Break my game? Healthy Weapon


I made a fighting game for Android (bear with me…), called Healthy Weapon. The goal was to explore if a decent 2D fighter could be made for a touchscreen device, and I think it went pretty well for a first try. Thanks to the controls being simple, the game allows for 2 players versus on a single device, also one of the things I wanted to try with this. It might be the first handheld fighting game to offer versus without each player having a device? I’m not sure.

It would be super cool if you guys would put it to the test and break the game. I’m sure there’s all kinds of nasty tactics I never though of. Making a shitty game tier list or recording some good matches… That sort of thing would make me really happy :lovin:
I’ll take suggestions into account for eventual patches or sequels.

Now, the game isn’t free (and please close the thread if this post counts as spam or something!) - I’d love to give out codes, but Google Play doesn’t seem to support that yet, sorry. :frowning:
But there is a demo at least, and if there’s some interest maybe I could whip up a PC version with versus only or something, although that would kind of defeat the point of it being adapted for touch.

Full Game
(there’s a trailer there too)

Anyway, onto the game mechanics. There is no traditional directional input - all movement is done with moves, airdashes and backward hops. This sort of works well but can make spacing hard and kind of kills footsies.

The visible controls are:

UP - Jump (airdash in air)
A - Move A (a.A in air)
B - Move B (a.B in air)
C - Move C (a.C in air)

There’s also a backwards HOP that you do by pressing the empty space next to the controls. Hopping in the air is a small backdash.
This allows for quick instant air attacks if you drag your finger from HOP to a button, which is very important for mixups as you’ll understand when I explain blocking:

BLOCKING is tekken style, in that you auto block by not doing anything. But you can only block ground attacks when you are on the ground, and air attacks when you are in the air. So mixup is switching between ground and air attacks.

Notes on blocking:
Projectiles can always be blocked and has no mixup potential as such
If you are already in a blocking state, you will always block any attack (or there would be unblockable setups)
Airdash has 6 frames or so at the start during which you cannot block
There is chip damage (to make up for no throws)
There are two unblockable moves in the game (B with Orka, B with Cybergrad)

If two attacks meet, there’s a CLASH system. Each attack has a clash value. Both characters are stunned by clash, but the one with the highest clash value will recover much sooner. Some moves have a special clash value that makes them not stun at all to anything, and thus they become more like parry moves.
Some characters rely more on this than others, namely Orka and Devasom.
Projectiles can also clash with attacks.

Combo potential in the game is low, 3 moves at most I’d say, but who knows.

Other notes:
Mildagrad can combo a.A into B if a.A is done right after a normal jump - I have no idea why this doesn’t work with a hop. But I like that it’s a “harder” technique, you basically slide your finger (really fast) from UP to B and hold it there.

To unlock the hidden characters:
There are two bosses, one evil and one good. Who you face in Arcade depends on the character you play, and you will unlock the one you fought after beating them.
Then there’s a sprite edit character to unlock by getting a few matches into survival and beating her.

There is also a hidden extra mode, with alternative versions of all characters and an extra gimmicky cameo character from an earlier game of mine. This mode is a lot faster and crazier, but it’s mostly untested and likely totally unbalanced (you can see some footage at the very end of the trailer, and it’s also in the last two screenshots).

Notes on the special mode:
A moves(including a.A) can be cancelled with B moves and jump (but not airdash). For example, an example combo is Tarrot doing A (launches), cancel to jump, a.A.
C has been replaced with T, a teleport. It has a recharge time, but is invincible and instant and can get you out of corner jams.
Instead of airdash, you float.

(PS. I’m sorry about the music lol… Still learning that part!)


Downloading it right now for testing!

EDIT: Loving the art and the 8 bit music!

Back wave dash with Baraden ( swipe from HOP to B real quick)

And 2 hits Swipe HOP then instant air A then ground C.

EDIT 2: Possible inf with Baraden, HOP then instant Air A, in the corner :smiley: but its hard. maybe if I get more accustomed (I have managed 4 reps).

BTW testing on an Xperia Play and loving it. (Demo Version)


I downloaded the demo as well and while I can in no way say either of us are experts in what we’ve played, Mildagrad’s C is a pretty amazing frame trap, and appears to have faster startup than her A attack, or at least her A attack is easier to stuff at close range, was this intentional? Also, her j.B completely whiffs on Carrot guy standing?


Isnt j.B a retreat move like?


It’s useful as kind of a mid range anti airdash attack, but I suppose I’m more lamenting that j.C’s hitbox is tiny and does comparatively little damage, and that by extension, it makes the /also/ sensitively timed j.A her best aerial approach when not right in someone’s face. I haven’t had the chance to play it with a variety of people though, so these issues are all based on a tiny sample size.


Hey, thanks for trying it out guys! :wgrin:

I recall Baraden (and Menduro) having an h.A loop during testing. I thought I fixed it, but I guess I just made it harder… But if it’s just in the corner it’s probably fine. There’s also pretty aggressive hitstun deterioration, and by 9 hits hitstun will be 0.

I have a friend who plays Mildagrad who also complains about j.C (and I did boost it’s hitbox and damage once, but maybe not enough), but I maintain that it’s useful in specific situations. Namely, if someones got you in the corner laying on pressure, and they’re using mostly forward-moving attacks (think Baraden A, j.A), you could then jump and do j.C as they move forward.
But yeah, I guess her mixup game lacks in air-to-ground. But you can do instant-air A by dragging finger from hop to A - it has an easier time hitting grounded opponents, but also (for some unknown reason) cannot be comboed into B like j.A (as described in initial post).

Now that there’s some interest, I’ll see what I can do about some sort of versus/practice only desktop version I could upload here. Gotta figure out what kind of controls this game would have on a keyboard…


The names of the characters are abbreviated colloquial phrases in Swedish:

Orka = “Orka!” ~ “As if I can be bothered [to do that]!”

Devasom = “Det var som [sjutton/fan/själva…]…” ~ “Now don’t that just beat all!”

Baraden = “[…som] bara den!” ~ “…like you wouldn’t believe!”

Menduro = “Men du’rå!” ~ “As if you’re not as [bad]!”

Mildagrad = “[så till den] milda grad…” ~ “to the extent that…” (This is a somewhat old-fashioned expression.)


Haha, great translations! :rofl: They’re all more or less tricky to translate, except for Fasen.
Orka is a tricky one because english seem to lack a verb for “having the strength/energy to do something” that can be used sarcastically in that way, but “screw that” or “whatever” are sort of in the same vein as this slang.

Rest of the cast:
Fasen = "Darn"
Haja = short for another old timey slang “hajar du?”, roughly "get it?"
Renarama = I have no idea how to translate that… “det är ju rena rama cirkusen” = “it’s a downright circus”…?

I love silly wordplay…
Note that Mildagrads song is “Gentle Angle” which looks like a mispelling, but Milda Grad literally means “Mild Degree”.


So, here’s me giving a full-on analysis of the game!

First, a short review:
It’s quite fun single-player game on a mobile phone, and definitely worth the price. Playing the game until everything is unlocked and you’ve gone through “Unfair” with all the characters took a decent while. It’s still fun to come back to. As a product to analyze, I have enjoyed it very much. Any improvements to the practice mode would have been appreciated, but I made do.

For multiplayer, I really must recommend a tablet, unless you want an excuse to sit very close next to someone. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten very many people to play it with me :frowning:

General notes:

Unlocking stuff as quickly as possible is done by playing through arcade with Mildagrad, survival with Orka (until you beat Cybergrad) and unfair with Menduro. This will unlock everything.

Characters 200 points of health, with the least damaging moves dealing 4 damage (with chip damage dealing 20% as much as a hit). Generally speaking, it’s hard to deal large amounts of damage, meaning that reckless play won’t get you terribly punished, and massive comebacks are unlikely. There is no damage scaling, from what I can tell, only a very drastic hitstun scaling. The longest, strognest combo I’ve found is 54 damage over 8 hits with Fasen.

Being in the air is generally a good thing. A lot of characters have their best moves in the air, and start better combos from there. Anti-air moves air fairly weak in this game, so you aren’t likely to be punished.

The corner is something of a double-edged sword. Though it’s great for maintaining pressure, many characters have their strongest combos started from a hop aerial from the corner. This makes a lot of sense, since a hop recovers very quickly, and the corner prevents you from moving back at all. For example, Menduros most damaging combo would be: hop > a.C > hop > a.C > hop > a.C > hop > a.C > hop > a.C > hop > a.C > hop > a.A > C for a whopping 38 damage (also 8 hits)!

Hovering just above the ground with a move that freezes vertical momentum makes the move recover very quickly. This allows for some combos that don’t work without it. Specifically, Devasom can combo a.B into C, and Renarama can combo her a.A into A. They can do this by simply hopping into a quick aerial, or by delaying their attack until they are just above the ground. Hover-dashing just above the ground into the aerials can therefore be a very useful approach.

“Unblockables” can be done by freezing an opponent in the air with block-stun, and hitting them the very frame that they are free with a grounded attack.

Parry-style attacks can parry each other, which kind of silly. From this, we can find out that Orka’s C is a strictly worse parry than all others in the game.

Getting a draw in single-player throws you straight into the main menu :frowning: Worse than losing!

You can kill the practice dummy.

Cybergrad can hit an opponent with both projectiles of a.B if she is very close to them, and she is on the player 2 side. This makes it do twice as much damage.

Her a.A has to hit meaty :glasses: Since a.A moves her forward you can space her hop a.A to combo into B . She can also combo any one of her ground moves into B if they hit meaty enough.


So, first: a revised Tier list from this one:

A: Baraden, Devasom, Cybergrad
B: Haja, Menduro, Renarama, Mildagrad
C: Fasen, Orka

Quite a few changes, all around. Baraden came out on top because of his great ground game, pressure and damage output. Orka fell through quite hard after I found most characters could punish her divekick quite easily. Renarama turned out to be annoying enough to have some decent match-ups. Finally, I found some tech with Haja that fills out his kit nicely.

The game is well balanced, I feel. No one is completely off the charts, and all options that I have found can be countered in some way. Low general damage output and jumping being a safe option both make so that completely overwhelming someone is difficult.

The rest I’ll phrase as a character guide :smiley:

Overview: Baraden has more control over his spacing than any other character in the game. His ground moves and his a.B make him very good at being exactly where he wants to be, which other characters have trouble doing. He has better damage than most and an excellent ground game.
His general gameplan is to force the opponent into the corner, where he can pressure and hopefully land his max damage combo.

Pros: Solid damage from his BnBs; strong damage potential; good neutral game control; excellent corner pressure.
Cons: Pressure is harder against characters with parry-type moves; can struggle against zoning.

A- 12 damage. Carrot swipe. A slow but fairly solid poke, generally inferior to hop a.A in pressure. Somewhat punishable, but usually safe if spaced well.

B- 8 damage. Carrot stab. Very fast and covers a lot of space. Perfect for punishing a whiff or unsafe move. Unless spaced perfectly, it is wildly unsafe on block.

C- 4 damage. Retreating Spin Carrot. It’s one of the fastest moves in the game. Good move for resetting position and anti-airing. If you predict your opponent wants to jump out of pressure, this is a safe way to hit them for a bit of damage. Usually a worse punish than B, but sometimes, you will need to use this.

a.A- 10 damage. Flying carrot swipe. Fantastic move. Hop a.A is the cornerstone of your offensive pressure. Safe on block, doesn’t force you out of position and starts your best combos. Jump a.A is good for space control, and for alternating your pressure.

a.B- Fast fall. Lets Baraden control the length of his hop very effectively. Try hopping back, just out of reach for your opponents poke, and then hold B for the whiff punish. Once you start doing this consistently, you will feel like a god.

a.C- 4 damage. Projectile move. Decent for zoning, setting up pressure, and hitting opponents that try to anti-air you. Especially useful vs parries.

jump > a.C > dash in > a.A - 14 damage. Even without the combo, this is a very effective pressure starter. Only dash in if you confirm that the projectile has either hit or forced a block. This doesn’t work from up close. Being in the middle of the screen while your opponent is cornered will do the trick.

Meaty A > B/C - 20/16 damage. Generally, you will want to use B for damage and corner carry. Use C if you land an air hit, or you want to build distance.

hop > a.A > B - 18 damage. Baraden’s punish of choice from the corner. Can be used anywhere on the screen for corner carry.

hop > a.A > A - 22 damage. Baraden can use this midscreen for the extra damage.

hop > a.A > jump > a.A - 20 damage. If you fail a confirm while alternating hops and jumps, this will come out. You should go for better.

hop > a.A > hop > a.A > A - 32 damage. A fairly easy corner combo for good damage. Leaves you right in front of your opponent.

hop > a.A > hop > a.A > hop > a.A > C - 34 damage. Max damage corner combo. Sets up your projectile pressure options. This one is fancier, but is harder to do consistently.

hop > j.A > hop > j.A > hop > j.A > hop > j.A - 40 damage. I have never managed this one, and am only putting it in since it was mentioned.
Entirely hypothetically, I suspect this would be unsafe on hit, and I recommend going for a combo you can land consistently.

General gameplan:
Neutral- As Baraden, you want to force your opponent into the corner. To do this you have excellent ground control with your B button. Hop > a.B, B and jump > a.C can together make it very difficult for any opponent to throw out attacks, and will either commit them into jumping high or hopping back. If they start going high to beat out your j.C you can start mixing in jump > a.A to beat them out clean or jump > a.B to make their attack whiff over you.

Versus opponents that can keep you out with projectiles, you will want to jump a lot and alternate air dash with a.B
A flowchart would go something like:
-did your opponent jump?
-Yes: a.B and wait for a punish or another jump
-Air dash
-Did the opponent threaten you with a jump or anti-air?
Yes: You’ll need to block or fast fall now
No: a.A will put you right in their face.
-Did the projectile make contact?
Yes: Dash in and do your pressure
No: You’ll need to block or fast fall now

All of this leads to them ending up in the corner if you are winning the neutral game.

Corner- This is all about pressure. Hop > j.A is your go-to to tool here. If you hit, go into your combo, obviously. If they block, you have lost nothing; throw out C to hit them and get back to it. What your opponent can do is jump out, or try to clash with your move. Throwing in a few jump > a.As will body-block them if they try to jump out. Clashing is not a big deal unless it’s against characters with a parry, in which case you get to eat some tasty, healthy produce.

Devasom, Cybergrad and Orka unfortunately need their own pressure approach. Now you need to bait out parries. You shouldn’t stop doing hop a.A, but confirming is now much more important. If hop > a.A is blocked, you don’t want to just keep mashing. You will want to do empty hops to sniff out whiff punishes and jump > a.C to bait out attacks. The safest way to play the Devasom match-up is to just act as a neutral game monster all game. Orka has to invest more in her parries, so just play your pressure safer against her. Cybergads parry can beat beat with jump > A.

Cornered- Boy, did you screw up! Well, you’re eating mix-ups now. The best possible scenario here is to land your hop > a.A > B for a strong corner carry. Read up on what your opponents character likes to do here and wait for a punish, or an opportunity to air dash out. A trick you can do with a.A is space it at a height where you pass over your opponent with it, but still hit them. This is hard to do while you’re being body-blocked, obviously.

Easy: Fasen
Good: Orka, Renarama, Mildagrad, Haja
Neutral: Cybergrad, Devasom, Menduro

Overview: Mildagrad is a character focused on long-range poking and frame traps. She will stay at maximum range for her pokes, force a block and then mix you up. She doesn’t get any enormous rewards from her playstyle, but if she plays well, her opponent will have a hard time closing in.

Pros: Very good reach, simple but solid mix-up tools; really good control of her spacing; gets many stray hits for good damage
Cons: Can’t control the air well; her frame-traps force her out of her optimal range

A- 13 damage. Pineapple Crush. Generally inferior to a.A, but the fact that the animation is almost identical makes it useful for mix-up.

B- 9 damage. Low Pineapple Swing. Milda’s fastest move. Good for punishing, frame trapping and combos. Hard to punish on block. This move almost never clashes because it hits so low. It beats out all grounded parry moves and almost any move that wants to clash. It will trade or whiff frequently, though, and the damage isn’t fantastic

C- 20 damage. Pineapple Whack. Your other frame-trap move. Very good at catching jumpers due to its tall hitbox. Entirely safe on block. For doing so much damage, it’s quite fast, so use this against very punishable moves like Hajas A, Baraden’s B, or Devasoms C.

a.A- 11 damage. Flying Pineapple Crush. Hop > a.A. is the mainstay of your neutral game. What’s important with this move is that it moves you forward, so if done immediately after a hop, there is a net forward movement. If done late, it will move you back. Practice hitting your opponent with the very tip of your pineapple and maintaining that position.

a.B- 1*n damage. Pineapple Swirl. It’s very weak, but this is your best option for anti-airing. While hopping, you can throw this out on reaction if your opponent takes to the skies. Jump > a.B is your only way to control the upper part of the screen, but it is so ridiculously unsafe on whiff that it’s hard to recommend it. Also, hop > a.B is a strictly better option than an empty hop, so always press a button while hopping.

a.C- 7 damage. Sinking Pineapple. This move has a very niche use, but does let Mildagrad do very well on top of her opponent. Mostly used to neutral jump and punish whoever is underneath.

All Mildagrad’s combos come down to

meaty B/a.A/A/C > B - 18/20/22/29 damage. You want to hit your move as late as possible to combo it into B.

jump > a.A > B - 20 damage. This is the only combo you can land without exact spacing. It’s very telegraphed, unfortunately.

Neutral- Milda’s basic pressure game is just repeating hop > a.A, so make sure you get good at it! Time your a.A to always hit your opponent with the absolute tip. From here flows the rest of your game. You can do a A as your hard-to-detect ground move, B to hopefully combo off your a.A, or do a C to try and catch your opponent jumping. Airborne opponents are very annoying for Milda to deal with, so make sure they are scared of your C.

You can be pretty liberal with your grounded moves since they’re quite safe. Try using your hop > a.A > B/C > B/C as a sort of rekka chain. The problem is just that these all move Mildagrad closer to her opponent. You can think of distance as a sort of currency that you can spend on mix-ups.

If your opponent gets into the air, you can back off, and possibly use your a.B if you are already jumping.

Corner- Your corner game is pretty much identical to your neutral game, the only difference is that spacing is much easier when your opponent can’t move back. Really, Mildagra tends to put opponents into the corner very often.

Cornered- This is annoying, but you have good options for getting out. Same as for everyone else, block, try to punish moves or jump out entirely. Against hop pressure, you can use hop > a.B, grounded moves can often be beat by jump > a.C or just blocking and punishing

Easy: Fasen
Good: Orka
Neutral: Renarama
Bad: Devasom, Baraden, Menduro, Cybergrad, Haja

Overview: Cybergrad is one of the easier characters to play. She has a simple kit with solid moves that are easy to use. She is happy to chip away at opponents from the other side of screen, she is happy to be hammering faces up close. On paper she seems similar to Mildagrad, but they actually play quite differently. Cybergrad very rarely needs to go for a frame trap and will instead focus on her high/low.
If you want a simple character with a solid kit, and like the idea of fighting to stay on the right side of the screen, look no farther!

Pros: Very straightforward to play; solid mix-up; mediocre to great damage output, hard to contest; very dominant ground game, is stronger on player 2 side
Cons: Bad at controlling the air; is weaker on player 1 side

A - 6 damage. Orange Crush. Your basic grounded poke. It’s like Mildagrad’s A except less damaging and COMPLETELY SAFE ON BLOCK WTF!?

B - 6 damage. Electric Orange. Unblockable, but I don’t recommend using this move. It’s easy to react to, and gives very little pay-off for the risk you take. Your basic air/ground mix-up is better.

C - Parry. Good to have. Interestingly, some moves are actually less safe when blocked than when parried by Cyber. Learning which ones to parry and which ones to block will make her that much more dangerous. As with all parries, loses to Milda’s B and Haja’s A-moves

a.A - 8 damage. Flying Orange Crush. Same as with Mildagrad, you can time it to decide how far you want travel. Moving forward isn’t such a bad idea for Cybergad, since she is strong up close and has a really good retreating move.

a.B - 10 + 10 damage. Flying Sparks. Cybergrad fast falls to the ground and sends sparks flying in both directions. This is part of what makes your ground game so amazing. Throw this out a lot in neutral. Seems to have been badly implemented. If you are on the player 2 side, you can hit opponents with both projectiles when you are really close, doubling the damage dealt. Cybergrad’s hop > a.B is a decent corner punish. Jump > a.B is also your fastest midscreen punish against enemies up close.

a.C - Aerial parry. Also good to have. Hop > a.C will punish harder than C, but it’s harder to time it properly.

a.B > A/a.A - 16 damage. This is your mix-up, and like with some other characters, it’s also a combo. This only works at far ranges.

low/hop > a.A > jump > a.B - 16/26 damage (P1/P2 side). This combo means that Cybergrad can play an up close rushdown game much better than Mildagrad. It’s also a good punish combo
against very punishable attacks.

Neutral- Always try to start as player 2 for your improved a.B. If you start as player 1, keep a lookout for opportunities to switch sides.

From the start of the round, just be throwing out hop > a.B, hop > a.A and A. Your projectile game is quite solid because you recover so quickly. Your high/low mix-up is quite strong, your A and a.A are hard to distinguish and are completely safe on block. Basically, your ground game is incontestable by most characters, use this to full effect. You can always decide to close in for your hop > a.A > jump > a.B to jack up your damage output.

If you ever want to back off, hop > B/C are both safe options that will will quickly build distance.

Always be on the lookout for moves to parry, especially projectiles. Taking chip damage is very unnecessary when you can just not.

Corner- Cybergrad doesn’t really do much with the corner. Just keep playing your game.

Cornered- Being cornered isn’t such a big deal. Just throw out hop > a.B . After you’re hit, after a block, after a parry, or just at random. Your projectile comes out so quick, it trades frequently and it’s safe against most characters in the game.

Easy: Orka, Fasen
Good: Mildagrad, Haja, Menduro
Neutral: Devasom, Baraden
Bad: Renarama

Overview: High risk- Mediocre reward is the playstyle for Orka. She has no real safe moves in neutral, so your options are to set-up a late divekick, or to parry and punish. She has the tools to beat any character, but she has to play perfectly. All the damage you will get comes from hard reads or reactions. If you like the idea of getting in your opponents head and beating them with a weaker character, this might be for you.
Basically, get in your opponents face, land your unblockable. Somewhat of a grappler playstyle, I guess

Pros: Very damaging ground normals; her parries let her punish many moves that are otherwise safe
Cons: Bad damage off of her hits; doesn’t have any fast moves; struggles to approach; suffers hard against zoning; doesn’t really excel at any given part of the game

A - 14 damage. Melon Punch. A decent move, big hitbox, good damage, strong in clashes. This is your go to move when you have parried an attack. It can also be used to fake your unblockable and swat opponents out of their early jump. It gives no advantage on block, and can be punished by several characters, so don’t be throwing it out at random.

B - 20 damage. Melon Grab. Unblockable move, very damaging for a single move. It works as a hard read for opponents that are set on blocking. If they jump away too late, they will still get hit.

C - Parry dash. This is a must for your gameplan. After parrying a hit, you have a guaranteed A or B, depending on distance. Only use B if you are sure that you will hit. Unfortunately, the parry will always lose against some attacks, primarily Mildagrads B and Hajas As. It’s a bit sad to say, but this move will freeze you for longer than other parries.

a.A - 8 damage. Melon Crush. Divekick. Important move, used to set-up Orkas mix-up. It can also be used as an instant aerial for pressure, but this isn’t safe.

a.B - 10 damage. Flying Melon Punch. Not very useful. Is not safe, weak damage, and can’t set anything up. Used to cover ground when closing, or hop > a.B can be a sort of Back Swing Blow if you predict buttons. This is usually inferior to parrying.

a.C - Jump parry. Used when you want to parry while airborne. This tends to leave the opponent closer to you than with C.

Orka doesn’t really do much in the way of combos.

late a.A > jump > a.A - 16 damage. If you hit a late divekick, you can go for a guaranteed 8 extra damage.

hop > a.A > jump > a.A - 16 damage. Your fastest punish in the corner.

Neutral- Your goal is to get close to your opponent. If you are fighting a rushdown character, this will be done for you. Focus on parrying into punishes.
Against characters keeping you out, you need to do the old air dash in, block. Try to position yourself for a divekick.
Versus Mildagrad, you are going to have a problem, because her B just plain beats your parries. Your option here is a.B, which can be done from a hop up close to go over it, or from a jump to go over all her moves. You can also do hop > a.C to parry any moves that can hit you, but go over Mildagrads B.

Corner- The corner is nice for Orka, but she doesn’t actually need it. The basic trick is to threaten a divekick, and try to land it as late as possible. On block, you get punished by several characters, so varying the timing of your divekicks is key. Never empty jump, once you’re too low to get out a divekick, your opponent has a long time to do what they like.
Here’s a list of options:
Land a late divekick
-For guaranteed damage, do an instant aerial divekick.
-To try and reset the situation, jump and do another late divekick. This will beat standing opponents and most mashing, as well
-If you expect your opponent to jump, do A to catch them on the way up.
-If you expect your opponent to mash something, do C > B. Against Mildagrad you’ll need to use hop > a.B/a.C to beat her B,
-If you scared your opponent into just standing there, do your B.

Well, there are a lot of options, as you can tell. Your general approach should be to scare your opponent into doing anything else than chill and block. When this happens, start throwing in B to get in your damage.
In some matchups, simply repeating your instant aerial divekicks will make them take risks.

Crossing up your opponent in the corner with your divekick is a pretty solid option. Orka can also do a fake cross-up where she dashes over her opponent in the corner, and divekicks back in front of them, hitting on the way down. It makes you look like a baller, and can bait out moves without losing your position.

Cornered-This is similar to how she plays neutral, really. Look for parries. Stay in the air against opponents who beat your parries.

Neutral: Menduro
Bad: Fasen, Baraden, Mildagrad, Devasom, Renarama
Terrible: Haja, Cybergrad

Overview: Haja is the most keepaway-focused character in the game. Almost all his moves create projectiles that together make him very good at zoning. His fullscreen game is fantastic. He is good at keeping his opponent locked down and can go into a fullscreen combo/mix-up/unblockable from a single projectile. Mid range is also very strong, because his A and a.A will create their projectile even after a clash! This makes them the strongest parry in the game, on paper. Haja always wins on a clash, making him very frustrating to close in on.
You knew if you wanted to play Haja when you first started the game. If you like projectile characters, this is for you.

Pros: Very oppressive zoning; very high damage projectiles; simple and effective mix-up; is very difficult to swat out of the air.
Cons: Struggles when cornered

A - 4+10 damage. Banana Boomer. This is actually an attack that fires a projectile. The attack can clash and hit airborne opponents. It has intense recovery, though, so stick to a.A in neutral. This move is great at winning you projectile wars. Not only will you clash away your opponent’s projectile, but the recovery from clash is usually faster than from your regular A. If you’re feeling gutsy, you can use this to punish your opponent’s strikes, the start-up is slow, but it wins against everything.

B - 10 damage. Banana Up. Not a terribly useful move, but it covers an angle that you will want to cover sometimes. Not much else to say.

C - 8 damage. Wannabe Shoryuken. I really don’t see the point of this move. Jump > a.A is better for mix-up, B is better for anti-air, A is a better punish. It’s hard to punish on reaction, at least.

a.A - 4+10 damage. Jumping Banana Boomer. Use this a lot. It’s the fastest way to get out a lot of bullets, it sets up your fullscreen mix-up and it beats any move on clash. Again, gutsy players can use this for parrying.

a.B - 10 damage. Banana Shot. Mix this in with your hop > a.A to cover air space and the area in front of you. The bounce of the bullet makes it stay out for a very long time. It’s also good at baiting out opponents’ anti-airs.

a.C - Flies Like a Banana! This is a very useful move for Haja. It enables his fullscreen mix-up, and his best cornered option in some cases. Also, shenanigans.


hop > a.A > hop > a.C > a.A/A - 24 damage. This is a fullscreen combo that also functions as an excellent mix-up/unblockable confirm. If you spot an air block, you can
go for the air unblockable A. Otherwise, just mix them up.

hop > a.A > A - 28 damage. Haja’s corner punish combo. Surprisingly good damage, really. Third strongest corner punish in the game. It’s also the slowest.

Neutral- Many opponents don’t really have a neutral game versus you because everything they do has to be related to closing in. Except Cybergrad, annoyingly enough.

Open all rounds with hop > a.A/a.B, any other opening is pretty much just shenanigans. Using a.A will maintain pressure and control the ground, a.B will control the area in front of you and cover the air approach. Then just keep doing it! Throwing in some other projectile moves isn’t a bad idea per say, but it will slow down your bullet output. Repeating hop > a.A will get you the most bullets out, and is very hard to contest. A few hop > a.B will make opponents fear the air approach. Jump > a.B can be used to cover different angles.

Corner- Your opponent is “cornered” if they are near the corner and you are on the other half of the screen. Your basic set-up here is hop >a.A > hop > a.C. While flying toward them, observe your opponent. If they ground block, you have a mix-up opportunity where a.A is your safer option. If they air-block do your A for an unblockable (note that this is unsafe on hit vs some fast attacks, the trade works out in your favour). After you have done an A, hop > a.A and you can keep zoning, or go straight for the mix-up again.

Cornered- This is quite bad for you. Many opponents can do continuous jump pressure against you, which is hard to stop. You want to look for a hop block > a.A > A, or a chance to clash A against their hop. If all else fails, use your a.C to fly out, or push the opponent out with you. Your C can actually help you by clashing here, C > clash > a.C will help you push your opponent out. Then just toss out an a.A and you are back to zoning.

Shenanigans - By jumping and pressing C you will stay in the air for a long time. Many opponents will have trouble swatting you out, and if they jump after you, you can fire your a.B in their face. Very annoying, and can be used to stall for time.

Easy: Orka
Good: Mildagrad
Neutral: Menduro, Devasom, Renarama
Bad: Baraden, Fasen, Cybergrad

Overview: Renarama plays a very air-based runaway game. She is almost constantly in the air, flinging bombs or throwing out cherry dashes. She doesn’t hit hard, but will usually hit often, and she is constantly flying across the screen.
If you like flying around, frustrating your opponent to death, she is for you.

Pros: Very slippery; can flood the screen with hitboxes; annoying set-play; frustrates opponent
Cons: No fast punish options; weak under pressure; some of her moves have surprisingly small hitboxes.

A - 6*2 damage. Cherry Dash. Mostly used to mix-up your a.A and to finish your ground combo. Mostly safe on block, except versus jabs and Baraden. The range can be deceptive, because the hitbox is smaller than the sprite.

B - 4 damage. Cherryken. Not terrible, but there’s no real reason to be on the ground just for this. It covers the ground fine, if that’s what you want.

C - 10 damage. High Cherry Strike. It’s too slow to anti-air with on reaction, and only deals decent damage. Mostly used when you have locked the opponent in the air, for a combo, or after an air blocked cherry bomb.

a.A -6*2 damage. Flying Cherry Dash. Very good move to throw out. Hop > a.A will actually move Renarama back, so it’s always a retreating move. Very useful for spacing.

a.B - 6 damage. Cherry bomb. I feel like this move defines Renarama. The hitbox goes surprisingly high, it launches your opponent, and the recovery is very low. Fling these out constantly. Again, the hitbox is skinnier than the sprite, so some hop > a.Bs won’t hit as you’d expect.

a.C - Fast fall. Good option to have, obviously. She can use this in some instance to go quickly into C as an “air to air”.

hop/hover height > a.A > A - 24 damage. Renarama has to be very close to the ground for this to work. She has a rather strong set-up into a hover
dash, so learn to time this. Try to confirm the first hit, as you can be hit out of A if you are hop-blocked.
hop > a.A > hop > a.A > hop > a.A > - 36 damage. Max damage corner combo. The third a.A can be replaced with an a.B for a reset into A/a.A for additional pressure. Not a bad option against characters that want to keep you away.

hop > a.B > C - 16 damage.

jump > a.B > a.B - 12 damage. This will happen sometimes while you are flinging cherry bombs. Not bad, really, sets up for more damage. Cornered opponents without a
fast fall or air parry can be hit with a C for free on the way down (22 damage). Against a fast fall, you can do A(24 damage).

jump > a.B > a.A - 18 damage. This is when you confirm that the cherry bomb has hit on the way up.

jump > a.B > C - 16 damage. This is for when you see the cherry bomb has hit on the way down.

Neutral- You want to be in the air a lot, flinging cherry bombs. Hop and throw cherry bombs; jump and throw cherry bombs; air dash and throw cherry bombs. Cherry bombs have such a high hitbox that they act as very short lived walls where they land. If your opponent blocks a cherry bomb, hit them out of the air with a C. You should also throw out your a.A here and there to control horizontal space, and catch your opponent getting reckless. Don’t be afraid to fling B or do A, but these are less safe and have a lower payoff.
Against zoning, you will want to hang mid screen, jump, and throw a single cherry bomb. The cherry bomb has such low recovery that you will block anything they throw at you, and they will get hit by the bomb. You won’t get massive damage off of this, but you force your opponent to do something about it, since you are winning the trades.

Corner- Versus a cornered opponent, you have two good options: hop > a.A or hop > a.B (both need to be done very quickly after hop). Using a.A will beat out most attacks and lead into your max damage combo. Otherwise, a.B will force your opponent into block stun for a coming mix-up.
After a confirmed block, just jump straight up and toss another cherry bomb. Now comes the mix-up. Fling another cherry bomb to beat out attacks and jumps. Your other option is to wait until you are just above the ground for a hover dash. From the hover dash you can do a.A > A or wait and do an A.
Obviously, if your cherry bombs hit or caused an air block at any point you want to go for guaranteed damage.

Cornered-This is a bad look for you. You can punish some very unsafe moves with hop > a.A > A. Hop > a.B would be great on paper, but the hitbox is too thin for it to hit from the corner (thanks Regnslöja!). Your best hope is to just wait for an opportunity to air dash out. Using your fast fall makes it less of a commitment.
If you are gutsy you can use A to go under a jump or C to hit them out of the air.

Good: Cybergrad, Orka, Fasen
Neutral: Haja, Menduro, Mildagrad
Bad: Baraden
Terrible: Devasom

Overview: Devasom has an appropriately oppressive kit. He has excellent fullscreen pressure, can lock down opponents hard in the corner and has access to parries to make his enemies afraid to press buttons.
I really like the “personality as mechanics” of this character. If you like dominating your opponent, and depriving them of their options, here’s a character for you.

Pros: Has a move for pretty much any situation; very hard to challenge; strong corner control
Cons: Can have trouble closing on characters with better range; he doesn’t deal great damage per hit

A- 4 damage. Asparagus Jab. As a jab, it’s one of the fastest moves in the game. It’s unsafe on block, so use it only for punishing and as a combo finisher.

B- 8 damage. Asparagus Riposte. Useful for baiting out attacks. At max range it’s safe on block except against Devasoms own A. The parry is not perfect, it doesn’t protect Devasom’s feet (relevant vs Haja and Mildagrad), and the parry can be whiff-punished before the attack comes out.

C- 5 * 3 (15) damage. Asparagus Flourish. This is a useful move. Good damage, you can combo into it, and while it isn’t exactly Baraden’s B, it covers a lot of space quickly, so it’s good for chasing down jumpers.

a.A- 6 damage. Flying Asparagus Jab. Very useful move, it acts as an instant aerial, starts a combo, and deflects attacks.

a.B- 12 damage. Magic Asparagus Stab. This is your move, right here. The area it controls is ridiculous. You can win rounds by using only this. Learn to love it!

a.C- Parry. The actual move is hop > a.C, don’t use this while jumping. Hop > a.C > C will give you a good pay-off if it lands. Just make sure to confirm a parry before doing the C.

hop > a.B > jump > a.B - 24 damage. The hop a.B has to hit very meaty, but this combo is worth going for. Even if there is no combo, you still maintain pressure.

a.B > A- 16 damage. As long a they are within reach for A, you can always use it to tack on damage.

late a.A > A - 10 damage. Weak, but the A will frequently come out as an unblockable if the a.A is blocked.

late a.A > jump > a.A - 12 damage. Still weak, but also acts as an instant aerial mix-up. This in turn sets up another mix-up.

late a.A > C - 21 damage. Decent combo, but confirm the a.A, or you risk getting punished. A hop block can still get hit by the C.

low/hop > a.B > C - 27 damage. A very useful combo to be able to pull off. This will combo at any range, but a.B has to be right off of the ground.

(hop > a.A)*4 > C - 31 damage. Your fastest corner punish.

Neutral- a.B like your house is on fire! Against characters without a strong projectile game, you can get pretty reckless with them. Just toss it out until your opponent is playing scared. It’s pretty easy to corner an opponent once you start stabbing, do jump > a.B if you want to close. Dash > A can be used to get in quick and mess with your timing.
Versus projectile zoning, you might have more trouble. The trick is still to get out your a.B, but you need to be much more careful with how you place. Generally, try to aim for just at the top of their head with the later frames of the move. Trades are fine. As soon as you get in, you can stay in.
Your C can also punish jumps at long distances.

Corner- Your a.B is still a very good option. Just doing it at max range is very difficult for your opponent to do anything about.
If you are in on the opponent, you have a pretty good trap with your a.A.
-For an instant aerial that leads into a mix-up, do an immediate a.A, and wait until you are just above the ground
-Land and
-Do A/B to beat out mashing or jumping
-Jump again to reset the situation
-Do a j.B > C if your opponent has stopped pressing buttons
-For safer, less rewarding mix-up, wait until you are falling, and do a.A before you land.
-Do C to combo
-Do A to combo or catch your opponent jumping
-Do B to beat mashing
-Jump again to reset the situation, beat mashing, and possibly combo into instant aerial a.A

At any point of this, hop > a.B is a legitimate option.

Cornered- Devasom isn’t that bad in the corner, really. You can bait attacks with B or hop > a.C > C. Blocking a move and punishing with hop > a.A/a.B > C is also great. You can react to most moves and beat them.

Easy: Fasen, Renarama
Good: Mildagrad, Orka
Neutral: Baraden, Cybergrad, Haja
Bad: Menduro

Overview: Menduro is a little bit like Sagat. He has a very annoying projectile game, strong limbs to stick out, and a similar fashion sense. Menduro can be played with up close pressure, cornered keepaway, a mid-ranged mix-up game, and can switch between these very quickly. Probably the most versatile character in the game, Menduro has a lot going for him. His biggest crux is that his damage output is really quite bad. He doesn’t hit very hard, but he also doesn’t hit very often. A Menduro can play perfectly almost 90 % of a match and still be beat out by someone who capitalizes on their hits.
If we keep going with “personality as mechanics” Menduro isn’t as oppressive as Devasom, but he can always shift playstyle to take control of the match from his opponent. If you want a grounded character that switches approach to constantly have an edge, this might be for you.

Pros: Very strong keepaway game; excellent midrange; has very few exploitable distances
Cons: Only gets good damage from extreme punishes; slow moves; low clash values on his attacks; vulnerable to high approaches; only starter for his damage combos is a projectile

A- 10 damage. Tomato Kick. Has a surprisingly long reach and is only punishable by the jabs of the game. This thing can reach half screen. Toss this out every once in a while, especially if your opponent is locked down by a projectile.

B- 10 damage. High Tomato Kick. Short range, but has a very high hitbox. It can’t be used as a reactive anti-air, but if you read a jump, use this. Hitting someone out of the air with this move feels very cool.

C- 4 damage. Jab. Tied for fastest move in the game. Has worse reach than Devasom’s jab, but is safer, and combos into itself.

a.A- 10 damage. Flying Tomato Kick. One of the strongest moves in the game. This move is invincible, covers a lot of distance, and is usually safe on block. The one “drawback” is that it doesn’t do good damage or lead into it. You can get in a jab, and you don’t even always want to do that.

a.B- Fast fall. Menduro doesn’t make a lot of use from this. Hop > a.B can be used to fake hop > a.C, and it’s a decent spacing tool.

a.C- 4 damage. Tomato Toss. Very strong projectile move. It’s not very damaging, but Menduro can just chuck them out so fast. Hop > a.C in the corner is very hard to close in on. Constantly aiming at your opponents forehead makes it even harder. Matching your opponent’s height and throwing a tomato is also very effective at keeping them out. Alternating between these tactics makes your keepaway game so annoying.

A/B/C/a.A/a.C > C - +4 damage. Any stray hit will go into C if they are close enough. It’s good for your pressure game, too. Just don’t use it every time.

hop > a.C > A - 14 damage. This can be done from right up close, without the corner being involved.

hop > a.C > hop > a.A - 14 damage. Same as above, this mix-up leads to the same combo!

late a.C > A > C - 18 damage. Menduro’s use of hover height. You are unlikely to get use out of this, but if the situation arises…

(hop > a.C)*6 > hop > a.A > C - 38 damage. Menduro’s most damaging combo. Needs to be done with Menduro in the corner and the opponent right next to him. Farther opponents will take fewer "hop > a.C"s before the a.A, so learn to judge the difference.

Neutral- Again, neutral depends a lot on your opponent and how you want to play. Menduro can hang in the corner and toss tomatoes; he can slowly move his projectile game forward, he can try to maintain a midrange or he can go for straight up rushdown. He never has to commit to any of these, and can flow between them like tomato juice.

If going for his keepaway, you can just hang in the corner, doing hop > a.C until your opponent shows that they can stop you. When they do, start alternating by doing jump > a.C, aiming for their forehead. If they jump, you can try to match their height. This is very strong against any opponent that has trouble outranging you.

If you want to move forward, try to throw in A or a.A, ideally while your opponent will have to block it. Air dash works, but leaves a large gap in your zoning game. If you can move your to a spot where your opponent is cornered, you can really oppress them your tomatoes. You will need to stop using hop > a.C to maintain this range, of course.

At any point that you are in your opponents face (usually after landing an a.A). You can immediately hop > a.C into Menduro’s midrange game. This involves a very basic pattern: use A to keep pressure on your opponent, use hop > a.A for the mix-up, or use B if you expect a jump. If the opponent backs off, you can decide to chase after or go into your projectile game.

If you are rushing down, air dash > a.A is a fullscreen approach with an invincible move. Alternate hops and jumps, throw in Cs and maybe risk a B > C sometimes. This will work your opponent into the corner, which can let you keep up your pressure, drop into midrange or hop back into keepaway.

Corner- All of your styles can keep an opponent cornered, the main advantage of course being that they have no good way of quickly changing their spot on the screen.

None of your ranges play very differently against cornered opponents, except you can flow between them even easier. Your midrange is especially effective here. Standing at the middle of the screen lets you take full advantage of all your options.

Cornered-This is quite annoying if your opponent is near. Your C is a very good punish on block and hop > a.C can force a clash from hop pressure. Using the invincibility of hop >a.A is a very gutsy option that can pay off very well for you. Jumping out is an options, as always.

Good: Devasom, Mildagrad, Fasen
Neutral: Baraden, Haja, Renarama, Orka
Bad: Cybergrad

Overview: Fasen is a character that tries to trap his opponent in his sprouts or get in your face with enhanced moves. He will rarely get in more hits than his opponent, but when he hits, it hurts a lot. So that’s his game. He is never the one in control of the match, but if he can just get in a few hits, he will generally come out on top.

Pros: Deals a lot of damage from his BnBs; has the highest damage potential of all characters; his enhanced moves are the best moves in the game; his sprouts are in practice air unblockable; can beat clashing by having several moves out at once

Cons: He is almost never safe when pressing a button; has no real control of the neutral game; can’t deal well with pressure; can’t keep enemies out; clashing will beat his multi-hit moves

A - 6 damage. Potato toss, the sprout deals damage. Extremely punishable move that doesn’t cover a very useful spot on the screen. It also risks tossing the sprout off-screen. Generally, use the a.A version more often.

B - 6*2 damage. Sprout stab. Pretty good poke, and ends all your combos. This doesn’t move Fasen at all, so he can harass a lot of enemies at max range. Any character can punish it on block if Fasen is too close. Baraden, Cybergrad and Mildagrad can punish it at any range.

C - Enhances the next move done by Fasen (unless it’s another C). This is a move you want to use a lot in neutral. Your enhanced moves are very strong and are the only reason this character is playable.
Moves in bird brackets refer to moves enhanced by C.

a.A - 6 damage. Flying potato toss. This is still a very unsafe move, but at least places the sprout in a more advantageous position. Alternating hop > a.A, jump > a.A and A will let you cover specific areas of screen at will. This helps you extend your combos and deny spots on the screen.

a.B - 8 damage. Flying tiny sprout stab. Decent for creating a hitbox “wall” in front of you. Also used as an instant air move and corner punish combos.

a.C - 6 damage. Flying potato tree. Also used defensively for covering the air above him, or for corner punishing. It comes out slowly, so it’s hard to use as a reactive
anti-air. Still, it’s the best he’s got. If you corner the opponent, you can hard read a jump and use this.

{A} - 6*2 damage. Enhanced potato toss. This comes out much quicker than the usual version. This can cover Fasen for a regular potato toss, or for anything else he might like to do.

{B} - 8*3 damage. Enhanced sprout stab. It has a larger hitbox than the usual version and is always safe on block. This makes it better for anti-airing and poking. It’s only drawback is a slower start-up than B. Highest damage from a single move in the game.

{a.A} - 6*2 damage. Enhanced flying potato toss. Same difference as for the grounded enhanced version.

{a.B} - 8*2 damage. Enhanced flying tiny sprout stab. Probably the best move in the game. Safe on block. Has a guaranteed combo on hit that deals solid damage. Great move for punishing, either by neutral jumping or instant air dashing in to punish a whiff. This, along with {B} makes an enhanced Fasen scary in the neutral game.

{a.C} - 6*2 damage. Enhanced flying potato tree. Better all-around, but the hitbox is harder to land on grounded opponents.

Fasen has quite an interesting combo game. You should think of most of these as patterns that can be used in specific situations. You will need to be able to adapt your attacks to capitalize on sprouts or enhanced attacks.

a.B > B - 20 damage. A simple combo to pull off, but the a.B has to hit quite low.

hop > a.C > hop > a.B > hop > a.C > B - 32 damage. Your basic corner-punish combo. Hop > a.B is a more damaging starter, but is slower and has worse range.

{a.B} > B - 24 damage. If the a.B hits, the rest will follow. This is a very damaging combo for such little set-up. Use it whenever you have the option!

{a.B} > hop > a.C > B - 34 damage - Corner punish, same combo as above, but a hop > a.C is thrown in to tack on some damage.

hop > {a.C} > hop > a.C > B - 30 damage. If they are out of range for the combo above, do the hop > {a.C} for your punish. They don’t have to be very far away for your {a.B} to miss one hit, in which case, this will deal more damage.

A/a.A > B > (A hits) > B - 30 damage. Very easy combo to pull off, but requires the opponent to stand on your potato sprout.

A/a.A > C > (A hits) > {B} - 30 damage. Since they do the same amount of damage, this comes down to situational awareness. If the opponent is farther away than your
sprout, enhancing is the way to go.

hop > a.A > hop > a.B > (A hits) > hop > a.B > hop > a.B > B - 42 damage. Very situational corner punish. Basically, it assumes that an opponent is going to jump in
right in front of you. If they try to attack, they will be hit by the sprout for 3 damage.

hop > a.A > C > jump > (A hits) > {a.B} > B - 34 damage. Same situation as above, this has a smaller chance of dealing damage, but will get you enhanced, even if they
hit you.

hop > {a.A}) > hop > (A hits) > a.B > (A hits) > hop > a.B > B - 40 damage. Still situational, all these variations actually create a mix-up for enemies trying to approach
you. Depending on what you will do, they take the risk of massive damage.

hop > a.A > jump > a.A > (A hits) > hop > a.B > hop > a.B > (A hits) > hop > a.B > hop > a.C > B - 54 damage. The most damage in the game. Not a realisic combo, unfortunately.

General Gameplan:
Neutral- Well, this is tricky. Generally, you will want to do C at the start of a round, then think about what you’re facing. Against opponents with a full screen presence, the onus will be on you to get in on them. Carefully air-dash to a position where you can instant air-dash (IAD) with an {a.B} to punish. This will generally leave the opponent cornered.
Against rushdown, you will have a bad time. Try to stay out of their poking range and toss potatoes into your effective range. Your main goal is to catch them approaching with a sprout and then hitting them with a B or {B}. This will either combo or create an unblockable. If you see an opportunity, going for IAD {a.B} is always a good option. You can control the air with a.B and a.C, to an extent, but you’ll get trounced by opponents with better air normals (which is most of them).

Corner- This is mostly going to happen after your IAD {a.B}. You don’t actually have very good options here, since everything you do is unsafe. Jump > backdash is your safest option, you can cover your way down with the appropriate air normal. If you want to utilize the corner, you can throw out jump > a.B > B or a jump > a.C, but this is pushing your luck. You want to get to the middle of the screen. Hop > a.A might seems like a good option, but it is extremely unsafe, and doesn’t have great payoff.

Cornered- This is just going to happen to you, get used to it. The positive side is that your most damaging combos are started from here! Sneaking in a C or hop > a.A will give you solid punish options, but will make you take some damage. You can punish long moves by jumping, airdashing, and then hitting an a.B from behind. Hop > a.C/a.B will start a punish combo and will beat out, or clash with, many attacks.
Mostly, sit and hopblock until you can punish or at least risk an airdash out. You can also just neutral jump, and watch some moves fly by under you.

Good: Haja, Orka
Neutral: Menduro
Bad: Renarama
Terrible: Devasom, Baraden, Mildagrad, Cybergrad

Well, there! Hope you enjoyed reading this!


So, I went back to the game the other day, and realised that I never did my designer duty to suggest gameplay improvements! Not like I’m expecting a patch or something, but this is always good excercise.


Well, game modes are always nice, especially playing versus AI and adding a controller in practice mode would be nice.

The execution barrier for certain combos is excessively high because the aerial needs to be done so low. I think it might be a good idea to amake the combos more lenient, or remove them. Perhaps with a minimum height for attacks?

Similarly, quite a few moves don’t come out at all if they are done too low, which is just sad.


Sorted from worst to best as measured by terrible match-ups.


Too weak, terrible match-ups against characters that can exploit her weakness

What she promises: Like I mentioned, I think of Orka as the games grappler. Her gameplan focuses on getting close and landing her command grab. She’s also slanted toward the Capcom style of grappler, by having limited mobility and a “splash” (her divekick) to set up her mix-up.

Where she fails: Well, mostly she has to work as hard as traditional grapplers to get in (maybe slightly less), but she simply doesn’t have strong options, even up close. She leaves extremely large holes in her offense to set anything up, unless she relies entirely on her parry. Now to top all of this, she does quite pitiful damage.

How I would like her to play: In my opinion, when she is up close, she should be a beast. Blocking her divekick in the corner should lead in to a 50/50 where guessing wrong will lead to a lot of damage, and possibly resetting the situation. A should beat mashing and jumps, B should beat blocking. Jump a.B could beat hops, perhaps?

Suggested changes:
A- Should come out faster, somewhere between Mildagrad B and Baraden A. Ideally, I think a cornered hop > a.A should link into A. Damage should be at Mildagrad’s C (20 damage)

B- Should be close to safe on whiff, in my opinion. The long start-up makes sense, but I think it’s fair to compensate it. Damage should be improved to 30.

C- It should clash at the same level as Devasom’s B and Cybergrad’s C. There is no justice in making it lose to other parries. I also believe that parries in general should be whole body, mostly because Mildagrad’s B is a good enough move without beating parries for free.

a.A- The move should freeze in the air until the kick comes out, I think. As it is now, doing it to late makes it not come out at all, which is silly. Also, I think the blockstun should be increased to make sure that the combo into A I mention above is possible, and also make sure that blocking a jump > a.A should set up her mix-up.

Optionally, the move could just be a full body hitbox, like splashes usually are. Joy Mech Fight’s Giant has a move that could serve as inspiration.

a.B- It’s hard to say exactly what this move is supposed to do. Using it as backswing blow sort of works, but it still isn’t very good. I liked the idea of having jump > a.B work to chase down hops, but then it needs to be sped up a bit. It could also be given invuln like Menduro’s a.A to make it work similar to Zangief’s EX Green Hand.

a.C- It’s fine. No real complaints, except that I think it should be whole body, like I said.

Summary- So, obviously these changes would make her better. The question is: would she be too good? That’s hard to say, but I think this at least gives her a fair gameplan. Maybe the exakt numbers need to be changed a bit, but these suggestions would all make her a more interesting character, imo.


What he promises: A paystyle based around setting traps, tricking your opponent into the exakt spot you want them on screen to apply your attacks for maximum effect. At first I assumed the playstyle would focus around my sprouts and B to control space.

Where he fails: His sprout toss is just so ridiculously unsafe to throw out that it never becomes relevant in most matches. To top this off, he just doesn’t have any moves that can be used safely. While enhanced he has a solid game, but this of course requires him to use C, which is isn’t safe. Really, Fasen’s biggest asset is his damage output, but his moves just aren’t fast enough to use them in most punishes.

How I would like him to play: Faen’s potatoes should actually be a part of his gameplan, and his B shouldn’t be punishable at max range. This would lead his game plan towards cornering the opponent from mid-screen. From here, he can snipe with B and then threaten to do another B, toss a potato or enhance. His corner combos might need to be toned down to compensate.

Suggested changes:
A- Needs to complete so much faster. It would also be great if potatoes couldn’t be flung off screen. Either they could bounce against the wall, or just get stuck next to it. The latter might be better, so that the opponent is more likely to be pushed out of the corner.

I’d also like to mention that sprouts behave differently depending on what side you are on. If cornered and the opponent is in your face, hop > a.A > hop > a.A will push opponents on player 2 side out of the corner, but keep them in front of Fasen if he is the one that side

B- In my opinion, max range B should be entirely safe on block. So, one: shorten recovery so it’s safe aginst, say, Baraden’s B and the Grad’s A; two: shorten the range of Milda’s B. This would let Fasen actully strive for a position that he can do well at. A blocked B lets him weigh his options and decide what he wants to do next to maintain pressure.

C- It’s pretty much fine the way it is.

a.A- Not as bad as A in speed, but also much too slow to use reliably. Honestly, I think the only part that generally annoys me with these is when Fasen is punishable by air moves the whole way down.

a.B- The bounce back makes the move both lamer to fight against and less fun to use. Besides this, I like it fine.

a.C- I like this move. It’s easy to overlook, but it is really very useful

{A}- I like these fine. They usually end up doing less than regular A, but they are easier to get out. The frame data for A and {A} should probably be the same.

{B}- I don’t know why it’s slower than B, but beside that, it’s an amazing move.

{a.A}- Same difference as {A}, really.

{a.B}- Fantastic move.

{a.C}- This should really have the same hitbox as a.C, the only difference is that {a.C} has a stricter timing for hitting grounded opponents.

Summary- Well, Fasen would actually have a neutral game presence with these changes. I think this would make him quite solid.


Now we have reached the mid tiers. I don’t have as much to suggest with these, so I’ll just mention things that bug me.

A- The animation looks bigger than the hitbox. I do think that it should reach farther.

C- This move really doesn’t reward you for being such a hard read. The move is slow, and has a very awkward hitbox. Either the move should be more practical to use (faster, hits grounded opponents) or it should deal at least twice the damage.

a.A- The a.A > A link should be made easier to land. I’d suggest moving Renarama down a bit as recovery starts. That way, she can hit the ground quicker after hitting a.A

a.B- The animation looks thicker than the hitbox. The move really should hit the area it look like. As it is, it will miss opponents right in front of Renarama if she’s cornered, and the timing for hitting a hop > a.B is unnecessarily strict.


A- I really think that this kick should deal more damage. Maybe 15?

B- See above. I think this one should do slightly more, because it’s harder to hit. 18, then.

a.A- This move is really, really good.

a.C- So annoying. I don’t know how desirable it is to have Menduro just fling tomatoes from the corner. His max damage combo is also quite hard to do and really lame to watch. I don’t actually know if I would change anything about it, I just wanted to say.


A- It’s too safe on block, in my opinion. That’s all well and good at max range, but if Mildagrad is right up close, it should really be punishable by the entire cast.

B- The hitbox goes way farther than the animation, and it ends up kind of ridiculous. As I said, it should not reach as far as Fasen’s B.

a.C- Seeing as how it’s so hard to land, it should probably deal more damage.


Haja is actually a rather solid design. I don’t really like his C, but, wtvr.


A- It is ridiculous for a move like this to be safe on block at any range.

B- It’s just bad :confused: It definitely needs to come out faster. Then, it can come down to damage vs speed. One alternative would be for this to deal only 2 damage, but let it come out somewhat quickly. This would fit in okay with her zoning game. Another option is to make it completely blockable, but have it be more damaging.

C- As mentioned, I’d like parries to be full-body.

a.B- I like the fact that it deals double damage up close, so I think this should be normalised for either side (she will always hit twice if she’s close enough). The move sould probably have more of a minum height requirement to keep it from coming out so fast.

a.C- As mentioned, I’d like parries to be full-body.


B- As mentioned, I’d like parries to be full-body.

a.B- The attack should probably be done with C, to keep parrying on the same button.

Also, this move needs a nerf. I think the most annoying part is how it moves down during it’s active frames. I’d like it much more if it just stayed put, then dropped down quickly during recovery (for combos)


B- I like this moves design, but it might need to have its travel speed toned down.

a.A- This move needs to be nerfed, but I can’t say how. A good option might be to lower its travel distance. It just exerts so much pressure, and can be used to close in so quickly.

a.C- This really shouldn’t combo into a.A. Lead into pressure? Fine. Free damage? Nope.