Break mvc2 results: 6-18-04 morgan strikes back


1st- justin wong; cyclops/gambit/morrigan, storm/sent/cammy (return to b5)
2nd- shawn morgan; cable/sent/cyclops
3rd- blacksyde phil (johnson); rowtron (i think)
4th- chris (matrix) ellis; storm/sent/cable
5th- dave turner; msg (mag/sent/gief)
5th- nick (from nny); cable/cyclops/psylocke

-shawn gets his revenge against matrix
-nothing else spectacular, otherwise, easy-going night
-see all you fawkers in chicago next week!


Raped. Furthermore reason why Justin Wong is the J. Wong of MvC2. :confused:


So, Shawn made Justin go back to storm/sent/cammy eh. Interesting, didn’t think he would ever be using cammy again like that, brings back memories.


Justin’s new low teir team: Cyclops/gambit/morgan
Justin’s old low teir team: Marrow/guile/tron

   Justin = MvC2 Terminator:cool:  Hasta la vista Baby!! Oh, and justin, are you gonna use that team in tournies a lot?:lol: Too good.



You mean besides why we call him J. Wong because his name is Justin Wong?:confused:


~Born to Play~

:lol: :lol: :lol: Your sarcasim is too serious zinflo.


Wth, you counter-sarcasmed my sarcasm. ;-; cruel


Phi I did not pick storm/sent/cable I picked storm/sent/cyke. I take high offense to that. JK.


for the record, i beat jw 4-1 in the first set against his low tier and i shall now retire…you shoulda seen him rape me in the winners finals wit that shit…i just managed to counter-adapt the nigg in the grand finals…phil vs. matrix was the best match of the night by the way…matrix is my baby hands off ladies…right pumpkin?


:lol: :lol: :lol:


hey phi…
i wanna pm u but… or u pm me ur messenger detail plz. i want that picutre… :o