Breakaway Cable For TE Help?

I recently bought a Madcatz TE (360) for a steal at a flea market. Everything is in working order besides the missing breakaway cable (that’s the cable that connects the Arcade Stick’s cable to the Xbox with the USB on it). I can’t find the right one anywhere. Does anyone know the name of the specific cable that I’m looking for?

Markman23, the product manager at Mad Catz says it’s just a normal 360 wired breakaway cable. I don’t own any wired 360 controllers, so I can’t test this out, nor do I know the specifics of the part so I can find it on eBay. Sorry if this is a real stupid question, but right now it’s just a hunk-of-junk sitting on my table until I can find the right cable.

yeah, jamespoop is selling them for $5:

if you have a wired controller you can use the same one

its pretty standard for xbox 360 wired devices.
if not, go by your local gamestop. They should carry something for it

I have a TE that I dual modded but it seem like I might have broke the connection on the Guide button on the wire harness cable for it. is there anywhere I can buy a replacement for it? checked radio shack didn’t find the same one.

You mean the wire harnesses the go from the PCB to the Turbo panel? Really, the only place to get one is from another TE, however, you could try transplanting the rightmost harness to the middle one, and then swapping its position on the TE PCB as well. You might lose a few LEDs, such as the turbo LEDs or the player guide LEDs if your harness is broken, but at least you’ll have your guide button again.

Also, if your stick is dual modded with a ChImp PS3 PCB, Start + Select combination will press the guide button for you.

or you could splice + solder on a long wire from the guide harness to the guide point on the back of the main pcb

yeah right now it is Start + Select for home button but guide button doesn’t work on xbox or pc. And the stick owner mainly use it on Xbox. thanks for the tip about switching the cable. I dont’ think he care about some led so i’ll switch it xD.