Break tourney 4/15/04: philly defeats x, ed beats philly


brandon wins his first break tourney! congrats!

1st - brandon deshields (demon hyo)
2nd - ed espino (the head)
3rd - josh wong (lazyj)
4th - desmond pinkney (x)
5th - bryheem keys (hungry mofo)
5th - chris ellis (matrix)

-ed gets revenge on alex anderson, sends brandon to losers, and sends josh wong to losers in the winner’s final
-josh wong sends des to losers in semis
-bryheem challenges des to a first round match, which he loses and ends up getting xecuted again later in the loser’s bracket to get 5th
-brandon works his way through the loser’s brackets, eliminating his own comrads, as well as desmond, who he’s been targetting for a while
-brandon beats ed 2 sets in the grand finals to win the tourney

1st - josh wong
2nd - rob (f’in) sigley
3rd - bryheem keys

-ryo-cho shows the power of pgroove, by beating seasoned philly cvs2 player alex anderson
-there were an insane amount of people (over 20+) playing cvs2 that night, it even outnumbered mvc2 as a first time in break history!
-bryheem messes up the loser’s finals and rob ends up trying to split the pot with josh :wink:
-rob fails to con josh into splitting, and almost beats his would-be partner, in a one game/match finals

-tonight was really fun. i was a bit tired from working a long day, but bryheems antics definitely woke me up.
-i think i’ll actually have a full fledged cvs2 tournament in a few weeks (probably first week of may)
-remember, there’s 3rd strike next week. i’m trying to work on my one combo ken :slight_smile:


Bryheem is too random.:lol:


good shit my nucca.:evil:


haha i didn’t wanna split i was just talking trash to bryheem cause before the match he was like when i win wanna split the pot josh. then i was up by a lot so i was like hey josh when i win wanna split the pot. and he’s like it ain’t over yet kid.

bryheem’s too good he’s all like “x where you at? he’s prolly at home now, why you don’t mess with philly”

22 people cvs2 = big headache for me running it since half of the people i didn’t know. sorry ed couldn’t add you in you were winning non stop in mvc2 and holding up the tournament :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry about the 1 game i’m surprised we still finished it considering we started just a lil late, must be because i’m a pro when it comes to running tourneys

here’s more detailed cvs2 from what i remember

  1. josh wong - k kyo/rock/geese, thhat guy shiro’s team
  2. rob sigley - k kyo/raiden/blanka, k vega/ken/sagat
  3. bryheem keys - k cammy/blanka/sagat
  4. ryo cho - p geese
  5. alex anderson - a todo/sakura/bison
  6. oscar - c iori/joe/??
  7. john v - c ken/gief/rugal
  8. stephan - a hibiki/athena/geese


i just realized i left before i was elminated in mvc2 :lol: brandon vs that little girl…man that was wrong


she was pretty hot for 14 tho i mean not as hot as 8 year old circuit city gamecube players, but still up there


:lol: :lol: :lol: LMAO!!!

She was only 14??? I figured because of the boy she was with but man… 14!!!:eek: I feel awful now:o :depress: :sweat:

Bryheem said he was going to do something sick to that girl and that’s what makes her age worst now.

Damn you Phi!:sweat:

Motoki Imawano, ty for props.


good shit coming in 1st brandon


the best part is i got it all on film :lol: :lol: oh yeah rob did you beat josh wong with ONLY a ratio one raiden like you said or can we expect to see that at ecc?


Good shit, Ed.


josh you little bitch, you shoulda called me I woulda went
22 people and I wasn’t there.


lemme find out ed’s moving on up.


I forgot to post the teams used for Mvc2, sorry.:sweat:


1st. Demon Hyo- Mag/storm/sent/ A-A-A, Mag/IM/sent

2nd Ed- Row, mag/storm/sent- drones

3rd. Josh Wong- Row and sent/cable/guile

4th. Xecutioner- Row and sent/storm/cyc

5th. Bryheem Keyes (Mr. Random)- storm/cable/capcom, sent/cable/gief

There ya go everybody.:slight_smile: The vids should be coming out soon.


Demon Hyo is too fucking good.




You right about that shit. Bryheem is random to the core!