Bread and Butter Combos?


How many combos are necessary to learn for a character in typical fighting game? because i’ve been playing alot of my other fighters and i feel as if you need to learn maybe three to five combos and everything else is footies, pokes, metagame, zoning and spacing.


It all depends on the character, and on the fighter. I’m not that great at Blazblue, but for example I see maybe 1 or 2 combos being used at the pro level, while SF4 has less optimized combos, due to linking being the primary combo system. depending on the character you have pokestrings, which consist of lights and mediums, maybe ending with a special, and punishes for different situations. AFAIK there aren’t many characters with "BNB"s, just hitconfirms and max damage/meter gain/ stun combos. As far as how many are necessary, there is no “typical fighting game”.

tl;dr: It depends.


Depends on the situation. punish combo up close, wiff punish combo from max range, cross up combo, corner combo, combos to push opponent where you want them (like into the corner), combo from standing, combo from crouching, air to air combo, it all depends


Varies wildly on the game and what character you end up using…

For SF4, I’d say most characters can get by on a basic level with one or two (confirm and punish)
For something like marvel where things can change a lot more based on where you and your opponent are at when/how you connect something, you’ll likely need a lot more situational stuff even if it all leads to the same string after the first few hits.


You answered your own question …