 was one of my favorite top 8s, mostly only because of items, mostly final smashes. It’s funny that the thing competitive players hate are the things that makes the game much much more exciting. I would not have liked the finals nearly as much without the crazy ass final smash usage.

I’m a Cvs2 player and interested in watching 3rd Strike, MvC2, and ST, but I personally feel that Brawl finals was the most exciting part of EVO this year… and I’m not even a Brawl player! I guess it’s because I didn’t see interesting things in the other tournaments as I have in the past years and this was the first time I watched Smash Bros.

I definitely had to say that the commentator was excellent and that was definitely one factor that kept my interest in the game. He called the match really well and he explained game techniques and rules during games so the average person who wasn’t familiar with the game would understand why Brawl players made a certain decision and why they avoided others.

I’m looking forward to see Smash Bros. at EVO again next year now that I’ve seen the finals and I just might enter it as well. Cheers.

You though brawl was better than cvs2 and mvc2? Damn, me and the people I rolled with were dozing off during brawl finals, I couldn;t imagine how boring it would of been without those bombs and items.

Smash I found to be an entertaining final. I don’t play or really understand the game, but was fun to watch and was unpredictable thanks to the items. I don’t understand the hate, 3S could use items these days. There was obviously some skill to using and avoiding them so I don’t see what the big random factor the smash community thinks they are stopping by not using them. It isn’t like players are scrubbing out wins just waiting for smash balls. But again, I am not a smash player.
Oh yeah, and keits, good job behind the mic. You made it easy for those unfamiliar with the game to follow it and kept it interesting throughout.

Smash this year was immensly more interesting than last year. I liked watching the top 8. I got hella bored watching melee last year. THis year with items on made the game a lot more interesting. Ink summed it up great. People always bitched that players would just run to the smash ball’s everytime, and this definitely wasn’t the case. Players were baiting eachother to make the first hit, so the other can get the 2nd hit to break it for themselves.

And I gotta say, when CPU sniped the smash ball, full screen with ROB, that was the illest shit I ever saw in smash.

Bottom line, as far as I’m concerned, Smash with items is WAY more fun and gives the game so much more meat and more strategies. The best players still made top8. Us fighting game players deal with our games at the default setting, love it or hate it, we accept it. This is the nature of EVO and It hasn’t failed us. Fgihters have their fair share of randomness, we still accept it for what it is.

I can’t count how many times I lost crucial 3s matches due to a random parry. So should we turn parries off? lol.

I don’t like the idea of stripping a game down to the bare basics to make it “playable.” EVO proved item play is legit. I think smash community is too stubborn to accept a game as is. The matches werent even rape, so many close matches that it made the game more enjoyable. Lots of crazy tactics. If these items and final smashes are so good, it would just be rape, most of the time. But it wasn’t

smash items= thumbs up!

I remember watching Smash at EVO East and Finals last year. It was very fun to watch, honestly. I may not like to play it, but it’s hella fucking fun. Plus, where else can you see some kid named MangoKid cry on stage when losing in top 8? Fucking priceless. Plus, this might bring out the MILFs to EVO in full force.

Still great to watch. I’m serious.

lol lol and lol again so true

someone say MILFS? Smash for life!!!


I don’t think Brawl is a good game to be played competitively in the first place, and I believe that items make it even less so. The finals were hype for all of the wrong reasons: random smash balls having a large impact in almost every match, random items spawning and getting thrown for the win. It was silly.

Brawl is a fun game to play, and decent to watch, but I don’t think it should be an official game at Evo items or not. I’d much rather see an actual fighting game in it’s place.

Alright. I admit that I didn’t watch the CvS2 finals (hard to wake up with only one hour of sleep), but I did enjoy Brawl more than 3S, SF4, and MvC2. What I saw in 3S was just the typical “wait for opening to use super,” I saw some SF4 players were going safe with Ryu and I’ve seen peeps bust out with dope stuff at the Downtown L.A. SF4 invitational than I did at EVO, and MvC2 didn’t look like real comp for Wong. Chunksta was coming through, but the little errors caused the match. I don’t like kissing ass, but I didn’t see anyone at the level Justin was at, which makes me think that finals is a waste of time. Only one that looked like he came close was Chunksta, but you saw what happened.

You probably were dozing off because you already went with the mentality of not wanting to watch the game or you were too tired. I mean, you did wake up early to watch CvS2. You were probably drained by that time, but then again, your own opinion is your own opinion just as mine is mine. I agree that the bombs and items did make the game more interesting. I’ll like to see these top players go at it without them and see if I’m still interested in the game.

I agree with Deathscythe. I hope this brings the MILFs around. I don’t know if you were fucking around, but I’m not. I saw a few good ones there. If they do roll by, be my wingman, homie. :smiley:

I think the commentary was what made the Finals pretty amusing… Nothing like coming back from lunch to hear, “Ah Peach! time to get fat!” Even with items some matches felt like they dragged on so long… But thats just the nature of the game… yeah I watched some but not all of it, I can’t imagine it without items, must have been a marathon league. There were some cheers and laughes, I even heard some non-smash players giving props for the Smash Ball Snipe by CPU.

Suggestion though: Have a time limit on the counter stage pick selection. Tell them that they have 20 seconds to pick a stage or go back to default Smashville… yeah yeah I know its strategic and important, but taking too long kills the momentum of the fight and can make it unfair for the winner riding on his last match to waste his adrenaline because the loser is procrastinating.

And pro-vote on the MILF initative… DeathScythe for 4 more years!

Son, I heard there were moms with their kids there. You know I’m going next year just for that.

And yet people still loved it. Even PEOPLE THAT DON’T PLAY SMASH loved it. Funny how that works.

It goes from

SWF: Items are random and bad for competitive play

(Lots of posts showing why items play is viable)

SWF: You guys are dumb and are stubborn. Accept items off play!

(Posts saying both can exist just fine)

SWF: Whatever lets boycott their tournament, it will flop anyway!

(Tournament does well)

SWF: It would have done better with items off!!!

Yeah whatever, I’m out of this thread since at this point I’m just contributing to the trolling. Good shit everyone, glad Evo turned out great.

This actually isnt a bad idea on paper. In reality, I don’t think anyone took over a minute though, and thats about the time limit i’d set. In the future, when players have more experience counterpicking, im sure it will speed itself up naturally too.

Keep the feedback coming, please, and remember that this thread is for people who were actually there and saw some/all of smash finals only.

I’ve been a Smash player since the Melee days. I even go to local Brawl tournaments. I must say that after watching all the Brawl matches at EVO, I now have a new appreciation for items. Players knew that each item has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it was exciting to see how the players baited each other, went for them, avoided them, etc. I think Keits’ commentary of “These players are definitely showing us what high-tier item play is all about,” sums it up perfectly. This tournament showed that good players will still come out on top, whether items are off or on.

And Keits, I want to personally shake your hand (well, over the internet anyway) for providing that commentary. It was obvious that you have a deep knowledge of Smash, and your explanation of techniques mixed in with humor made the finals infinitely more entertaining. I hope you do more Smash commentary in the future.

So, as a long time no-items player, this player now gives a thumbs up to items.

yo so me and potter were basically betting $10 per match based on what players LOOKED like on their bios. OBV we both dont know shit about smash. but we both had betting strategies. i was going for young and nerdy lookin. petey piff was bettin on anything mex.

point is, you get drunk enough and put money on random shit, its going to be HYPE regardless.

p.s. smash ball is mad broken/random.