Break: 3rd strike 4-23-04

from 4 people at 8pm to about 15 people at 930pm…

after the dust settled, justin walked home with the win.

1st - justin wong - ken, yun
2nd - liang zhang (ryo) - ken
3rd - josh (mr quotes) - makoto
4th - jamal franklin - ken (notice character trends)

-good shyt to ryo, who didn’t choke against anyone, except wong.
-also good shyt for not giving himself props tonight
-anyone want to go to fobtown on saturday? imma beastin on sushi :wink:
-even kei and todd made cameo appearances!!

omg my yang is sad now… no love :frowning:

stick with ken phi… the character that guarantees some tourney success…

good shit justin, appreciate pointers… damn u had to walk home… that sux.

ryo stop baiting lows and techs outta me…

gg’s to the rest…

I might chill with u guys on saturday if I don’t end up going to Boston.

I gave myself props when you weren’t paying attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody’s gotta do it, might as well be me.

GG Justin. See ya at evo.


PS Hope you enter 3s, need more EC 3S to rep.

lots of kens everywhere. good shit.