Break: mvc2 4-29-04 jewbacca takes the lead

1st - alex monin (jewbacca): team jesus (mag/cable/doom)
2nd - rob sigley: team sigley (mag/cable/tron) edit: and other team sig (since i don’t think it’s trademarked yet: gambit/bonerine/guile)
3rd - philong nguyen: team phi (cable/storm/commando ;p )
4th - chr… er justin doughtery (jericho) msp

-congrats to jewbacca for actually not choking and winnning his first tournament!
-barely had enough people to run a tournament
-even ryo cho entered mvc2!!!
-uhm… i’m tired
-shameless plug: register beeyaches

hey i used gambit/bonerine/guile for most it cause i didn’t wanna really play, then i won a lot and was like wow i might place :stuck_out_tongue:

no love for the low tier

alex is too good, cyclops beating my tron and i’m too stubborn to change to sent =(

I was going to come. But when I was ready to leave, my dad went somewhere with the vehicle. Ah well, I would’ve wound up spending mad money on casual anyway. I had to pay for a ticket I received back in December today… $130!!! $130 GONE!

i messed up so many times its not even funny. i shouldve been 1st :smiley:

you wouldn’t have gotten close. if you made it to me, you would’ve lost to pics of my 2 new chicks… :stuck_out_tongue: