Break 1/29/04 mvc2: sanford claims the throne

under justin…

but he’s aiming toward him even more at the next empire sponsored cf tourney in a few weeks… who knows, i might even make my way up! =)

1st- sanford kelly
2nd- xecutioner
3rd- erik smooth viper
4th- ed the head espino
5th- rob sigley
5th- the empire’s first bred soldier, matrix

yeah, so i ran like 2 marvel tourneys… sanford won the first one, des, matrix and a few came while it was ending and everyone agreed to start the tournament over again, since there was a lot of time… yeah, random…

rob sigley narrowly averts going back to “scrub-status” by nearly losing to phi. luckily, phi worked a 10 day prior to that (going straight to the break after work) and his awareness was pretty shot (no pun intended)

i have to admit, at the rate matrix is learning, he could possibly take top 16 at ecc… just gotta stop choking cough cough :wink:

anyway, have work tomorrow mourn, so ggpo…

edit: btw, hope you get better shawn!!

LOLOL I got baited

baited :frowning:

yes we all did .

damn i just came back from work too so no excuses there i worked 11-7 but i didn’t take no fancy lunch break to goto KB Toys halfway across the state i was holding a camera most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

but yea i’m slowly working my way up to novice go me !!

no one can handle me in DDR tho it’s sad (cept for ten of course)

i’m so random in mvc2 there really isn’t words to describe it, man can never comprehend it

i think blacksyde phil got 5th tho cause he beat matrix or did i miss something i could be wrong, damn people keep leaving him out of results - maybe if he returned bust a move to someone (:smiley: ) his luck might change

Yeah I did get 5th…always getting left out:(

I broke Soo Luckys curse finally:D , but I got the feeling Chris got the clops infinite brewing for me.

I got there late cuz I had to work, but I’m glad I did go.

Sigs I’ll bring ur game mang; I dont even have the ps2 anymore :frowning: as long as you stop beasting on the slide infinite.

-well done everyone, keep beastin jerz peeps

You gotta play me again man. You never come by anymore. I usually work on Thursdays, and if I do go to the break on a Thursday, I leave early…

yeah i know. cars still screwed up but im down to play…uhhh maybe ill kidnap steven or something hit my cell later mang, 1

Who said I was entering?

yea good shit to everyone…yo collapsed lung…no joke heh im aight though…hope to see everyone next thursday or sometime in the future…


You aight shawn? :frowning: . Better be at the break regional.


~Born to Play~

Feel better now? I told you 12-1 now make that 13-1. Got your confidence back, now use it. Harness that shit, and just give it your best. Who gives a crap if you lose. Soldiers of the Empire play with spirit not, their pride. Use that in the tournament at Syndicate City Feb 21. Keep up the good work. Hail.

PS: Vegeta…you know Goku will be ready. So should you. Until then.

:lol: Too Good


Goku is not going to play in Marvel because he is going to be focusing on other games, so Marvel is out of the question. Goku is going to train for CV2, 3S, ST, GGXX, and KOF2003. Marvel is done for me right now. So Vegita has to fight other people cause the other games we have to worry about more like 3S and CVS2. Marvel is set, but CVS2 and 3S is not, and since sumone might not go to this tourney, I wont say any names Triforce. Their reason is that he has school to attend on weekends. So I have to pratice up for 3S and CVS2 for the tourney and Im also playing GGXX, ST, and KOF2003 during the process. Well talk about more tomorrow


Who said the score was now 13-1? Haha sure I lost Thursday. I always win, some how, some way.

*Fullmetal Daywalker *

sponser ruin for ggxx in tx! weee

sanford ;p

don’t know, that’s you guys. i’ll try to make the tourney anyway, depending what’s going on for me that weekend. i might be meeting up with an old friend, so i’m not sure =\

Good shit Santhrax and the Empire. Hey Justin this is Fred aka Fraz the Tekken player. If u need some training in Kof2003 holla at me when i get back to nyc so u can play at my house like that time we played Rage of the Dragons hint hint, bring Omar the Lamer over too. Hold that shyt down CTF.

Fuck man, how did Shawn manage to get a collapsed lung? That fucking sucks bigtime. Hope you get well soon, bro.

So if I went I could have gotten…

…last after I choke like usual.

But I still would have made money somehow.