Bread and butter Guile combos

Hey there everyone. I’m new to Marvel in general and Guile in particular, and I wanted to know what combos are used by most Guile players out there. I know that there’s a certain air combo, possibly a magic series variant, that leads into his :qcf::k::k: super, but I don’t know what that combo is, and I’d like to. Anyone?

Im no guile expert, but;

~A delayed magic series can give hitsun for the XXair super. Just have to toy around, i know different people who use different methods.

~you can magic series, FP, RH

~after SJ use flash kick,FP,FP… to keep you in the air and build meter, reposition, runaway.

~launch (magic series, RH throw, OTG lk, c.FP) xN Depending on when they tech hit you can tech hit guard break them into somersault justice.

~guile has a irregular jump arc, and jump speed. Normal jumps are stupid good and almost travel in a fullscreen arc. Use this to create crossups with an assist and it can be really hard to block.

ground lp lp hp sonic boom super. or kick super
OR dashing hp into punch or kick super.
air to ground- air lp lp hp into dashing lp lp hp into either super.
air to ground- jumping deep HK into air kick super.

corner- launch, 1234 punch throw lp lp kh air flash kick.
corner- launch, 1234 hp hk, delayed hk towards mid screen land lk lk hk again.

guard break- someone coming in from the corner: lk flash kick into a throw.
Does anyone know if you can do jumping lp lp air flash kick after a corner FP throw?

For the ground throw you only have enough time to, into whatever you want.,, into either of the supers works. the sonic hurricane does more damage, but the kick one sends them into the air if u need some space between you two.

Air super is waste of meter. The air combo that ends with sj.Fp, sj.FK does the same damage as air combo-to-super.

Well if you want a flashly guile combo that involves the air super…
Launch (call doom aa) magic into hp throw and then air super. The enemy should bounce off of doom’s rocks into your super.

This can be done with cammy also. I forgot if this does any damage or not tho.