---breakdown3: feb 28-29, 2004---


it was definitely a taste for things to come…
thanks to everyone who came out and making it a real regional.
jersey, ny, ct, boston, philly, va, md, etc made an appearance and definitely left a mark at the break this past weekend.

st: no one was fooling around here. there were so many close matches, it wasn’t even funny. unfortunately, i don’t have the brackets for this. people can fill in the blanks.
1st- justin wong
2nd- pete talley
3rd- jeron grayson

3s:had a really surprising (and relatively big) turnout, to be honest. who knows… maybe i might start playing =x
1st- eddie lee
2nd- justin wong
3rd- henry cen
4th- robin tucker-draub
5th- sanford kelly
5th- liang zhang (ryo)

mvc2: nobody had it easy this time around. a lot of talent, a lot of players…
1st- justin wong
2nd- sanford kelly
3rd- desmond pinkney (x)
4th- josh wigfall
5th- josh wong
5th- mike williams (infinite)
7th- brandon deshields (demonhyo)
7th- rick mears
9th- isaac graham
9th- eddie lee
9th- bryheem keys
9th- erik (smooth viper)

ggxx: seemed like a good tourney. people looked like they had fun, so that’s all that matters.
1st- adrian
2nd- josh jodin (frodo)
3rd- sanford kelly (?!)
4th- andrew (jiyuna)
5th- mynus (chaz)
5th- brandon deshields (demon hyo)

ex2: …how was there a full 16 man bracket for this? :slight_smile:
1st- julian robinson
2nd- jeron grayson
3rd- sanford kelly
4th- eddie lee
5th- justin wong
5th- philong nguyen

-sanford came even closer to beating justin… you really felt the silence saturday night during the last game (score ended up being 4-3 in the second set, justin)
-huge thanks to rob sigley, justin wong, pete talley, exodus, josh wigfall, jeron grayson, and a few others for helping me run the tournaments and making things as smooth as can be
-thanks to rob for the extra setup for ggxx, i hope you don’t fail your exams and blame me ;p
-i had too much to keep track of, so i couldn’t have the kareoke revolution or golden tee tournaments… maybe next time :slight_smile:
-explain to me why people bet $100 on literally a coin toss?!! (video to be up soon)
-stay tuned for the info on ecc9, a formal announcement will be up within the week; i promise. i shall call it… resentment…
-i require sleep, ggpo and hope everyone had fun! :smiley:


The tournament was fun, nice one Phi.

My Tony Starx finally got a spark of life while playing Wigfall in that team tournament, and nobody recorded it.:depress:

Josh, I had the most fun playing you in the team tournament, good games man.

( MVC2 Team Tournament Results- Top 3)

1st. Team Empire- Justin Wong, Desmond, Matrix

2nd. Team Serious- Eddie Lee, Sanford, and Wigfall

3rd. Team One Hit Kill- Isaac Graham, Demon Hyo, Infinite

GGXX Comments- Josh Jodin finally got me back from those 2 perfects at NEC4. I beat him 2-0 in the winners bracket, and then he beat me 2-0 in the losers.:lol: How ironic is that eh?:rolleyes: Sanford got better fast since NEC4, he took me by suprise with Sol when he played me. He is the first person to ever catch me that idiotic dust loop. Good Games in GGXX everybody.

Shouldn’t i’ve gotten 6th? or tied for 5th in the mvc2 singles?:confused:


thanks for having the tournament phi. i had no complaints this time around, since you guys tended to the 3S crowd more favorably than ECC8 :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve realized that i’m a scrub who can’t play on different sticks…:frowning: did anyone else see the tekken tag machine next to 3S? that was hilarity. :lol:


damn nice ryo i didn’t know you got 5th i thought you were battling for 27th nice job i told you you were good stop being so negative :stuck_out_tongue:

cvs2 was hardcore everyone in the tournament was worthy of winning it and every match was like epic and close and nail biters


here’s some pictures, i’ll upload more later they’re kinda dark (the one’s i haven’t uploaded) so i gotta fix that



i hope to god u got more than one 3rd strike machine next time around

…sweet jesus… :wasted:


Good games to all. I’m capturing all the vids i have now(6 hours of marvel), and i should be puttin them up in a day or 2.

$100 dollars on a coin toss, only on the east coast :smiley: .


Thanks Rob. If I didn’t choke against both Sanford & Nibor I would’ve been, well, 4th.

What’s with the fugly pic of me tho???


Man u guys need a new CvS2 cabinet. Rob got the best of me cause of that FP grab with Blanka -.-

Anyways good shit to all. Shout out to phi for handling the tournament very well.

See ya cretins at March Madness or ECC9.


3S was nice this time around, first time in a while that I went against more than 3 NYC heads. I would’ve been 5th if I didn’t lose to Sanford. It was just a rookie mistake that I made :lol: , oh well you can’t win them all good shit Sanford.

Shin Out


Nice tourney phi I had a good time man.
Justin wong beats sanford in winners finals 3-2
Sanford beats X 3-0 in losers finals
josh wigfall beats infinite in losers 2-1 close matches
X beats demon hyo in losers 2-0
X beats josh wigfall in losers 2-0
josh wong beats josh wigfall in winners 2-1(im not to certain about the score)
sanford beats josh wong in winners 2-0
Justin wong beats infinite in winners 2-0
Justin wong beats X in winners 2-1.

Finals Sanford takes justin to another set winning 4-1 then justin Wong wins the final set 4-3 OMFG ONE MORE GAME:( .

This is all I know about mvc2 gg to all that entered.

Sanford sends justin to losers 3-1 in winners finals
justin beats eddie lee in losers finals 3-0(not to sure about the score)
eddie lee beats alex anderson in losers 2-0
eddie lee beats nestor 2-0 in losers
sanford beats nibor 2-0 in winners
sanford beats eddie lee 2-0 in winners

Finals: we could not play because the last train to ny was at 12 so we decided to finish the finals out in…CTF .
X and matrix are the fucking gods of ec syndicate/empire is the way of the future people wait until you see the infamous COIN TOSS OMG X IS A GOD
:evil: .

gg to all and hope you all had fun phis the truth:) .


GOOOd shit to everyone who went, I learned I am just an XX scrub and need to learn other games =(. Sanford it was great to see how much you improved in XX and Solidac proved that he is top in the area in the game. Big thanks to Eddie Lee for kicking my ass in 3s and CvS2, that was a nice wakeup call to that I need to play more capcom games. I hope to see you all at march madness, maybe ill finally get top 5 in a capcom game by then =).


The funniest match that I had was when I almost got a perfect on Nestor, and I think I lost because I started playing around after I couldn’t get it. He only had 1 character left.:lol: Even in a tournament it’s all about fun.:slight_smile:

We all had a good time.:slight_smile:

Josh Wigfall is just TOO smooth.:smiley: :cool:


Yo Sanford fucking kelly is the man he is the most beast player fucking Sanford that Shit
And Adrian fucking clark and sanford kelly reping the CHC what we are the fucking best in ggx good shit josh your faust is beast.


I wish I could have went with the rest of Team Magic Stick. :frowning: This tournament sounded like it was off the meatrack. I’m still surprised that Sanford got 5th in 3S. I thought he didn’t like that game.:confused: But it’s good to see more top players getting into the game.:smiley: :cool: And also congrats to the MD players for holding it down.


my highlights-

-Bryheem’s face after Brandon’s rampage of wins during the team tourney.

-Julian’s Colossus doing blanka balls :wtf:

-Sanfords Cable…:wtf:

-Issac’s MSP

Too much to mention and to top it all…GOOD WEATHER.Yeah its safe to say it was a good tourney weekend.


That blanka ball across the screen while he was super metal made no sense.:wtf:

Isaac’s MSP is serious.:eek:

Phi, make sure you get those mvc2 sticks fixed before ecc9, PLEASE. Everybody was complaining about them.


lol WTF a blanka ball hahaah thats some shit right there
hey were any of the matches recorded that happened between sanford and justin i really want to see them


I have all the vids captured, waitin on mr jamie to get on aol so i can send them to him so he can host on his webspace.

Edit: Go to this thread for videos.


Looks at site
Nice collection of vids.