Brawl Tournament Statistics - $1,380 a Day on Tournaments

These are early returns on information that will be more fully released at a later date (when subsequently the second annual Smash Tournament Year in Review will be released). Before a more in depth analysis is presented though I’m releasing some of the larger numbers that many will likely find interesting.

So, between May 31st (when Ankoku started taking data) and April 11 (the last recorded date) there have been at least 572 tournaments held in 316 days. That is a whopping number, that is only dwarfed by the fact that probably 20% of the tournaments that occurred fell through the cracks and weren’t recorded. This means there was an average of 1.81 tournaments per day over this time period with an average attendance of 37 players. In turn, roughly $1,380 is spent per day on Brawl tournaments.

The Month with the highest attendance average was February 2009, with an average attendance of 45.53 people. The second highest average attendance currently looks like April 2009, as midway through the month it is at 45.11 people per tournament (out of 17 tournaments). The third/forth highest are June/August at 41.29/40.29 people out of 51 and 65 tournaments, respectively.

The two lowest averages were July and September, both with 32 people averages out of 67/43 tournaments. I believe the reason July had a low average was because there were no large national tournaments held in this month because FC got canceled. There were a lot of tournaments, just no large ones. As per September having both low average attendance and the lowest amount of tournaments (for any month with complete data) I think we can put the reason squarely on the start of school for most people. The third lowest month was December with an average of 34.2 people and a total of just 46 tournaments in the month.

Grand Totals:
Number of tournaments: 572
Number of entrants: 21,500
Average Attendance per tournament: 37.585
Singles Entrance Fee Total: $198,355.30
Estimated Total Prize Money (singles X 1.8): $$357,039
Estimated Total Entrance Fee (singles X 2.2): $436,381.70
Per day entrance fee average: $1,380
Per day tournament average: 1.8

The information comes from using Ankoku’s tournament data, which can be found here:

Further, if you have attended a tournament and you would like to report the results of said tournament, then please post in Ankoku’s thread located here:

those are some really impressive numbers AZ

Just for my own interest, is there any sort of list that I could compare this against MvC2 data or any of the more hardcore fighting games? This seems really interesting. I knew I should’ve tried to really get into Brawl.