--- break: aftershock (8-29-04) philly and exodus score! (video(s))---

1st- brandon deshields (demonhyo) (pa)
2nd- rahsaan (org) (ny)
3rd- rick mears (pa)
4th- josh wigfall (ny)
5th- omar briggs (ny)
5th- jason (rugalb) (md)
7th- isaac graham (reppin the workin class!! <3 ) (md)
7th- javier (khameleon) (ny)
9th- bryheem keys (pa)
9th- ed (the head) espino (nj)
9th- julian robinson (pa)
9th- tony barnhill (ct)

-vdo’s rogue/colossus(sp?)/ken was crazy
-rick put wiggy into loser’s
-org peaces out wigfall
-winners final = brandon vs rick
-org sweeps demon first set 4-0
-demon counter-sweeps second set 4-0
-video of grand finals:
http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/~rsigley/misc/aftershock_org_demon_grand_finals-8-29-04.wmv (again, mega huge props to rob sigley for hosting)

1st- julian robinson (pa)
2nd- arturo sanchez (ny)
3rd- som d (pa)
4th- josh wong (pa)
5th- tony barhill (ct)
5th- bryheem keys (pa)
7th- quazy (ny)
7th- josh jodin (aminorthreat) (ct)
9th- christian (skisonic) (md)
9th- phil piano (nj)
9th- john (md)
9th- jason (rugalb) (md)

-som d puts art into loser’s
-winner’s final = julian vs som

1st- khang trinh (exodus) (md) (viet-power :clap: )
2nd- arturo sanchez (sabin) (ny)
3rd- liang zhang (ryocho) (nj/ca/whatever)
4th- devin (nj)
5th- kofiend (nj/ny)
5th- eric lee (va)
7th- vin
7th- tony barnhill (ct)
9th- james (md)
9th- josh (mr quotes) (nj)
9th- adam (ct)
9th- solid (nj)

-next time we’ll have both 3s singles and 3s teams
-winners final = art vs ryo
-khang peaces out ryo and art, to redeem himself from ecc and all those times art down to gametime :badboy: respectively

ggxx#r (copied from rob’s results: http://www.gamecombos.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=14642 )

  1. Drew - Kono - NY - Sol/Millia
  2. Josh Jodin - AMinorThreat - CT - Zappa
  3. ?? - Marlinpie - NJ - Eddie
  4. James Austin - ?? - CT - Testament
  5. Jobe - Mr. Dream - NJ - Ky
  6. Jan - ?? - NY - ??
  7. Chaz - Mynus - NY - Ino
  8. ?? - Hanzo Hattori - NJ - Faust
  9. Andy - SSBomberman? - PA - Baiken
  10. Troy - ?? - NJ - ??
  11. shawn - C God - MD - Testament?
  12. Mun - ?? - CT - ??

overall notes:
-i canned the mvc2 random team tourney, due to time contraints
-mvc2 video(s) will be up in a day or few, thanks upfront to rob for hosting!!
-if anyone has requests, let me know
-thanks to wiggy, ed, isaac, rob, ryo, khanh, and more for helping things go smoothly, bernie/jewbacca for helping tape stuff, chaz, marlinpie, rob, and everyone else for loaning equipment. btw, if you’re the guy who loaned the extension cord, let me know where i should send it to you or a way for me to return it to you.
-thanks to everyone who came out. i hope everyone had fun, seemed like philly did :bgrin:
-i thought i saw ghosts that looked like arturo sanchez, omar briggs, dru, and even dsp :wtf: welcome back peeps :wink:
-hb eddie ;p

I was laughing so hard when I saw where my name was in the losers bracket under Wong. They bypassed me all together and just put ‘bye’. Haha.

Awesome tourney, it went well I had alot of fun. Lots of props to everyone, special shot out to Matrix for being cool about my playing against him in MvC2, I was mad nervous that people would be laughing and shit.

I tried to meet up with all the big name MvC2 players, but the machine was too damn crowded. Ah well.


Philly came out on top in this tournament. :clap: Post more than just the finals, Phi. There were other good matches that were recorded. Props to my boy Josh aka AMinorthreat for getting 2nd in ggxx #R with zappa. :wow: Also props to my boy Som D in cvs2, that man is a BEAST with A-groove.

Much props to Jet Phi for having this tournament.

p.s. Isaac Graham is truly the people’s champ. He knows what I’m talking about, it was during the finals. Thanks man. :tup:

It sucks that i missed the tourny, im sure it was lots of fun. I guess i will have to catch you cats at the next one. Train hard.


Congrats to everyone that placed high, wow, good shit D.Hyo, very impressive. :clap:

The MvC2 matches were excellent.

@ Omar:

Yeah man, I was looking for you. No show :(. Ah well. Next time.

money matches vs. bryheem were fun too…he talks alot of shit…alot…of shit…anyways mayb next time u can get ur 30 bucks back off me…but not wit msp…haha j/k good shit homie

Its a shame that the syndicate coouldn’t be there. Rahsaan repped shit.


sorry i didnt go, good shit to top placers :clap: i like that clap face thing pretty hot, anyways yea ggpo even though i didnt have have any games good shit.

Interesting results.

:tup: brandon :tup:

rematch that shit comin up :badboy:

Told ya you werent making it

sorry, but i’ve gotta ask- what teams were used in cvs2? i’m guessing arturo used C-sagat/sakura/r2 blanka, but what about julian, som D, and josh wong?


PS- video requests? ANY cvs2 vids:tup:?

much thanks to phi for running a tournament before school starts :smiley:

great games to everyone that i played. nice and close matches made the tournament very fun and i’m glad i made the drive. arturo, really great finals sets. finally you let me win :clap:

damn you phi, my name’s not khanh, its khang :frowning: much <3 :pleased:

…now school will own me :xeye:

p.s. -> people’s champ, you will ALWAYS BE CHAMP. <3

Actually I could’ve went but NYC was still home so I just passed out.

that boy ORG is serious…

Arrgh Exodus we played some crazy games! In the last set we played, once I missed that overhead->Shippu link it was over. I was like a deer in headlights lol. Next tourney I’m gunnin for you :karate:

Anyway sorry I missed the round robin (if it happened) but I wasn’t feeling too well. I don’t know if it was the breaksteak I had or the room being like 100 degrees but I just decided to split. I think Rob is doing 3s again in 2 weeks so I’ll go to that.


damn org cost me some money

he was up 4-0 bryheem was sweating cause he’d have to pay me then he loses 0-4

oh well it happens =)

so bad at CVS2, won 1 match then i lost to Roll X 9 from full screen away super - too good

at least i beat exodus in 3S

my bad! was really tired and i was thinking my aunt’s name :sweat: lol

Kaaaaaaaaaahn!!! :rolleyes: :lame:
Yeah, so, anyway, good job Exodus.

I want to thank everyone who entered 3s for their cooperation. It’s my first time running a tournament and I ended up telling people it’s their turn when it’s not, multiple times. :sweat:
And sorry to Vin that I forgot your name twice, in a roll.

Don’t worry Devin, someone realize a 10 person round robin will have 90 matches and will take a few hours to finish and he gave up.