Bread and Butter?



What are her bread and butters?



there you go



that’s not really useful…

how bout some combos?


That is a combo, standing fierce punch, standing roundhouse


i think you can jab, fierce punch, standing roundhouse

i’m not sure exactly cuz i only heard about it, but jab, fierce works

the roundhouse at the end is suppose to connect if timed right


S.Fierce -> cr. or S. roundhouse
S.Fierce -> S. Fierce
S.Fierce -> Cannon drill/Spike
Cr.Strong -> cr. or s. strong -> Cannon Drill
Cr.Strong -> cr. Forward -> Cannon drill
Cr.Short x2 -> Cannon drill
Cannon Strike -> Cannon Spike

Use your imagination, she links almost anything and everything.


FP, RH is like the most useful combo in the game. you can do FP, RH xx L3… close s.fierce and walk up far s.fierce also combos. Im pretty sure this can LINK into super as i know far s.fierce does.


cammy is one annoying player! she’s deadly either! like what mindtricks said use your imagination! :cool:


^ Turn that pretty sure into a sure.


sorry MegaZangief, it didn’t seem like a useful combo so I doubted it was a good one… my fault.

THanks for the combos.


c.Strong, c.Forward, RH Cannon Drill

s.Fierce, c.Forward, RH Cannon Drill

You can replace the Cannon Drill with a super.


that one does not combo.


That combo does work on rolento and honda for sure…I don’t know about other ‘fat’ characters though.
On these specific characters, this combo should be used often.


I don’t know what the mechanics are, but I saw my friend do it in a couple of characters, and it was on Honda IIRC, so jreinert’s right. Even if it doesn’t combo, you can do a Short Cannon Drill to continue the momentum.


use her down back to up forward, p into throw and dive kick,

and her cross up is good, jus do fierce and hold forward and keep pressing fierce but keep some time delay jus dont mash it
, its damn annoying


easy ass combo is cannon drill (mk) or that spining dive on the floor and if they block it theres a time wen u can do a lk cannon spike and if block that u can do another lk cannon spike to throw em off guard i’ve done it it works so yea