Bread and Butter combo Distance?



I am currently learning Dudley and i am in the BB learning phase. Can i stick do the st.HK,only, or do i need to learn the link to too? Sometimes the st.HK whifs and i dont know if this is because i am still getting used to it


im assuming you’re talking about the fwd mk, st mp, st hk punish.

st mp will whiff on most crouching opponents and even standing it typically hits only larger/wider hit boxes. im pretty sure tut lists who it hits. you would probably want to just do fwd mk, st hk if you’re unsure.


Sorry i was not clear, i am talking about the cr lp. cr lp . st HK, i want to know if i need to learn the cr lp. cr lp. cr mp, because, sometimes, the st HK whifs, and i dont know if it is because of distance or my timming.


Confirm jabs into a DP for a knockdown if you are too far for s.HK. I would only go for the link as a last resort, I would go for lp. MGB over that if I didn’t have the meter to fadc duck upper.