--- BreakDown 6 Results ---

1st - justin wong
2nd - brandon deshields
3rd - desmond pinkney

1st - justin wong
2nd - tony barnhill
3rd - eddie hoyt

3rd strike
1st - justin wong
2nd - joe
3rd - john flashg gordon

super turbo
1st - justin wong
2nd - pete talley
3rd - capmaster

1st - shock
2nd - rob sigley
3rd - frank

tekken dr
1st - spero gin
2nd - brian h
3rd - rob gin

thanks to everyone who came out; it was great seeing everyone again!
extra special thanks/props to rob sigley, flashg, pete talley, ed the head, brian h, ewashock, justin and especially minh for the top-tier help
pictures are here: http://jetphi.no-ip.org/photo/thumbnails.php?album=63
pictures and video up this week
cvs2 results when i find the brackets
bryheem vs arthur on youtube soon


ps: evo east = ecc. more details really soon

Good stuff. I enjoyed it, even though I couldn’t handle those sticks, being used to a Sanwa.

I hate to fiend but, can somebody please state that I got 4th in MvC2? =(

It’s amazing I got 3rd at this tourney. But hey, I won’t complain…
Thanks to Phi for running this. And shout out to all Break ST players.

Fun tourney, Phi! It’s been ages since I’ve been to the break, and it was good seeing all of my old pal’s again. Plus, it was mad cool seeing you again as well, my friend!

P.S. J Wong you glitch’ed my lightning storm super, so it wouldn’t got o a new set.:looney: :arazz: LOL! J/K, but it was great games all the way through.

good shit guys

can’t wait to play you again

Yea it was fun as hell, those umk ppl were crazy LOL funny as that sounds. Good shit Phi , def be around for next just keep us updated, and tell me when u get the matches on youtube.

on side note OMFG Phil i hate blanka u slut! >.<

Done and done. Just call me lumpy.

Thank you to Phil and Kei for the side games.

Technically, I should be in that 3rd place spot for CvS2. But I guess not being able to get proper movements on shitty sticks really handicaps you.

I really don’t appreciate 360s being in the cab. As far as cvs2 is concerned, i’m known for having a 9/10 on execution. But when basic motions can’t be done on a stick, then something is wrong.

Here’s what I “missed”

short short short, no dp (3 times)
st. fierce, no dp

RC Claws


These are all very basic things that I can normally get 10/10 with ease.
Com’on, st. fierce, dp with Sak? Let’s be serious.

I’m sorry but the sticks were shitty, and since there were complaints beforehand, I really don’t think the cvs2 tourny shouldn’t have happened.

"But Nick, why didn’t you just take your name out and not enter?"
Well, I had no other reason to be there besides cvs2.

Not trying to be sarcastic or anything with that, just trying to cover a responce that I know i’m going to get to this post.

Unfortunately that is the state of arcades right now.

360s have always sucked since day 1 and any players who were around before 360s became the standard agree.

I’ve become so spoiled by horis/TGA’s japanese cabs that I missed numerous moves in ST that I should never have missed. I lost to people I should not have lost to not because I was outplayed, but purely because of my execution. I guess I can blame myself, but personally I don’t care, considering that EVO will be played on my own stick and TGA quals are on jap style controls too.

The days of arcades are over…it’s too much about “adapting to controls you’re not used to” instead of gameplay, and I think that’s pretty lame. Thats why tournaments held on arcade cabinets like MWC are going to become increasingly less popular as console takes over.

was gonna make it, went to a fellow employee lil’ shindig he threw for his step son 21 birthday party!

( l )'s wasnt all that, but it was Free LQ, so I was Good!!!

I honestly don’t really think it’s that. But there’s no standard. Like one set of 360’s feel different from another, it’s like wtf?

The ST cab were 360’s???
Those felt like switch to me.
Reason why I ask is because as far as execution, I didnt have a problem on the ST cab. Everything I wanted to come out, did come out.

the sticks sucked by I am a console player not a arcade player I wont lie

Thanks for PHI for running the tourney and thanks for everybody to donate money to me. LOL jk jk. It was funnn

Shout out
Brandon: Good shit in marvel. I pull the genjutsu on your ass. lolz

Bryheem: lolz You’s a choke artist but step your game up in magical drop 2

Pete Talley: HAHA your still the best in my eyes.

Nestor: Come through and RC with me. lolz

DSP: Good shit and we can rematch on console next time.

Bacardi: HAHA remember $20 at evo east!!!

Eric Kim: You stupid hori user. lolz

Pat: I didn’t see you that much. lolz

Tony B: LOLz play me when your drunk again. haha

Brian H: Good shit nice seeing you sir.

Everyone else from NY, good shit at the tourney. SEE EVERYONE LATER

I can’t believe anyone who was actually around before the time of 360 sticks would actually say this. Do you even remember what it was like before 360s? Eventually, the microswitches would either break or the connection came loose. Unless your arcade had a tech guy on-hand, that shit STAYED broken for days or even weeks. When the 360s arrived, it was a god-send because they didn’t break as easily, if ever. I have NEVER heard anyone say anything bad about the 360 back in the day. They all loved it.

IT WASN’T UNTIL all this fanboy oogling over Japanese sticks that people started knocking the 360. “Oh my god, Japanese sticks, the Japanese use them so it must be so much better OooooOOOooOoorgasmm. I NEED Sanwa sticks because I can’t find the diagonals on the 360.” I mean seriously, are you kidding me? You CAN’T FIND THE DIAGONALS?! Try standing directly in front of the controls next time. And the buttons, “the Sanwa buttons are better because it presses on the switch directly instead moving a plunger to hit the switch.” Yeah, so your moves will come out in 0.4ns instead of 0.5ns? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that MAYBE this makes a difference in CvS2 roll-cancelling, but it will not make any kind of difference in any other game. I can certainly kara-cancel perfectly fine in 3s without needing “direct microswitch activation”.

I was at this tournament for 3s and ST. I didn’t play in any other tournament so I can’t comment on those cabinets, maybe they were bad, I don’t know. But I’ve played on both sides of both 3s cabinets, and played both sides of the ST machine used for the tournament. They were fine. The buttons were sticky on the first side of the smaller 3s cabinet, but they worked and didn’t break until well after the end of the tournament. I even won a match on that side.

I have never heard so much complaining about joysticks in my life. It is even worse than the old complaint about tight-sticks vs. loose-sticks, but at least that was legitimate. If you’re used to loose sticks, you’ll have to work a lot harder to get your moves out on a tight stick. Your wrist might become fatigued because you aren’t used to the tight sticks. This will affect your performance. Conversely, if you’re used to tight sticks, any slight movement could mean that you’re going to get a move you didn’t want. You might accidentally jump because you pushed too hard in a certain direction, and of course you’ll push hard, you’re used to tight sticks. People used to blow off your complaints by saying “you’ve been playing forever so just adapt to it”. So this is what I’m going to say to everybody that are complaining about the illegitimate 360 vs. Non-360 issue: YOU’VE BEEN PLAYING FOREVER, DEAL WITH IT.


Sorry I forgot the $5 I owe you. Didn’t know you were going to be at the break and also I didn’t think about it. I’ll give it to you at CF. Should be there this Fri. Hopefully.

Yea, Justin, I’ll bring out the nine tails on you next time! GRIMY! j/k, but the other 2 would do their forbidden jutsu on us without hesitation.:annoy:

And yes you did do genjutsu on me. -_-


obviously never been in a tournament situation where you had no corners and lost. dont know how else to put it, but your entire post is pretty common for someone who has never lost to controls/execution when they should have lost to gameplay. in fact nothing in your post even indicates you know what you’re talking about.

the problem with the US gaming scene is that unless you have an arcade next door, chances are when you actually go somewhere to play in a tournament you are going to face at least 3 different kids of joysticks that you aren’t used to. now that the majority of tournaments are console, it’s even worse, because you get spoiled playing on your own stick. then you go to CF, or the break, or MWC, and you get owned when you can’t even do basic moves. i won AE at EVO east last year with Rog, and I’ve won every tournament on Japanese controls i’ve entered since last summer, but all of a sudden when I go to the break, i can’t do dashing lows anymore. SURE.

bottom line, if you don’t know what you’re talking about. shut up. the problem with arcades right now is that the few that exist all have different kinds of controls. switch sticks, 360s, jap sticks…all drastically different. and it sucks. and thats a major part of the reason why arcades are a thing of the past with very few exceptions. why spend money to play for each game when you can use your own joystick at home and get better results? why even practice on arcade when EVO is played on console?

i had a lot of fun with casuals in ST at the break, but the fact that i can’t do simple charge moves and reversals or even BLOCK half of vegas attacks is ridiculous. is it me or the sticks? i dont know and i dont care. i just know that on japanese-style controls which i’m used to, that will never happen. call me an excuse maker if you want, i don’t care. all i know is ill be the one winning evo east while you’ll be tied for last :rofl:

Good shi’t everyone

Good shi’t Arthur, X, Wong, Mike, Josh etc. Keep getting better. Good shi’t to NY, we are what the ancient greeks call “Gods”

GG Phili, you guys beat me. Next time hopefully my Strider will activate in one try…Activate his sharingan that is!

I’ll see whoever is going at final round.

Until then, take care guys.

I didn’t hear anyone else complain about not being able to block or do charge moves, so I think it was just you. In fact, I actually heard a few people say they had very little to absolutely no problems with the sticks on ST. The only one that was constantly complaining was you.