Bread 'n Butter help

I’m having trouble with the bread and butter combo. Most of the time I can’t link the standing M (two hits) after the 1st air S. When I do I can’t link the standing H afterwards. Should I delay the air M M after the spidey swings? Can someone help me with this? Thanks!

You have to do the j. Ms as soon as possible after the swing, pretty soon after the rope passes completely vertical. Delaying it makes it so you can’t get the j.S out. You’ll eventually get the timing down. Just have to practice.

And use cr.M. Does more damage.

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I’m having trouble with the same combo as well except I can’t link the j.S after the j.M, j.H after the second Web Swing, and as a result, I can’t get the standing MH either.

You could try ABC > web swing > j.C > web swing XX j.M arrows > shield skills etc. This one may do less damage or build less meter but is far more consistent for online play.