Break time



Holy shit it’s time for a break. I just lost like 4 games in a row to the shittiest Ryu on the planet, which now makes me the shittiest Ryu on the planet.

Goodbye for a week.

Holy fuck.


Unless that Ryu was sitting next to you, don’t stress it. Online is a joke. I cannot DP jump ins online, but fighting my brother’s elana in person, I was stuffing all his ex overheads on reaction. Take online for what it is, but know that offline, takes a lot of bullshit off of the table…


Online can be hard on self-confidence sometimes when you run into a serie of laggish opponents. I think its better not to care to much about the results and use that environnment to practice specefics things. It can be very tilting sometimes. I usually take break when I am to angry, it do me some good.


I hear ya on that one. But my god…Looking back at it all I think it was more due to me being just completely pissed off at myself for allowing such ridiculous shit to happen. The angrier I got, the more dumb shit I was allowing to happen. I mean, I’ve played your Ryu a few times and you have beaten me a couple times, but at no point was there any salt. I could walk away from the match and say, ok, he just dominated the footsie game, or his frame traps were what killed me, etc.

But this fucking guy man…empty jump ultras mid match (which is obviously my fault for pressing a button like a moron), he would jump, I’d DP…then what do you do when you get anti aired, well let’s fucking just jump in again…it’s like when the opponent has no brain I lose mine as well.


Easy fix, I know what you mean about jump ins. Here’s what you do. After a successful AA, back up and let them walk in. If they are jumpers, they will jump and you’ll not miss your normal or DP, if they are footsie players, they’ll throw out normals and if they are just super aggressive, they’ll chase your retreat with dashes. It works until you get to the level where the constant jump ins are a mind game instead of how they win their matches… Just remember, if they are walking you to the corner and you aren’t sure they will jump, take a step forward and crouch block to see what they do, if they jump you can usually just walk under them, if they attack you’ll block and be aware that it’s time to footsie. DWU a grab, you’ve played me, so you know walk in grab is very possible…


losing?! we don’t like that


I thought that avatar was the winners don’t use drugs emblem from the old capcom arcade machines, lol…


Were you playing me? hahahaha. Online is a joke. Don’t let it get you frustrated…“Yea, I just got jag kicked to the face five times in a row, but offline he’d of gotten dp’d the second time, so fuck it.”