Break march tournament results

this will be where i post the results each week for the tourneys for the time being.

march 4, 2004 (marvel vs capcom 2)
1st - javier (chameleon)
2nd- shawn morgan (starbury)
3rd- jose (blue_j)
4th- phil johnson (blacksyde)

march 11, 2004 (marvel vs capcom 2)
1st - desmond pinkney (x)
2nd- ed tha fawking head
3rd- jose (blue_j)
4th- alex monin (jewbacca)

march 18, 2004 (sf3:third strike)

march 25, 2004 (marvel vs capcom 2)

cointoss tournament:
tba :wink:

teams used?

i don’t know, i’m usually playing 3s or other. hey, if anyone can give him the teams, it would be appreciated

there was actually almost a full bracket this time around. hope everyone had fun. reminder to all, there’s a 3s tourney next week, then the following week will be mvc2 again.

march 11, 2004 (marvel vs capcom 2)
1st - desmond pinkney (x)
2nd- ed tha fawking head
3rd- jose (blue_j)
4th- alex monin (jewbacca)

oh, btw, mvc1 will be at the break by next thursday hopefully =)
oh… and the coinslot should be fixed by then :wink:

leave me a message on aim: jetphi
if there’s any problems with anything at the break (that can be mechanically fixed, mind you =p )

oh btw… todd loves cvs2… he was at the cabinet for nearly an hour!! :wtf:

lastly, happy bday to that fcknut rob sigley!!

ill be sure to try and remember that ur havin a 3rd strike tourney next week.

i get off work at 430 wat time do u guys start?

try to get there like 730 usually start about 8, sometimes earlier


  1. desmond i dunno but sentinalllllllll
  2. ed the head - ms^2
  3. blue j - mag/sent/commando, team jwong (mag/cable/sent-a)
  4. alex - mag/cable/doom, omegared/gambit/venom
  5. robert sigley - MSP, Mag/cable/tron, Mag/Sent/Juggernaut
  6. blacksyde phil - cammy/sakura/tron

thats it i quit low-tier

hey i also played

storm/sent/capcom (not by choice)

Alex Monin:The ultimate hustler:(

didn’t you see “the passion of christ?” you’re not supposed to trust ‘his kind’ :evil: lol j/k


Crazy-long: what cabnet is mvc1 going into? Can we have it where EX2 is? Not like anyone is actually playing it and it’s sitting in the best cabnet in the whole place. Also, any chance for XvsSF?

Who wants some mvc1 action (anyone not named Ed, but he can get it too)? If I can work the rust out, I’ll even play for money.

Happy Birthday, Rob. Didn’t even know it passed.

The cointoss was officially started by Philly.:wink:

MvC1 at the break???

Wow been so long since that game…100 dollar bets Anyone? from ANYWHERE? ( EAST COAST? WEST COAST?) ::ahem:: west coast Don’t have SHIT ON ME ( I hope they ALL read that ) well back to hustling… I haven’t played the game in like 2-3 years but I’ll rip you put your name on my list…and…YOUR DONE!!!



coin toss ahahaha

Ed is gonna get ***ed in MvC1!!!