Break: deodorant 5/2/2004 org comes out on top

1st - rahsaan (org)
2nd - desmond pinkney (xecutioner)
3rd - brandon deshields (demon hyo)
4th - javier (khameleon)
5th - e-roc
5th - chris ellis (matrix)

cvs2 (round robin)
1st - josh wong
2nd - alex anderson
3rd - (tie) som d and rob sigley
5th - bryheem

  • horridly low turnout
  • there were quite a few good matches though
  • rahsaan accomplished his life long dream of beating his mentor
  • when the tournament finished… many players were shocked as they walked outside and felt daylight on their skin…
  • so tired… i’ll try to do some vids.
  • ggpo

What in the…

Wow, super low turnout at this tournament. Fucking ORG beating X, this is just too much. At first I thought the results were a joke but I guess not.

CT couldn’t make it. Kevin Smith, who usually drives, was whitewater rafting with his girlfriend this weekend. Kong was working and I had to write a huge fucking senior thesis paper since I’m graduating this month. I dunno about anybody else. Everyone is just busy as hell, especially me with graduation coming up.


Maybe it’s time to give up. When you guys are letting ORG beat you, it’s a good sign to call it quits. This is the same guy I beat with Mag/BBhood/Tron on the big screen at C3 a few years back, and you’re letting yourselves get raped. Pathetic.

If this is a sign of how you’re all going to perform at ECC, or EVO, then don’t go. Seriously. Let people who want to play and win represent our coast, and save this wimpy shit at home. I’m really disappointed in you guys…I want to know who specifically lost to ORG.

As for ORG…

Good shit buddy. Obviously you’ve either improved or you took advantage of these guys being idiots. I can’t imagine how you did it, but you did it. And it’s always good to see that someone who ISN’T considered one of the best beat out all the usual, big-headed fools. I hope this wasn’t a one-time thing, because I’d sure like to see some more non-Empire members in the top 5 at ECC.

In closing:


well the turn out was like 20 people for mvc2 so i guess that’s decent, just not as big as we’ve been getting for weekend tournaments. cvs2 was bad tho only 5 people 4 philly and me. =(

problem is most people i asked if they’re going they’re like what tournament, for some reason no one knew about it - i knew deoderant was a bad name :stuck_out_tongue:

and org is the truth now guy’s so good

i’m pretty sure som got 3rd and i got 4th since i lost to everyone

~Born to Play~

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st - Rahsaan (org)

2nd Xecutioner (Empire/$yndicate)

3rd D.Hyo (Empire)

4th - Javier (khameleon)

5th - E-roc

5th C. Matrix (Empire/$yndicate)

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (round robin)

1st - Josh Wong

2nd - Alex Anderson

3rd - Rob Sigley

5th - Bryheem

(about the c3 thing) Phil, that was years ago, he’s stepped his game up and is now WINNING TOURNEYS.

Is there any real problem there?

I guess I have nothing against ORG anymore. He stepped up to the plate, obviously, and kicked some ass. I look forward to playing against him at ECC. It’s always good to see non-empire whores winning shit. And also seeing somebody who’s not considered a top-player stepping up. I respect him now.

DSP: i have nothing against you or anything, but you sound like a hypocrite. Seems like you went from “You guys fucking suck for losing to ORG, i raped him 3 years ago. Don’t waste your time at Evo” to “Good shit to ORG, i guess he’s improved and can’t wait to play him again” in less than 2 hours. Did I miss something? Correct me if i’m wrong.

Anyway, good shit to ORG, eventhough i’ve never talked to you, I saw your crazy ass sent at Texas, and that shit’s sick. Take that shit to ECC.

sucks that no one went… i’m kind of glad i didn’t go, but only because i was still in maryland at like 3pm, and 4 hours away from NJ, so wasn’t really worth the attempt.

…Looking forward to a thursday 3S or CvS2 tournament

damn… wtf is up with people having social lives? i mean girlfriends? come on… haha j/k

gonna be fun seeing ct at the end of the month!

btw, i just find the whole part about shytting on everyone because they lost to rahsaan, then giving him mad props was amusing lol :stuck_out_tongue:

well, you missed out on a fun dinner, that would’ve been worth the trip to jersey =)

i’ll post a tourney schedule for may soon, but this thurs will be mvc2. desmond will be coming by for anyone who wants vengeance cough cough :smiley:

Work sucks, tourney was fun, dinner was better. Match commentary was best, tho. Yo yo yo, lemme speak on this! Too bad we didn’t get usual weekend numbers, but that’s understandable and we’ll have everyone and then some in a few weeks anyways. Can’t wait till then.

ORG got really good and deserved to win. The vids will tell the story, plain and simple. Phil, you’re an idiot. Aren’t you supposed to shut up until ECC anyways? Why you gotta be such a dick?

Haha! Phil, you are truly something else. First you shit on Rahssan, but no you’re giving him props. You sound like those Mvc2 scrubs who shit on Justin and now are all over his MAS stick. Anyway, Alex what was that rock band’s name?

*Fullmetal Daywalker *

what team were you guys using?

Good shit Rahasaan but u gonna get the heat this saturday in cf.

Org is too damn consistant. That niggaz SCARY!:eek:

Lost Prophets - Start Something

Why are you people so fucking retarded?

ORG used to suck. Badly. He had a bigger mouth than me and I called him out. He came to CT and I rocked him in tourney, with a joke team. He never lived it down. Then he trained with CTF heads for like a year, then moved back down south and I guess played against good players.

Now, he’s apparently better. That’s what I was trying to say. Trying to joke with him about sucking years ago but giving him props for beating up on the so-called top players of the East Coast. I think it’s deserving that he’s come out of nowhere and basically whupped up the usual winners. He reminds me of me, getting hated on by everyone for years, but then coming out of nowhere and beating good people. Of course, I’ve never won a Break tourney, because I rarely go. And ORG did.

But, he didn’t beat me. So a match between us would be good IMO.

If you guys can’t get that, you have some real fucking literacy problems. Stop trying to start shit, learn how to take a joke, and shut the fuck up. I don’t see how it was anyone’s business but ORG’s anyway.

And Desmond, you’re not one to talk, at all. You basically trained the kid and now he’s beating you. Isn’t it ironic? I bet you’ll lose to Blaziniflo at ECC.

Lmao!! Few things to say:

Syndicate is the shit, Empire Arcadia is corny as fuck.
Desmond is responsible for teaching me Sentinal/using dhcs he didnt spoonfeed me my playing style since, i learned all my other characters fighting against vegita-x aka a rouge player.
Pulled chicken is godlike
Take heed to my custom text.


Hahaha. Good shit my nigga. Man i wanna come up there bad and play some marvel with u guys. Hopefully I’ll be at ecc9. Good shit also Desmond.

Heh, looks like its a good thing I didnt go, low turnout and all…Good Shit Rahsaan

Good shit Rahsaan.

Did you okie-doke anyone with War Machine? :lol: