Break mvc2 results 8/13

mvc2 tourney
1st - josh wigfal
2nd - shawn morgan
3rd - liston
4th - ed the head
5th - shaheed lewis
5th - hevad
7th - rob sigley
7th - mynus “chaz”

-shawn took the first set of the grand finals 3-2, and couldn’t take a break, so he continued his tradition of losing the second set (possibly from fatigue :frowning: ) :smiley:
-josh cleaned up the 2nd set 3-0
-liston was going crazy with mag… definitely had an on-day!
-after spending over $10 in st, mike turner was the only winner of the challenge after beating me 3 in a row, after adapting back to the arcade version of st… as well as taking advantage of my fatigue :sweat:
-honorable mention to rob sigley for beating me 2 times in a row once or thrice :evil:
-ok, tired… sleepy… ggpo

good shit josh

  • not such a bad performance for being awake for 24 hours straight, being conscious purely because of the caffeine that four bottles of bawls can provide

  • sticks had some actual issues tonight, and semis / grand finals got moved to the little cab

  • i beat ed the head for 10$ in money matches, and he still refuses to pay back me, or anybody else out of the hundreds of marvel players / coin tossers / holdem players / hookers that he owes money to

  • shawn is impossible for me to beat

thats eds style…i think hes gonna try and play you enough so he can erase his debt eventually…so if he beats u for money just say you’ll deduct it from his tab…

liston was def on that night…

bill wellman my nigga

Good job top 3! You’re all beasts!

yea thats ed for sure, on the plane ride back from evo, i offered to deal him blackjack, and he accepte.d…he reduced his debt 70$…pretty damn lucky, but heads gotta do what a heads gotta do

anyways i dont EVER see him beating me in marvel now that i converted to REAL teams, (aka storm sent teams)

I’ll beat your storm/sent teams…