Break Results 7/30/01....err...i win


sup nigs

1st shawn morgan …i lost to rob…props to him…then i won in the finals 4-1, 4-2…

2nd ed

3rd rob fn sigley…good shit knocking me to losers, butttt whats up???3-0 in the losers finals bitch what now!!!..j/k…

4th vince…he is cable…but used ms tron…???eh???

5th jb and phil…

j.b.'s cable was holding it down against juan…

oh special guest today was skye thomsen…good shit man…his strider doom is nuts…

good luck to all those goin to evo!!!ill be reppin jersey hard…


I would’ve taken 1st, but I got there at 10:30 and the guys at the grill were like “We’re closing early.” I am so fucking hungry.


who’s running it next week?

i shoulda just switched teams you figured my gimmick out next time. i sent you to losers 2-0 what now :stuck_out_tongue:


Good shit shawn, rob sigley still owns me for life, even if he loses the break. :lol:


haha nah i’m too random next week i’ll get 13th, then maybe i’ll get a random 9th then all of a sudden i’ll be in the winner’s finals even tho i play the same people ever week. you’re the truth tho like one week you’re all like “damn desmond everytime you hit a LK you take off 50% that’s so cheap” then the next week you already adapted and are doing the same thing it’s like whoa