Break it down for me PLEASE! Trying to master Guy

Well I have the sweet SF:Alpha anthology and finally I can practice with Guy…for hours.
However to understand something deep you must know and understand the basics,I’ve read a countless threads and watched thousand times combo videos for A3 Guy but…I can get it…Yes I understand it’s has something to do with buffering,yes I understand it has something to do with canceling…But how?..Why?..When?I’ve seen Xenozip’s videos…I try to understand,sure I can do the basics…It’s already not hard for me to make Bushin Gokusa Ken,corner him and while in juggle to do one more Bushin Gokusa Ken or the simple Bushin Gokusa Ken — > lvl1;2 or 3 Bushin Hassou Ken
Lately I’ve been trying to master Bushin Gourai Kyaku lvl3(super kick) then chain into Bushin Gokusa Ken but I fail most of the time…
Also HOW THE hell it’s possible this:
LP-MP-HP—> lvl3 Bushin Gourai Kyaku
or X-Ism:
LP-MP-HP down HK --> Izuna Otoshi – MP–HP—Bushin Flip-Izuna Otoshi…
So…I require your help and assistance but pls do not overwhelm me with numerous quotes from other threads,I would like to hear opinions from pro and experienced players,to know the basics for doing those amazing things…I’m mentally and physically tired and mad because I have the freakin’ game and I can learn to use those combos with my fav character…Also it will be priceless exp for the upcoming SSF4.
Stuff like this:[media=youtube]mPC8tAmt3Eo[/media]
I thank YOU if you take from your time and help a fellow confused fighting game fan :slight_smile:
P.S.Also will it work in the Alpha 3 UPPER version?

Proximity canceling. I’ll let someone who understands it better explain it, but it’s incredibly difficult to do in real matches and isn’t necessary for the most part. As a side note, the VC in that video is completely techable and therefore useless.

It’s actually not as hard/more useful than you might think. Xenoxip’s video doesn’t really explain how to do it, I’ll do my best:

Basically anytime you do an ff chain, you can kara cancel the roundhouse into a special move or super. When you do this, it sets the proximity cancel elbow trigger or whatever you want to call it. As it says in the video, ground normals reset the trigger. Here’s an example of this being used in a match: You have your opponent cornered. You hit him with a level 3 kick super and follow up with the ff chain, jab, strong, fierce, qcb double tap rh. The first three hits of the chain come out and hit like normal, but the rh doesn’t, instead you get the hurricane kick (I don’t know what the real name is but you get the picture.) Essentially, you kara canceled the rh into the hurricane kick (any special move or super works, though), it has to be done very fast. After that, the next time you do a standing fierce, it will be the elbow instead of the regular punch, and you can combo a st. rh after it just like the regular ff chain. It’s useful as anti air, quite fast for a fierce, and you can get a buff 2 hit combo from it.

Hope that helped.

It sure did,I’m both thankful for both of you.I understand some of the combo videos are just for fun and for them cool look and have no real use in fast fight but some of them are rly useful.
So I understand what you’re saying: jab,medium,hard punch qcb + kick double tapping the kick button—>for this need mastering the timing.
If anyone have something to add-feel free to do it.

Sorry for the double post,browser ERROR

So do you have to do anything to “walk cancel” as shown in Xenozip’s vid? Or do you just… walk after the super? >_>

You have to crouch cancel as you land then walk forward before you hit neutral.
I find the easiest way to do it is to do a QCF motion as you fall and then just hold forward.

That video in the OP isn’t mine, that shit is garbage.

Regarding Guy’s kick super: The last hit of his super is untechable, they can’t tech it. They also can’t tech the last hit of his Bushin chain or his df+HK. So yeah, you just walk forward and link the jab at the right time to get the rest of the Bushin chain out after kick super. The only time you have to crouch cancel or walk cancel is when you jump, which is when you’re in V-ism, which you don’t want to be in since A-ism is a whole lot better for Gyu.


Do you know if all these Guy combos still work on Upper? What’s the difference between Guy in Upper and Alpha 3 (arcade versions)?




Ah, didn’t realize he was talking about after the super. Thought he mean walk cancelingt after an air counter hit.
Also, that last video is a tool-assisted run, lol.

Those combos in the OP video do not work period. In any version. The opponent could tech them all. That’s like saying “can I walk forward and press jab repeatedly in this game and it’s a combo?”… no! No motherfucker it’s not a combo in any game ever, it only works if the opponent DOES NOTHING. Well guess what it’d be fucking awesome if you could just walk forward jab and win but REAL PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO SHIT.

It’s not amazing, “TAS” means Tool Assisted Speedrun. That means it was programed or scripted or they did it with pause and undo. Fucking look it up. Google is your friend.

Gosh Xenozip you’re a mean guy I guess that’s why you got a mean Guy lol.

Lighten up bro or you’ll have a heart attack.

10x a lot Xeno,I understand now it’s more about timing.
Level 3 Super Kick — > walk — > FF combo
Well it’s look like you must not mistake simple with easy.Also I do know about the versions and I know this works only on Arcade Perfect version.The upper ones (including SFA Upper) are patched and those shits won’t work…

Oh,yeah I just can imagine what SSF4 Guy will be capable of :smiley: I doubt the same combos will work but I know new will spawn :slight_smile: