Brawlstick PS3 Joystick not working


Tried searching and couldn’t find any sort of answer.

The Brawlstick has been painted (beautifully). There’s zero evidence of paint on the inside. All the buttons work, the PS button, and from what I can tell the select and start buttons. The joystick doesn’t respond at all. I’ve already tried switching it out with a semitsu stick and the joystick from my 360 brawlstick. I checked the circuit board and couldn’t find any visible damage. There is no response if the controller is “locked” or unlocked. If I have the switch on LS/DP/RS. My one idea was that the switch was for some reason stuck on Right stick but I don’t think I have a game to easily test that possiblity.

Am I SOL guys?


It is stuck on right stick.