--break: 2/26/04 mvc2--


1st- shawn morgan (welcome back)
2nd- ed the head espino (i gotta car, but i’ll still find a way to be 2 hrs late)
3rd- rob (i was almost guaranteed 2nd) sigley
4th- trent (it was my night)
5th- phil (i can play ggxx) johnson
5th- philong (why am i still here) nguyen

ed was late, because he got a ticket at 8:30pm… didn’t really explain why he wasn’t there at 8 pm… ;p

anyway, see everyone this weekend! ggpo


i know i had shawn beat, well not really cause first he embarassed me with cyclops/doom/commando, then it was 1-1, then he upgraded a lil to strider/doom then it was 2-2 then i had him but you know me nothing’s guaranteed :smiley: