Brawley/Calexico/El Centro. Starting a Scene

Alright, as usual, gatherings take place every Friday at my house. Pizza/Drinks are always on us. Vodka and beeer are saved for later.

Sticks/Pads, CVS2, MVC2, 3S, ST, GGXX Slash, GGAC, and if anyone is interested T5 DR.

If ayone needs directiosn getting to the house send a PM, every friday night the casual games then some drinks are saved for later on. As always the casual five will show up, seeking out new players interested.

damn wayyyy the fuck over there…

Tell me about it, it’s hard enough trying to find dedicated players and get them started up. There is only a handful of players down here, and our main games just consist of 3S, MVC2, GGXX, but we do branch out to others. Hopefully this can catch some attention, driving to Nickel City will sure save alot of gas.