Brazilian fighting games community

Here in Brazil, for a long time the fighting games community appeared to be dead to the eyes of the world. you could find some isolated events in only some parts of the country, mostly on MvC2. So, I took matters on my own hands and started revitalizing the community in my state; started a group to manage regular tournaments and ranbat’s, and it’s been, quoting Borat, a great success.
Some of the other states have adopted the model we set here in Minas Gerais and are starting now, after almost 1 year that this idea sprouted in my mind.
Our main focus up until now, has been 3rd Strike, since I saw a real need for the whole country to catch up to international standarts on the game. We have organized two main tournaments on 3rd Strike with over 120 people, which worked as a regional, even tough we don’t have a main national event, as one could consider EVO for USA ou SBO for Japan. Also, we have come to the end of our first ranbat circuit (semestral, with an average of 16 players per edition) this week; as well as one cooperation tournament, with over 60 teams.
Now, what I’m trying to do, is create an event that would be similar to EVO, that would work as a national event, as well as a South American integration movement, aditional to that, my team has contacted some Japanese players which showed a lot of interest in visiting our country for major events.
Anyway, soon enough I’ll be posting some our most recent videos on youtube and linking them here.

What I would like to know is, do you think that such an event (presented properly and formally, of course) could get the “official support” from I think that if such support was to come true, the world would see a new invasion of fantastic fighting games players.

Thanks for your attention!

Gabriel Costa (Papito)

Indeed it has been a great improvement on the brazilian fighting games community! We’re all increasing our techniques so much, it’s almost unbelievable =)



There is already a thread about Evo South America at the Evo forums. IMO, you should get a united front first, and only then aspire to get Evo or srk involvement or sponsorships.

Its like Cali and NY contacting the japanese separately about a challenge. It works much better when you have an united front (we have Evo now)

Thanks for the tip… I’ll look this topic up

I’m doing as much as I can to keep an integrated front here in Brazil, but it’s kind of hard due to distance between states and also the different backgrounds that each state has… (some have no gaming community at all, others have MvC2, others, SF3, and so it goes…)

Anyway, my initial idea was to create a “recognized” event, mostly to gain extra credibility… Since it would be a “south american evo”, it would be a multi-games, evo-like event, but not the south-american edition of evo…

Of course it crossed my mind to initiate a project in that sense. But i realized that it would take an “infra-structure and staff transfer” that is a bit inaplicable at the moment. I strongly believe that initiating things with a partner event to would surely lead to the ultimate expansion; for evo to really go worldwide, as well as creating credible events in places that have no major tournaments.

See ya :wgrin:

Hey papito, careful before posting. You know brazilian forums and the actual discussion about tourneys, including national ones. Also here in srk theres already a thread made by FighterBro (chaotic, carlos) that covers the exact issue that you’re bringing to here. Im not trying to be a pain in the ass, but if you want to get respect on that subject you have, like power333 said, contact others that are aspiring the same thing that you are.
As a field of competition, organizing a national event require so many steps of competition and cohesion between event holders to actually gain a ‘national’ recognition.
Don’t forget other initiatives here, there’s you and the mgsf ranbats, ecce, paran showdown, avex, animefriends and future events held by others, including fighterbro who’s planning a tourney too.
I’m just asking you to start this discussion with us (meialua, fighters, orkut, counterhit, final round e todos os outros frums) before making a ‘official’ request to srk folks.

By the way, the answer by Wiz about the same question you made, was: To give any evo standards or brand to any event in the world, a person representing evo staff must be present, as this is not being though through by evo staff right now, therefore it’s impossible in the next months or even 1 or 2 years from now.

i’m not at all trying to dissipate the sommunity, i was merely checking possibilities… I read carlos topic on evo south america and that’s why i sustained this one… because it’s a different idea…

carlos talked about the possibility of a evolution south america - a qualifier to evo world… my initial plan is not that at all, but yes, to create an “evo-like” event. That’s why i was checking the possibility of an “official support” by and evo, since it’s quite a credible community in the fighting games world… please don’t get me wrong =) i intend to do the same with tougeki sbo, since i have some japanese contacts that may help (the problem with doing this now may be the closeness of tougeki sbo 2007, but it’s my intention anyway)… and so it’ll go… seek partnerships with all main communities in every country that has a medium to strong fighting games community =) to create a let’s call “fighters exchange program” one day aehueahueahueahuae a truly worldwide community, composed by many different cells in each country… well, that’s the idea at least =) let’s see how it turns out hueheuheuheu

see ya ^^v