Brawlstick broken rubber at the base of the usb cord

I’m wiggin’ out over this. I don’t know how this could have happened either. My only guess is from wrapping the chord around the fight stick when I put it up, but even then that in itself doesn’t put very much strain on the base.

My only guess is secret mice or something came in my room and ate part of it, but I never have mice in my house so I doubt that. The metal wiring doesn’t appear to be damaged and only part of the rubber broke off. I’m hoping this is a simple electrical tape fix.

Never Wrap your cord around your stick. To tie up your cord use Velco cable ties.
And Electric tape is a horrible patch repair. If it is just the Rubber boot, leave it alone and do not force it into any tight angles. If you really have to “Repair” the rubber boot on the base of the cord, use a single small drop of super glue.
Worst case scenario USB cord replacement, but I do not think you are there yet.

The grommet is made of nylon.

I’m not sure if super glue works on that stuff…

I reinforced it with electrical tape. Seems to fix it and give it a lot more support at the base.

What are some options for tying the chord without damaging it.

Like Darksaul suggested use velcro ties.

I make a couple of large, gentle loops with the cord and just place the cord on top of my stick when I’m storing it, tied in place by the velcro straps.

I go one further, put an adhesive velcro pad on the back of my travel stick. Looks like ass, but I coil the cable in such a way that, when I wrap it with a velcro tie, the velcro on the stick holds the entire cord in place nicely. then when I’m carrying it around it’s static, instead of flopping around and straining the stress relief end of the cord.

Anyone have pics? I’m having a hard time visualizing this.

It’s just strips of velcro. Velcro sticks to one another. So you just carefully loop the wires into a nice, pretty coil, without any kinks in the wiring. You tie it up with velcre strips. When you want to unroll it, just pull back some of the velcro, let the wires hang so you can attach it to the console.

The velcro pads thing they’re talking about is glued directly to one side of your case, that way your wiring stays in place flush against the side of your stick instead of rolling around everywhere.

(Just finished playing so it’s covered in finger prints lol.)

(The velcro strap close up, one end loops onto the cord.)

When it’s sitting on my shelf for storage the cord rests on top of the stick.
When I’m carrying it around it’s looped like above around the shaft of my stick so it stays in place.
No stress on the cord with gentle loops and it stays in place because the velcro is wrapped around the shaft.

Thanks for the pic!

A great option for fixing usb boots, or anything really is sugru. You can just set it on the spot that needs reinforcing, allow to set, play.

Cord, not chord. No “h” in between “c” and “o”.

On one of my SE sticks I took the velcro strip a step further, and cut 2 slots in the rear of the case and fed the velcro strip through it so you can wrap and secure the cord to the case, and its not flopping around.

I still get sad when I see people on stream wrapping the cord as tight as possible around the body of a stick.