--- Break: Bounty Hunter 2-2-03 ---


for the record, insomnia sucks.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1st Justin Wong
2nd Rick Mears
3rd Desmond Pinkney
4th Ricky Ortiz
5th Javier Chorrillos
5th Josh Wong
7th Rahsaan Dusuau
7th Mike Pungsujarit
9th Julian Robinson
9th Bryheem Keys
9th Shawn Morgan
9th Sporty
13th Liston Parasram
13th Ed Espino
13th Jon Seigfreid
13th James Sorge
17th Vince Velasquez
17th PhiLong Nguyen
17th Lawrence Carr
17th Robert Sigley
17th Steve Smith
17th Phil johnson
17th Rasul
17th Mike Chung
25th Juan Decarlo
25th Alex Monin
25th Steiny The PowerFul One
25th Michael Miller
25th Matt

Capcom vs. SNK 2
1st Ricky Ortiz
2nd Justin Wong
3rd Julian Robinson
4th Arturo Sanchez
5th Robin Tucker-Drob
5th Jeron Grayson
7th Bryheem Keys
7th Liston Parasram
9th Ed Espino IIxAcexII
9th Alex Anderson
9th John Vence
9th Som Diep
13th Nick Temme
13th Brendon Keenan
13th James Sorge Nightmare
13th Robert Sigley
17th Mike Fed
17th Michael Miller

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
1st Ricky Ortiz
2nd Julian Robinson
3rd Justin Wong
4th PhiLong Nguyen
5th Mike Turner
5th Jeron Grayson
7th Robert Sigley
7th Chris Doyle
9th Trevor Vanterpool
9th James Sorge
9th Ed Espino
9th Shawn Morgan
13th Steve Smith
13th Jon Seigfreid
13th Liston Parasram
13th Vince Velasquez
17th Phil johnson
17th Desmond Pinkney

1st- rick-e ortiz
2nd- rob sigley
3rd- som d

1st- robin ‘nibblor’ td
2nd- arturo sanchez
2nd- ed ‘the head’ espino


  • mvc2 had a lot of extremely good matches…
  • rick mears, imo, doesn’t receive as much credit as he deserves, but new york is definitely watching out for this sleeper hit… does anyone remember rick beating a member of team seattle at ecc7?
  • …something about rick mears guard cancelling javier’s air hyper?
  • super turbo… east coast has a new st champion!!! rick-e ortiz… ok i’m going to sleep now :wink:
  • super turbo: julian vs rick-e grand finals (rick-e in losers) 3-0… i walk outside and run some errands for like 10 minutes… come back… second set 3-3… then rick-e takes it all
  • i paid julian $25 for putting rick-e into losers in cvs2… :wtf: heh heh, i got no hard feelings julian :smiley:
  • justin vs rick mears grand finals, 4-0
  • final game of the night, i can almost swear justin would’ve been chipped to death at least 7 times on 2 different characters that he had…
  • started late, even for me… :frowning: i’ll be trying my best to avoid this even more from now on.
  • hoped everyone had fun!
  • i’m forgetting to mention a lot of other memorable things during the night, but i’m still also feelin a little nautious and tired.
  • i’m going to attempt to go to sleep again…
  • line of the night: “it doesn’t matter who you pick… i’ll just counter yur@$$!!”-xecutioner
  • ggpo


tHiS TOURNY WAS FUN … ALOT OF PPL SHOWED UP… Philly came… conn was a no show…lil bit if controveray between hyo and and Jersey player… ricky ortiz did his dirty work as usual… Justin still god… team decepticon had fun… hope there is a march madness… heheheh it’s 3 in da morning so night ya…


yea, team decepticons had fun


Team decepticons did have fun.
The break’s popcorn chicken rulez!!!


What is with the Break being against posting full results. =P


what happened to flash g in 3s?


congrats to Som D for getting 3rd in 3s… congrats to that bum Rick for getting 2nd after 2 months without a tourney… next time I’ll try to be concious… fuck sunday…


once again…FUCK UP ROCKET PUNCH!!!:MAD:…




what team did master julian use???chalk one up for people who don’t roll cancel…


yea this tourney was really good…too many good matches…

Rick is a beast…he shouldve went to evo he’d probably have gotten 2nd or third IMO…

The Brandon vs. Jon shit was the wierdest shit ever…i cant even explain…

Nightmare was heated the whole tourney…calm down son damn…

Justin cheats


Just the pressure of having a match and not playing your best: Don’t worry, I’m not quitting.

Yeah, what cheat code did Justin put in this time not to get chipped out?



Damn…Justin don’t cheat…(PHILLY)does…SHhhh




Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.


wish i could have woken up in time to come to this…stupid ass roomates want to be havin drunk ugly stoned girls in my room till 5 am and shit
i missed out


what teams did justin wong and rick mears play with ?


if you were that interested, you would’ve asked me after the tournament was over :stuck_out_tongue:

though, i post the results in apex, so why should i be doing redundant work? :wink:

i believe justin used mag/storm/doom and rick used sent/storm/capcom

btw, wtf happened to smooth viper?! i could’ve used that $25… who knows maybe i might even play on your turf this weekend when i go up to chinatown…




Because Apex is a mess. I click to go into Atlantic North and I’m greeted with news posted back on July 1st, 2002 about Evolution starting soon. I see nothing about Bounty Hunter, so I click on 8otB, and all I see is the results from Jan 23rd. Remembering that SRK posts recent tournament results on the front page, I went there, only to find nothing.

It will be redundant regardless of whether you post partial or full results in the forums, because as you have said, you’ve posted the results in Apex. So why not just copy/paste the full results instead of just copy/pasting top 5?

BTW, anyone able to find the full results via Apex wins a cookie. *

  • Chances of cookie being eaten before it reaches you are high.