--- Break the Game (8/3/03) ---


1st - justin fcker wong
2nd - josh holdin 2nd down wigfall
3rd - desmond i can get my @$$ kicked by justin less than josh pinkney
4th - rick too serious mears

super turbo
1st - kei ‘why should i enter’ chow
2nd - henry cen
3rd - julian robinson
4th - justin wong

1st - justin wong
2nd - julian robinson
3rd - som d
4th - rob sigley

1st - justin wong
2nd - john flash gordon
3rd - mike d
4th - henry cen

-justin won 2 mini cases of bawls for mvc2 and cvs2
-kei is enjoying his new set of bawls as you read this
-3s and umk3 didn’t have enough paying entries for bawls
-fri + sat + sun night = 10hrs of sleep
-brackets floating around the break
-mvc2 apex within the week
-everything else apex, pending the availability of the brackets
-gotta love ny - philly rivalry
-got to publically disqualify someone, so i’m good =)
-all tournaments except marvel finished before 8pm, while marvel ended just before midnight
-had a lot of fun, if there’s a next time, i’ll start it a tad bit earlier, put the other mvc2 into a tournament-appropriate cabinet, and definitely get a lot more sleep beforehand
-also will make sure that old guys in va don’t kidnap me the night before forcing me to have a heart to heart with mr jack daniels and play st :smiley:
-thanks to everyone who came out, it was good seeing everyone again. hope everyone else had fun too
-also thanks to jae, justin, flash and the other ny players who helped me out this weekend
-good luck to everyone travelling out west this week.


~Born to Play~

Okay guys, this is a good momentum start for you guys. I heard you guys got revenge on DSP, heh. Here comes the drama. Either way it matters not, EMPIRE that shit! Tomorrow you head out to Evolution. I am working on the suite so if any problems when I reach down there thursday I can help out for a couple of our boys. Marvelous, you know who to talk to prepare so that when I get down to Evo, he can get his uniform. Good work Flash, X, Matrix, and Josh, break the break. Oh Josh, we need to talk, because you are only delaying the inevitable. Anyway, I am working on having a party at the hotel that I am staying. Your welcome to come if you wish. I would like to speak to you about somethings. Until then you guys get out there recon and set up shop I will be there a couple of days later.


fun tourney…
me = josh in 3rd strike tourne
hope for another one soon



yaaaa but who was running th tekken 4 machine with random characters ME!!! marduk that shit and hold it down with kuma i say lol


heh someone is feeling themselves right about now haha…

-The Icon-




NY too good:
Justin:"You da man"
Josh:"Nah, you da man"
Des:“No, you da man”
:lol: :lol:
Hope theres another big break tourney soon !!!
Hope NY takes EVO, good luck


Desmond getting owned emphatically by josh again lol. HAHAHAHA CANDY RAIN ASS NIGGA.


the EMPIRE??

uuh, what happened with 3s. the ppl that placed dont play that damn game enough to place that phukin high! ( 'cept flash, duh )
MIKE D!? who told u that u can play 3s? obviously the 3s “tourny” musta been a joke. flash wasnt motivated enough 2 place 1st. now i aint sayin justin is shitty, so please calm down justin riders.

oh well, at least NY held it DAUWN!!

btw, i’ve been rackin my brain tryin 2 figure out: what the hell is "the EMPIRE"
some one fill me in 'cause imma moron without a clue:confused:

do they (the empire) have a 3s team? if there is 1, i’ll join 2morrow!:smiley:


ndw13 zar: what the hell?? MikeD is OG OG 3s player, he used to play a long time ago.

Flash and Justin are both good, we dont have any comp so anyone can win at any given point, since were all at the same skill level. Period. No need to make excuses.

umadeus stop hating. damn, mad haters/arrogant ppl in this thread.


yeerrr… i was watching evolution 2k2 today on lawws tape…im gonna qualify and eveyone is gonna root for me…its gonna be justin 1st josh 2nd X 3rd and myself 4th…

yea…sure guy…but i hope josh and X qualify


What were the teams/characters used by the top players for all the games???


…nOZ: Dee Jay, OZ (Old Zangief), Guile
…Henry: Balrog, Dhalsim
…Justin: Ryu, probably Old Sagat

…Justin: Vega, Blanka, Sagat, Cammy, Chun-Li(?)
…Julian: Honda, Eagle, Vega, Blanka, Sagat

Don’t remember the teams, only the characters.

…Justin: Ken
…Flash: Akuma, Alex
…MikeD: Chun-Li
…Henry: Q

Don’t remember all the characters.


TBZ: are those teams for a-groove?


Only remember seeing C-Groove.