Brawlstick ARTWORK Help


Hi guys I recently bought a madcatz wwe brawlstick with the intention to mod. the parts should be here within the next couple days so I have been focusing on the artwork but I am having some trouble. I downloaded the template provided by d3v to use because I’ve read on the forums that the one madcatz provided was inaccurate. however when I printed the d3v template out to test if it would fit it appeared not to! any help on this? I just printed on a regular 8x11 piece of paper. should I have used a bigger paper or would it not matter?


It will fit on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, just make sure there’s no page scaling and keep it at 300dpi. I also recommend printing it on 30lb paper and Lami-Label it.


thanks sent it to fedex office with what you said to do and hoped for it to turn out right and thankfully it did! so thank you very much