Brazil's new lapdance. Just in time for the summer!

Watch. Learn. Grown.

This shit is too fucking awesome. For anyone who doesnt care enough to click its a new dance thats going on in Brazil, and I refuse to explain it.

Yeah. This isnt safe for work. And if its a repost I searched SDB with no results so. …

kanye shrug

so thats whats really hood? dudes is getting lapdances to samba de amigo and shit…

"Nigga got AIDS in his mouth."
So true.


You honestly dont want to do that shit? AHHHH. It looks like a pillow fight. With vagina lips.

Hahahahaha! My loler skates just broke so now i’m rolling and loling.

Im so playing this in the club next week.

I’m sure the dance would be beyond incredible if the girl didn’t look like someone shaved a female ape in Planet of the Apes.

The guy’s face at the end of the vid says it all. :lol:

I don’t know if I want a woman smashing into my face like that. If my face is gonna go there, I’d rather bury it.

Bitch, my nose ain’t a dildo, this Woody Woodpecker shit ain’t doing it for me. Aim lower. Much lower.

What the fuck was ever wrong with the OLD lapdance? Why are we trying to improve something that doesn’t need improving? No need to bring my face directly INTO your stripper vagina. I just came to SEE and maybe FEEL the chlamydia, not CATCH it.


The hell is this? That whore lost her pole or something.

i’ve seen a variation of this done at the rhino in vegas about a year ago.


how fucked up do you have to be to enjoy letting a woman grab you by the heels and repeatedly slam your face into her ass

Don’t knock it till…

It’s pretty damn fun.

so it’s a horizontal teabag, followed by the snapping of your dick?

is this stripping, or a new way to gloat after u frag somebody in Halo?


And there is a thread on this already

:rofl: Thats bizarre, worth trying atleast once right :wonder:

Eh…I’m not with random ass/pussy near my face/mouth.

Not everyone washes properly. That and I hear Brazilian food makes you gassy.

it would be interesting in Canada, where the 'rippers go bottomless

Approximately as fucked up as me.

Get a good Rainbow Mika cosplayer to do this and man’s purpose on earth is complete.