Break 12/18/2003 Marvel 2 Results


1st - mike "infinite"
2nd - shawn morgan "starbury"
3rd - ed espino "the head"
4th - jose "bluej"
5th - trent, reppin the new age of rutgers
5th - chris ellis “matrix”

nice turnout… though, i’m starting to wonder about matrix and shawn… i saw a lot of ass-smacking and hugging tonight… kinda scary… the mega-wedgy on infinite was… random… lol

anyway, break tourneys will start again next year!



1st - mike “infinite” : team row,mss
2nd - shawn morgan “starbury” :sent/storm/comando,storm/sent/cyke,
3rd - ed espino “the head” : cable/sent(drones)/Mag, mss
4th - jose “bluej” : mag/sent/comando, team row
5th - trent, reppin the new age of rutgers : msp
5th - chris ellis “matrix” :mag/storm/cyke,storm/sent/cyke

i had fun,reminded me how break weeklies used to be
:smiley: see ya at the next one

**ggpo **


:slight_smile: .


mike has done it again. Infinite, you may not remember me but, does jax’s (fl) and regency mall ring a bell?



I wish i was there…but like i told Mike ill be at the next one come hell or high water…Figures the day im not there madd peeps like shawn ny and jb show…GOD DAMNIT!


hey erik, $25 money match in st. ring a bell? :smiley:

told you, cokbite. no one cares about projectile vomit, as long as you aim for the trash or something :lol:


Damn it feels good to be back in jersey.


thats not the smoothviper(erik) ur thinking about, hes from down south

u better go next time steve


Tell’em micheal:D !! what he know (Jetphi) about that down south!! Man last time i saw you, i played you at craig’s house. Are you still playing ggxx? Man i moved to TN, i rather move back to FL if you ask me. Man you gotta hit me up sometimes, maybe take a trip down here in memphis:D





Nice Mike:cool:


sure guy… i think i’ve had my fair share of the ‘south’. :stuck_out_tongue:

probably would’ve went ballistic and go on a rampage if i heard y’all crackas say “y’all” like one more time :evil: lol


It’s no worse than listening to yorkers mispronounce everything else:p


Quit yourr damn bitchin’, Phi. We couldn’t understand you either. :stuck_out_tongue:


don’t know man… you shouldn’t use ny marvel players as a benchmark… i mean, the average is either illiterate or grammatically challenged :smiley:

at least i have a reason… i was drunk! :wink:


haha but we are hardworking :]


DAMN I should have went for free money and fame. Unfortunately I had a final at 9am that Friday morning…lame.


what about “hey shawn glad to see ur back” or “ohh that ass is tight” manfuck u guys i quit u bunch of sorry bitches!!!

jk i love u guys …glad to be back !


welcome back muthafcka! =)